Rigua Co., Ltd. It’s like “wearing footbath time”! “Dr. Supporter warming foot healing socks” New release on Saturday, October 1st

Rigua Co., Ltd.
It’s like “wearing footbath time”! “Dr. Supporter warming foot healing socks” New release on Saturday, October 1st

Ligua Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo -ku, Osaka, President and CEO: Norihiko Kawase) is a new product of the Dr. Support brand “Warm Footsteps Continue, which is immersed in IFMC. (Ifmic) from Saturday, October 1st. Socks” will be released.
Ligua operates a health care brand “Dr. Supporter” that cares for everyday life. The new product, “Warm -up foot healing socks” released from “Dr.SupPorter”, is a room socks that warms your feet with the effect of IFMC.
40 % of men and 80 % of women are aware of coldness, and about 70 % of the total feels cold at the end of the limbs. A 1°C drop in body temperature is said to reduce immunity by 30% and metabolism by 12%. One of the products that focuses on “blood flow”, which is important for “maintaining body temperature”, is the “warm -hearted foot healing socks”. It adopts the soft material of the pile knitting, and along with the effect of IFMC., the warmth as if immersed in a footbath continued.
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Dr.Supporter ぬくもりつづく足癒ソックス

2021 research by Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd.
https://www.yomeishu.co.jp/health/survey/pdf/20211124_joseino_hie_to_huchou.pdf 2017 Research by Rinnai Corporation
■Recommended by 99 out of 100 doctors!
99 out of 100 physicians who used “Continue Healing Socks” were evaluated for recommending “warmth and continuing foot healing socks”. [Image 2

*According to AskDoctors
Survey period: July 2022
Target: 100 physicians
Survey method: Online questionnaire survey after presenting materials and actually using the product
Target product: Soothing foot socks that keep you warm
This is the impression of an individual doctor and does not guarantee efficacy, etc.
◎ What is ASKDOCTORS evaluation service?
Keep your feet warm with foot healing socks that keep you warm Regardless of age or gender, it is a product that warmly snuggles up to the troubles of the toes.
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[Rigua Overview Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Rigua Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-6-6 Awaji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Park Building Building 2 Representative: Norihiko Kawase
Established: October 2004
URL: https: //ligua.jp/

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