Right-on Co., Ltd. Right-on’s private brand “Salt & Peppr” has been renewed and revived with the concept of “urban American casual”!

Right-on Co., Ltd.
Right-on’s private brand “Salt & Peppr” is back with a renewal based on the concept of “Urban American Casual”!!
Fashion YouTuber “Ricky” will be appointed as creative director !! From October 9, 2022 (Sun), sales will start sequentially at some light-on stores and online shops only.

Salt & Peppr offers an authentic urban American casual style that you will want to add to a wardrobe full of favorites for authentic adult men.
Jeans select shop Right-on Co., Ltd. (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Fujiwara, hereinafter referred to as Right-on) has renewed and revived Salt & Peppr as a private brand. And fashion YouTuber “Ricky” (31,800 subscribers) was appointed as the creative director of Salt & Peppr.
Salt & Peppr does not follow trends too much, and proposes an authentic urban American casual style for mature men who want a wardrobe that can be used for a long time.
From October 9, 2022 (Sunday), normal sales will start sequentially at the Right-On Online Shop and some stores.
Please watch the product introduction on YouTube “Domo Ricky-san” released on October 2nd.
[Image 1d6294-315-34fe566177462aa67ab5-0.jpg&s3=6294-315-cd58d22ec2d188bb48ff7ea59f27c5de-1080x720.jpg
[Image 2d6294-315-72300fa6f969b3555c95-1.jpg&s3=6294-315-af03cd0f65867c0dd0713769d7391e7a-1080x720.jpg

Sales will start sequentially at some stores and online shops from October 9th (Sun)
-Click here for the product-
-Click here for a list of stores- https://onl.tw/eaqLEtC
*The latest information on the release date will be announced on the Right On News page and official Twitter.
About Salt & Pepper
The brand concept is “clothes you want to add to your wardrobe”. Adults, who are the target, already have a range of clothes. We will create a piece that such an adult would want to replace their existing wardrobe with. As usual, the first item in your hand is a perfect blend of basics and trends, history and innovation, and before you know it, you will be able to get a higher level of experience. About YouTuber/Project Designer Ricky
[Image 3d6294-315-97cf763651b3405684ab-3.jpg&s3=6294-315-93b96748ca7e0d93117d6b4b2cab768b-1800x2700.jpg
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Nihon University. Yello CEO, LLC.
His work covers a wide range of fields, including brand and product development consulting, graphic design, interior design and styling. A designer who works without borders from hotel design to products and apparel.
A YouTuber who runs the “Domo Ricky-san” channel with 31,800 YouTube subscribers.
-Twitter-@rikkisato -Instagram-@rikkisato
-OFFICIAL STORE-https://drs-official.shop/
Introducing “Salt & Peppr” products, which will be released
sequentially from October 9, on the YouTube channel of “Domo Ricky-san”.
[Image 4d6294-315-0a14ce17251c71e293d6-2.jpg&s3=6294-315-d9fda59e1725b27146da9fecf40c1767-1668x938.jpg
[Image 5d6294-315-63962ae3d86230e0fb84-4.png&s3=6294-315-3b7b8c0628487056a4258fd2dd225a88-280x280.png
Click here for Salt & Peppr product introduction YouTube released on 2022/10/02 About the product
[Image 6d6294-315-464799b9a55bc8e9f049-6.jpg&s3=6294-315-4e4ce72e050f8f6a23d87b84683f4b4e-500x500.jpg
[Image 7d6294-315-4ae81d0c3aaeb9e09507-7.jpg&s3=6294-315-31f0a123573c3a43694f20cbf1d5ab82-500x500.jpg
[Image 8d6294-315-12ffc40d65b3ace9deeb-5.jpg&s3=6294-315-c7caee94689e200b2388b83ab4d8402e-500x500.jpg

Product Name: Button-down shirt
Color: sax, white, yellow
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: ¥5,900 (tax included)
I was particular about the shape of the collar. It is a design that can be worn casually rather than a dress. Oxford cloth is usually made with fine cotton #40 yarn for the warp and thick #10 yarn for the weft. At S&P, the weft is 20-ply yarn. Although it is the same thickness as No. 10 single yarn in terms of measurement, it becomes a stronger yarn by twisting two yarns.
[Image 9d6294-315-c21b5fb29964c87b1943-10.jpg&s3=6294-315-8b1722a2f0eacbb41b8e9f18dfe13510-500x500.jpg
[Image 10d6294-315-a03fa03ec2afd2a5645a-9.jpg&s3=6294-315-5d0336501596f3f7f3d43edb49331080-500x500.jpg
[Image 11d6294-315-393230c0058de59272a2-8.jpg&s3=6294-315-c06118679a6e5b6a768557465577e536-500x500.jpg

Product Name: Work shirt
Colors: Tanshoku, Noshoku, Hickory
Size: S, M, L, XL
¥5,900 (tax included)
Authentic style with triple stitching. We use chambray, which is a fabric woven in a plain weave with indigo-dyed threads for the warp and undyed threads for the weft. The uneven threads bring out the vintage feel. Three-needle stitching is arranged at key points, and the hem is an extension of the stitching called the sky ring, which reproduces the specifications of the time.
[Image 12d6294-315-f4c8f7c919fb303e086c-11.jpg&s3=6294-315-652fdaa2855f05913213741f369d57d4-500x500.jpg
[Image 13d6294-315-49b06f6615d05826b7dc-12.jpg&s3=6294-315-01456f74f3cd7d5bcc90ffe2f42f3552-500x500.jpg

Product Name: Military Overshirt
Color: Olive, Black
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: ¥6,900 (tax included)
Military shirts are based on vintage shirts, and the size and details have been modernized. You can wear it over a cut-and-sew or over a shirt.
[Image 14d6294-315-11dc9c6220b62502244d-13.jpg&s3=6294-315-fccb56554c77262be64ebc30c045fe23-500x500.jpg
[Image 15d6294-315-e5f1d87b0500d483a00b-14.jpg&s3=6294-315-9956666107bdf7d44df72bffe7579c81-500x500.jpg

Product name: T-BACK TYPE1 (left image)
Color: dark
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: ¥11,900 (tax included)
Product name: Selvedge denim (right image)
Color: black
Size: 30, 32, 34, 36
Price: ¥11,000 (tax included)
Set up using Rubige Denim
[Image 16d6294-315-c44a15f6b3347ce0668a-16.jpg&s3=6294-315-0807f4f65446b1506ec8531cf31cf34b-500x500.jpg
[Image 17d6294-315-7ca4261a34084a423d8c-15.jpg&s3=6294-315-21259dabe936dd251b45a2deede7422f-500x500.jpg

Product Name: M43 Weapon Trousers
Color: beige, black
Price: ¥8,900 (tax included)
A cool silhouette that adults can wear with a tapered hem based on the chino of the US military. The material is made of weapons, and the more you wear it, the better it will look.
Uses West Point fabric that uses two-ply yarn that is twisted with two threads for both warp and weft. The fabric is derived from West Point, the US military academy. The durable and shiny fabric will increase its texture with washing.
[Image 18d6294-315-dddf4d0bf08c0a6591b7-17.jpg&s3=6294-315-dce804412e382c559139d3a6a92a2d9e-500x500.jpg
[Image 19d6294-315-3ebb3719ffd7ef62c1e1-18.jpg&s3=6294-315-b4aadf038993499ce5764a01456e55cd-500x500.jpg

Product Name: ARMY Baker Pants
Color: Olive, Black
Price: ¥8,900 (tax included)
Based on the fatigue pants of the US military, the fitting around the waist and hips has been changed to a relaxed silhouette. The fabric uses back satin to reproduce the texture of the time.

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