Royal Holdings Co., Ltd. A set of 3 types of “Reservation Limited Christmas Special” that excites the gorg eous Christmas season Released on Friday, November 25

Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.
3 types of set “Reservation limited Christmas special” to excite the gorgeous mood of the Christmas season Released on Friday, November 25 Reservations will be accepted at each Royal Host store from Tuesday, November 1st

“Royal Host” developed by Royal Food Service Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the restaurant business in the Royal Group, will sell a special menu “Reservation Limited Christmas Special” that you want to enjoy on Christmas from Friday, November 25th. Reservations will be accepted from Tuesday, November 1st.
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October 28, 2022
Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.
At Royal Host, we are developing a reservation-only menu that incorporates seasonal ingredients. This time, we have prepared 3 types of sets that you can enjoy with your family and close friends, inspired by special meals during the Christmas season.
Please enjoy the special menu that can only be tasted when you make a reservation in advance.
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The food is prepared as a course, the first appetizer is “Cauliflower Mousse Tree Tailored ~ Consomme Jelly and Beetroot Sauce ~”, the second item is “Mushroom Soup”, and the third item is “Lobster, red sea bream, sail”. Standing Grill ~White Wine Cream Sauce~”・”Angus Sirloin Steak Grill (100g*)~Red Wine and Blueberry Sauce~”・”Stewed Beef and Mashed Potato Cheese Baked ~Parmigiano Reggiano Flavor~” You can choose. Dessert is “apple sorbet”.
*Steak is the number of grams before baking.
We will prepare seats for customers who have made reservations and are waiting for you. Please enjoy the reservation-only menu of the Royal Host, which will brighten up the fun dining scene in winter, such as gatherings and dinners with family and close friends, as well as Christmas.
Overview of “Reservation Limited Christmas Special”
Sales period: Friday, November 25, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 Sales stores: 214 Royal Host stores nationwide (excluding
airport/hospital stores and Nagoya Hoshigaoka store) *The number of stores as of the distribution date.
Product name/price: 3 types of Christmas specials 3,280 yen each (3,608 yen including tax)
Reservation acceptance start date: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) 00:00- Reservation method: WEB or store
1. WEB (Gurunavi 24-hour reception 2. Reception at each store TEL / store (during business hours of each store) *Gurunavi reservations are accepted until 20:00 three days before your visit. (Reservation at the store is until 20:00 the day before) * The end time may change depending on the reservation status. “Reservation limited Christmas special”
It is a course-tailored menu that imagines a special Christmas meal that is carefully prepared with time and effort.
Christmas special sales price: 3,280 yen each (3,608 yen including tax) [Image 3

[Appetizer] Cauliflower mousse with tree-consomme jelly and beetroot sauce- Snow-white cauliflower mousse, which is in season in winter, is topped with salmon roe, crab, and serfeille. Served with a delicious consomme jelly and colorful beetroot sauce to resemble a Christmas tree. It is an appetizer that will liven up the gorgeous mood of Christmas. [Image 4

[Soup] Mushroom soup
A creamy soup made with mushrooms that makes you feel the arrival of autumn and winter. The mushrooms sautéed in butter are floated to create a fragrant soup.
[Main dish (choose from 3 types)]
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Grilled lobster, red sea bream, and scallops ~white wine cream sauce~ Seafood grill with lobster from the east coast of Canada, scallops from Okhotsk, Hokkaido, and domestic red sea bream. A colorful combination of a white wine cream sauce that goes well with seafood and a refreshingly sour red wine sauce. Garnished with seasonal mushrooms and romanesco, a winter vegetable that is said to have originated in Europe.
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Grilled Angus Sirloin Steak (100g) ~Red Wine and Blueberry Sauce~ A 100-gram thick-sliced ​​steak is grilled on a hot lava stone griller, wrapped in aluminum foil to rest, and moistened with residual heat. The sauce is a red wine sauce that goes well with the steak and a sweet and sour blueberry sauce. Although it is a small steak, it is a highly satisfying dish with a rich red wine sauce.
* Steak is the number of grams before baking.
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Stewed Beef and Mashed Potato with Cheese ~Parmigiano Reggiano Flavor~ For beef stew, the meat and vegetables are well sautéed, then simmered in bouillon, then red wine is added and simmered further. You can fully enjoy the taste of beef cut into large pieces. The garnished mashed potatoes are baked with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to create a rich flavor.
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[Boule or Rice] Boule
A fragrant bread limited to Christmas specials.
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[Dessert] Apple sorbet
A refreshing sorbet that is perfect after a meal.
-Menu content-
[Appetizer] Cauliflower mousse with tree-consomme jelly and beetroot sauce- [Soup] Mushroom soup
[Main dish] You can choose from 3 types
Grilled lobster, red sea bream, and scallops ~white wine cream sauce~ ●Angus Sirloin Steak Grill (100g) ~Red Wine and Blueberry Sauce~ Stewed beef and grilled mashed potatoes with cheese ~ Parmigiano Reggiano flavor ~
[boule or rice]
[Dessert] Apple sorbet
※The photograph is an image
-press release-
For more information, please download the press release below. Details about this release:

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