room 6 Nintendo Switch (TM) version “Return to Shironagasu Island” New trailer released with new voice by Yuka Iguchi, who plays Neneko Izumozaki! In the Murder Mystery version, comments from the cast on the attached CD have arrived!

Nintendo Switch (TM) version “Return to Shironagasu Island” New trailer released using newly recorded voice by Neneko Izumozaki, Yuka Iguchi! In the Murder Mystery version, comments from the cast on the attached CD have arrived!

Individual game developer Onimushi Hyogo and room6 Co., Ltd. (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, CEO: Masaru Kimura)
History, hereinafter “room6”) is an indie adventure game “Return to Shironagasu Island”.
Neneko Izumozaki prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch (TM) version on November 17, 2022
We would like to inform you that a new trailer using the newly recorded voice of Yuka Iguchi will be released.
I will
[Image 1

-New trailer released! –
A new trailer introducing the contents of “Return to Shironagasu Island” has been released. In the video, the main heroine of this work, Neneko Izumozaki (CV: Yuka Iguchi) appears. Along with a completely new voice recorded for the trailer, we will convey the highlights of the game. Along with Neneko’s comical reaction, this is a trailer where you can learn about “Return to Shironagasu Island” with actual gameplay.

[Video 2:]

≪Game basic information≫
■ What is “Return to Shironagasu Island”?
“Return to Shironagasu Island” is an adventure game that won the 2018 Doujin Game of the Year award. It has sold over 90,000 copies on Steam, and received high ratings from over 96% of users in store reviews. It holds the status “Overwhelmingly Popular”. Furthermore, in 2021, we will carry out crowdfunding aimed at porting to Nintendo Switch (TM) and voice actor voice implementation. It attracted a lot of attention, such as collecting support of more than 26.47 million yen from 2,505 people.
■ Synopsis ■
An invitation to Shironagasu Island left in the millionaire’s suicide note. A man who runs a detective business in New York, “Ikeda Battle”, heads to an island with a girl with a special ability, “Izumozaki Neneko”. A number of bizarre murders occur there. What is the truth hidden in Shironagasu Island?
Solve all the mysteries and escape from the cursed island!
■ Game Overview ■
Title: Return to Shironagasu Island
Platform: Nintendo Switch(TM)
Suggested retail price: [Package version] 2,480 yen including tax (2,255 yen excluding tax) [DL version] 750 yen including tax CERO: D
Number of players: Single player
Genre: Mystery adventure game
Release area: Japan/North America/Europe/Asia
Supported languages:
Japanese/English/Korean/German/Polish/Spanish/Chinese (Simplified) Release date: Scheduled to be released on November 17
Development: Onimushi Hyogo
Music: Shingo Kataoka
■ New elements of Nintendo Switch (TM) version “Return to Shironagasu Island” ■ In “Return to Shironagasu Island” newly delivered for Nintendo Switch (TM), full voice is implemented in the main story and extra scenarios. In addition to Yuka Iguchi playing the main heroine Neneko Izumozaki, the gorgeous cast such as Rie Tanaka and Yu Kobayashi color the story. In addition, with the cooperation of Frontier Works, artist Kanako Ito produced the ED and image song for “Return to Shironagasu Island”. The dramatic world view of this work will be sung emotionally.
■ Return to Shironagasu Island Nintendo Switch (TM) version voice actor cast ■ Neneko Izumozaki: Yuka Iguchi
Ada Higgins: Sayaka Ohara
Akira Edgeworth: Kaori Ishihara
Giselle Reid: Shizuka Ito
Reel Vector: Rie Tanaka
Jacob Rutland: Hiroki Higashiji
Thomas Harrington: Akihiko Ishizumi
Alex Werner: Yu Kobayashi
Aurora Ravilla: Ai Kayano
Vincent Swift: Joji Nakata
Abigail Ellison: Yoshimi Ohara
Norman North: Hiroaki Hirata
Wizards: Koumei Kanuka
Florina: Akiko Nakagawa
Roy Higgins: Hiroki Fujino
Charles J. Werner: Masayuki Kato
[Return to Shironagasu Island Nintendo Switch (TM) version music information] ED theme: “Akatsuki no Kaze”
Image Song: “Revival Code”
Song: Kanako Ito
■ Initial production benefits ■
As a bonus for the first production of the Nintendo Switch (TM) “Return to Shironagasu Island” package version, we have prepared an original single CD that contains three songs sung by Kanako Ito, newly produced this time. Please make a reservation!
■Original benefits for each store■
Each retail store offers benefits using illustrations drawn for the Nintendo Switch (TM) version of “Return to Shironagasu Island”. Please check the following for the bonus illustrations for each store. [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

The number of benefits is limited. Please make a reservation as soon as possible because it will end as soon as it is gone. Please contact each store for sales prices and benefits.
■Click here to make a reservation■
Reservations will start sequentially at retail stores nationwide! Please check the official website for details.
Official website:
-Murder Mystery Edition Information-
The Murder Mystery Game “Return to Shironagasu Island Ibun-Luxury Train Shironagasu Express-” is about to be released!
We asked the cast members of the accompanying CD to share their impressions of the recording and their thoughts on the future development of “Return to Shironagasu Island”!
[Image 5

[Image 6

The Murder Mystery game of “Return to Shironagasu Island” is now available! The stage of the story is the luxury train Shironagasu Express. Passengers are a man who is said to have bought a posthumous work left by a famous artist, his bodyguard, and a mysterious beautiful girl. A murder case suddenly occurred in this luxury train that was running as usual. As expected, what is the truth――――
You board the Shironagasu Express, pile up arguments and
circumstantial evidence, and take on the case together with Neneko! This work is supervised by Onimushi Hyogo and delivered in a scenario that will satisfy fans of the original work!
A CD containing over 30 minutes of new voices recorded just for this work is enclosed, and the illustrations are completely new Sakeru Kito.
If you use the included CD, Mr. Akio Otsuka’s voice will help you progress through the game so that even complete Madamis beginners can easily play.
――Please tell us your thoughts on today’s recording!
Mr. Akio Otsuka as Ikeda Battle & Narrator
[Image 7

(Playing Ikeda again) I remembered, “Oh, it’s that guy!”
It was my first Murder Mystery and it was fun. I tried to make the content easy to understand throughout.
Yuka Iguchi as Neneko Izumozaki
[Image 8

I was happy to be able to play Neneko again.
Since it’s a drama CD (included with the Murder Mystery game), unlike when recording the game, I was able to listen to the voices of the other cast members while recording together, which made the
performance even more enjoyable!
Kaori Ishihara as Akira Edgeworth
[Image 9

I learned about Murder Mystery from this CD, and I read the script all at once, wondering how the story would unfold.
The relationships between the characters are a little different this time, so I had fun while recording.
There are many patterns of dialogue about a certain thing, so that’s my favorite!
I would like everyone to listen to it.
Yu Kobayashi as Alex Werner
[Image 10

(Nintendo Switch(TM) version) I was very happy to be able to play Alex, who I played in “Return to Shironagasu Island”. I am grateful to have been able to walk this story with my beloved Alex. Also, I was able to play Alex from a different point of view, and I was able to know various expressions. I am happy to have been blessed with such a wonderful opportunity, and I cherished the role.
Hiroki Higashiji as Jacob Rutland
[Image 11

I was happy to play Jacob again in the form of a CD drama (which comes with the Murder Mystery Game). It’s still a little rough (laughs). Rie Tanaka as Lille Bextor
[Image 12

Characters with various personalities will appear, but please look forward to Mr. Reel, who has an interesting personality change! Murder Mystery is fun no matter which perspective you follow! ――Please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to the development of “Return to Shironagasu Island”.
Mr. Otsuka: Please look forward to it! And have fun!
Mr. Iguchi: Thanks to everyone’s support, I’m really happy that various developments continue like this! And I am amazed! it’s great! thank you very much! !
Aim for animation! I will do my best to play Neneko in a more attractive way! Mr. Ishihara: “Return to Shironagasu Island” (Nintendo Switch(TM) version) will be released soon.
I would like everyone to play the game that I enjoyed recording as soon as possible.
There will be many more developments in the future, so please continue to support us.
Mr. Kobayashi: Thank you to everyone who played the game “Return to Shironagasu Island” and experienced Murder Mystery.
And finally, the release of the Nintendo Switch (TM) version of “Return to Shironagasu Island” is approaching on November 17th. We hope that everyone who is eagerly awaiting the release of the Nintendo Switch(TM) version will be able to immerse themselves in the world and walk together.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mr. Higashiji: Participate in the world of unique characters and fascinating mysteries and get excited!
Mr. Tanaka: Have you ever heard the term “murder mystery”? I didn’t know, so I looked it up after this job was decided, but it seems that this game has just started to become popular in Japan around 2019! Murder Mystery is, as the name suggests, a mystery game about a murder case. In mystery works, we see the story from the perspective of a third person or a detective, but in Murder Mystery, we can become one of the “suspects” in the case and enjoy deductions and stories! Participants acted as the character based on the character setting book and participated in the discussion. In this free discussion, we will challenge to unravel the truth of the incident. In the end, the winner is the person with the highest score set in the mission, or the person who enjoyed the story the most. Whether the culprit can be found, whether relationships and suspicions can be uncovered, who will be the main character, and what kind of ending will be reached, everything depends on the actions of the participants. It’s a very free game with infinite possibilities, so it’s up to you to enjoy it in any way you like! I would be happy if you could enjoy listening to the drama CD (included, which allows you to enjoy the world view of the Murder Mystery game even more) and participate in the game! ■Deluxe Edition Benefits■
The deluxe version comes with an acrylic stand with newly drawn illustrations, and a short story booklet specially written by Onimushi Hyogo, “Izumozaki Neneko’s Labyrinth Story”, which gives you a glimpse of Neneko’s student life. increase! !
[Image 13

[Synopsis of “Izumozaki Neneko’s Lost Story”]
I want to be as inconspicuous as possible and live a quiet and peaceful life. “From today, I will be studying at your school for a short period of time!” If Akira, who has attributes that are sure to attract intense attention, comes to school, my school life will be destroyed to pieces! !
“I also decided to study abroad for a short time! I look forward to working with you today!”
I didn’t even hear you’d come to Alex! This situation is a dream, and even if I try to pinch my cheeks, it just hurts and tears come out… What will happen to my peaceful school life? ?
■ Specifications ■
“Return to Shironagasu Island Strange Story ~Luxury Train Shironagasu Express~” Price: Deluxe version 9,625 yen including tax (8,750 yen excluding tax) / Regular version 4,950 yen including tax (4,500 yen excluding tax)
[Common to regular and deluxe editions]
Package size: B5 size (BOX specification)
Jacket illustration: drawn by Kito Sakeru
Game overview:
Genre: Murder Mystery Game / Target Number of People: 4 / Target Age: 12+ / Estimated Play Time: About 90-120 minutes
Product contents:
Progress book (B5 size, 28P) / Character handout (B5, 8P) x 4 books / Play mat: B4 / 1 sheet / Site card: 27 sheets / CD: 1 sheet
[Deluxe Edition Benefits]
Regular version + short story special booklet written by Onimushi Hyogo for this work
+ Character acrylic stand (Neneko, Akira, Alex, Reel) illustrated by Sakeru Kito Game production NAGAKUTSU (scenario: Yugi Ibara)
Planning and production: NAGAFURO (NAGAKUTSU x FRONTIERWORKS) Publisher/Distributor Frontier Works Co., Ltd.
Board Game & Murder Mystery NAGAKUTSU: ■ Click here for reservations and purchases ■
Gamers mail order site
-Deluxe Edition-
-normal version-
-Related product information-
■Voice Drama CD■
Voice Drama CD “Return to Shironagasu Island Drama CD Girls’ Slapstick Uproar” General sales start date: November 17, 2022
*It will be a general sale of crowdfunding return items.
Price: 2,000 yen including tax (1,818 yen excluding tax)
-Related sites, SNS, etc.-
[PC version game download site]
Steam (R): BOOTH:
DMM GAMES: [Official account information]
Official website:
Author Onimushi Hyogo Twitter: @ONIMUSHI_HYOGO
room6 Co., Ltd.:
Kotori Voice Inc.:
Frontier Works Co., Ltd.:
[Copyright notice] (C) TABINOMICHI

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