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Run through mountains and towns! Birth of the new sensation hybrid sports cycle “SWIFT HORSE”

Fukuda International Co., Ltd.
Run through mountains and towns! Birth of the new sensation hybrid sports cycle “SWIFT HORSE”

Fukuda Kokusai Co., Ltd. will support the sports electric assist cycle (e-Bike), which is a hybrid of the high running performance (21 speed) of a sports bicycle and an electric assist system, and the brand name “SWIFT HORSE” on October 7, 2022. It will be on sale from the purchase service “Makuake”.
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Project posting period: October 7, 2022 to January 4, 2023
Fukuda Kokusai Co., Ltd. LINE official account @037evnao for ID search [Image 1d106283-2-316dab2f61bd48870c19-14.png&s3=106283-2-9ee33e59ec39d56e35400d1512e20acd-90x90.png

“Planning Story”
We aimed for a high-grade type and a novel and stylish design based on the sports bike that has been highly evaluated in Western countries where sports bike (e-Bike) culture has flourished in recent years and is currently popular in all countries and regions.
The Lexus is a versatile mountain bike that can be comfortably used not only for daily commuting, school and shopping, but also for outdoor activities and bicycle rides on weekends.
The retail price of domestic high-grade, high-performance sports bicycles is too high to reach ordinary consumers. We have teamed up with a leading company in the bicycle industry in China to develop and sell “SWIFT HORSE”, a sports electric assist mountain bike that achieves high functionality, high quality (eco-friendly vehicles), and low prices. became.
[Image 2d106283-2-633a3a0a8961854474be-3.jpg&s3=106283-2-b541d01b22a0be6743809f995a25c307-1155x744.jpg
“Main Features of SWIFT HORSE”
A new type of sports cycle! A hybrid vehicle that combines the high running performance of a bicycle with an electric assist function! Equipped with the latest technology! The latest technology that integrates the rear motor and torque sensor! (Patented in China). The parts used are ECO vehicles that have achieved 100% of the RoHs environmental protection standards!
Simple and sophisticated design with built-in battery fusion! 26-inch tires, front suspension, strong and lightweight aluminum material frame, ensure more stability and durability!
[Image 3d106283-2-b08870281fecdd63b77a-4.jpg&s3=106283-2-0d5e5c1ee627f5442151db73c54b2073-1817x985.jpg
[Image 4d106283-2-cab3e23d3bc3859d3fd8-6.jpg&s3=106283-2-10153326b6d75554c1e754a6afcec671-2009x847.jpg
“Specifications and development secrets”
* There was a voice that the battery capacity is weak.
[Image 5d106283-2-5b70a7263dcc3981ecd4-7.jpg&s3=106283-2-0a693eb4a7ebc51a6228723d0da37a14-609x96.jpg
*According to a survey, the average commuting distance is 3 train stations, round trip 60km, and the average daily distance for sports activities is 50-80km.
Even if the battery runs out, you can still use it as a bicycle, so we judged that there was little need for more than that, so we didn’t adopt excessive specifications.
*With regard to the high-performance 21-speed (3 front, 7 rear), our idea is to emphasize the sportsmanship that the electric assist is an auxiliary under the development origin: sports cycle high driving function. It is incompatible with our idea to weaken the driving function and not consider the driving function by increasing the storage battery capacity.
*We have received a lot of support and support from Makuake Co., Ltd., and we have set up the following maximum rewards for everyone who cheered us on. We hope that you will enjoy the experience of our new products. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this project.

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[Image 6d106283-2-ae49a690bd830df21ecd-8.jpg&s3=106283-2-1a06fda12406d1baa118f38e094d175c-1000x621.jpg
* Optional 2-piece set: (1. Mobile phone holder 2. Tail bag). *Optional 6-piece set: (1. Mobile phone holder, 2. Tail bag, 3.4-digit lock key, 4.4 LED reflective tape, 5. Air pump, 6. Spare dedicated charging adapter)
[Image 7d106283-2-26db5d80f25cb30d9294-9.jpg&s3=106283-2-0df963ec431547b0178cfa478a704c75-1420x845.jpg
Fukuda International Co., Ltd. 〒371-0812 Uchiyama Building 1F, 3-7-15 Hirose-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
・Phone number: 070-1315-8818・FAX: 027-226-1863
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