RX Japan Co., Ltd. The 12th Agriculture Week is held, and the government is also promoting it! Exhibiting many products that realize “sustainable” agriculture

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
The 12th Agricultural Week is held, and the government is also promoting it! Exhibiting many products that realize “sustainable” agriculture
Date: October 12 (Wednesday) to 14 (Friday), 2022 10:00-18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day) Venue: Makuhari Messe Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.

RX Japan Co., Ltd. will hold the “12th Agriculture Week” at Makuhari Messe for three days from October 12th (Wednesday) to 14th (Friday). The government has formulated the Green Food System Strategy and is promoting innovation to build a sustainable food system. This strategy aims to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2050; The goal is to improve productivity by at least 30%. Development of agriculture is essential to realize a sustainable food system. In order to realize sustainable agriculture, it is necessary not only to consider the global environment, but also to promote the participation of young people in agriculture, improve labor productivity in agriculture, and create a profitable agricultural system. Agricultural Week will exhibit the latest products and services that solve these agricultural problems. A gathering of companies responsible for the future of Japanese food
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★Introducing some of the exhibited products that make “sustainable agriculture” a reality!
The rest of the squeezed fruit is used as raw material! [Reset gel (edible gelling agent)]
[Image 1

It is a gelling agent preparation made mainly of food additives starting from apple peels and lemon peels, and is an edible ingredient that meets the recent SDGS trend. [Unitec Foods Co., Ltd.]
Vegetables that reduce CO2 the more you eat [Sorabeji green pepper] [Image 2

It is a sustainable vegetable that can fix carbon dioxide in the field while growing by using charcoal (biochar) that contains a large amount of CO2 as soil. It is a sustainable vegetable in three respects: carbon fixation in the ground, no use of chemical fertilizers, and upcycling of resources. [TOWING Co., Ltd.]
Reduce labor by electrifying a wheelbarrow [CuboRexE-Cat Kit] [Image 3

It is a kit that can electrify the wheelbarrow used by farmers and civil engineering contractors. [CuboRex Co., Ltd.]
Fibers that reduce environmental impact [MocoFilo color dope-dyed fibers] [Image 4

We will reduce the amount of water used during the production of yarn and fabric, reduce the generation of CO2, and reduce the environmental burden. It is also resistant to sunburn and does not easily discolor. [Moririn Co., Ltd.]
Won’t break even when wet! Net made of paper [TEND LEAF (green net)] [Image 5

It is a net made of 100% paper. It can be used for one season and can be discarded in the ground after harvesting. It is a product that reduces the burden on farmers and is good for the environment. [Yokoyama Seimo Co., Ltd.]
Plant activator recommended for organic farming [for Clibio farming and horticulture]
[Image 6

A plant activator that grows big and healthy! Interaction of Bacillus natto, lactic acid bacteria and yeast + enzyme power! Recommended for soil improvement, reduced pesticide cultivation, reduced adherence of pathogenic bacteria, and organic cultivation! [Krivio Co., Ltd.] Sustainable insect raw materials for feed [Enviromeal (American blackworm larvae powder)]
[Image 7

Insect raw materials are attracting attention as sustainable raw materials because of their short life cycle, high reproductive potential, and low environmental impact. We have completed the feed importer notification. [Shima Trading Co., Ltd.]
★Seminar by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is also held! Partial introduction
Toward the Realization of the Green Food System Strategy [Friday, October 14, 13:00-14:00]
[Image 8d26157-981-c2478df2d072847be91b-7.jpg&s3=26157-981-b73e8da8be706f991b03c5367eac447c-112x150.jpg
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister’s Secretariat Head of Green Food System Strategy Group
Makiko Kubo
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