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RX Japan Co., Ltd. The 12th Tool Japan held! Diversification of designs and functions, work clothes with a growing customer base Focusing on the next trend

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
The 12th Tool Japan held! Diversification of designs and functions, work clothes with a growing customer base Focusing on the next trend
RX Japan Co., Ltd. will hold the “12th Tool Japan” at Makuhari Messe for three days from October 12th (Wednesday) to 14th (Friday). This exhibition is Japan’s largest comprehensive exhibition of professional tools and DIY. Tools, work clothes, safety goods, etc. will be exhibited. Work clothes, which have a strong image of men who work on site, have diversified in design and function in recent years. In April of this year, a major railway company introduced “women’s work clothes” for field workers, and in October, a major work clothes store opened its first store in a department store, focusing on
sophisticated work clothes. Products that are different from the rugged work clothes and work supplies that have been used until now are appearing on the market one after another. At this year’s Tool Japan, many of the latest work clothes and safety products will be on display. There are items for professional craftsmen, as well as items that can be used for general outdoor activities and DIY. Please visit us to find the next trendy item.
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Pop design women’s wear with fans [1870/1872 WZ women’s raglan hoodie vest] [Image 1

A hooded hoodie based on the “dolman sleeve” design that has been improved so that women can wear it neatly. Women’s exclusive EF wear that can be used from gardening to outdoor activities. Exhibitor name: CUC Corporation
Mix and match as an inner layer or an outer layer [03220 AIR ARMOR no-collar heat jacket]
[Image 2

S-HEAT compatible lightweight cold protection series. Boa frieze with excellent heat retention and lightweight laminate material are used to create a design that can be worn both as an inner layer and an outer layer. Exhibitor name: Shinmen Co., Ltd.
Cute design with an emphasis on ease of movement [original logo fastener CT-JP001]
[Image 3

Next-generation work clothes with photocatalytic coating. While maintaining the characteristics of the work clothes, we are particular about the size and add a cute design to the pockets and back style “casually”. Exhibitor name: Color Techno Co., Ltd.
One switch operation! Pochette with fan [air conditioning air conditioner pochette (pochette with electric fan)]
[Image 4

The pochette allows air to flow through your clothes, making it easy to put on and giving it a clean look. Open the mouth of the pochette, cover the hem of the shirt and blow air. Exhibitor name: Brain Co., Ltd.
Durable denim x cowhide gloves [DENIMIST Denimist]
[Image 5

The more you use it, the more you get used to it. A stylish item to express yourself! It’s soft and not stiff, so it’s comfortable to wear. Exhibitor name: Fuji Globe Co., Ltd.
Equipped with high specs for outdoor and military [Roswell Mid] [Image 6

A safety toe that is 15% lighter than steel, a “KEEN.ReGEN” midsole that returns more than 50% more energy than standard EVA foam, and a rubber outsole with excellent grip. Exhibitor name: Keene Japan (same) Available in 6 colors High-quality genuine leather tool bag [Creare] [Image 7d26157-983-7257621b28e6e0e8e65e-2.png&s3=26157-983-e8792c28a32718dffabf6d6823a63180-250x250.png
A tool bag (waist bag) named “CREARE” which means “to create” in Italian. Not only is it easy to use, but even the small parts are made of smooth and high-quality genuine leather, and the metal fittings are all black. Exhibitor name: GENEL PROSPECTS Co., Ltd.
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