Safey will exhibit a booth at “PyCon JP 2022” held from October 14th to 15th

Safey Co., Ltd.
Safey will exhibit a booth at “PyCon JP 2022” held from October 14th to 15th Exhibiting the use of Python in the cloud recording service “Safie”
Safey Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ryuhei Sadoshima, hereinafter “Safey”), the No. 1 cloud recording service share (* 1), will be held on October 14, 2022 (Friday) and October We are pleased to inform you that we will have a booth at “PyCon JP 2022” to be held at the TOC Ariake Convention Hall on Saturday, 15th.
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■ Background and purpose of exhibiting at the booth
Safey has developed an unprecedented cloud platform system in-house that combines cameras, video, cloud, and AI, and the amount of data it manages exceeds tens of petabytes. Therefore, it is inevitable that engineers will play an active role in a wide range of fields from servers to front desks and hardware, and recruiting activities are an urgent need.
We have set up a booth to let those who participate in “PyCon JP 2022” know about Safe and the use of Python, which supports 80-90% of our services.
During the period, we hope that many people will be interested in Safey’s technology by experiencing the use of Python, which is the core of Safey, and will be used in a wide range of ways, including server and device management, recording distribution, and AI. ■ Comment from Safey CTO Kazuma Morimoto
Safey mainly uses Python as its back-end programming language due to its ease of learning and global usage. Python has many AI-related libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, and pybind enables seamless cooperation with C++, which is another reason for the selection. At our company, Python is widely used not only for media processing such as AI processing, video processing, and distribution, but also for authentication servers, API servers, and batch processing. As mentioned above, we would like engineers who want to use Python to develop and operate large-scale systems that manage large amounts of data in a wide range of technical fields.
“Safey is looking for people to work with!”
■ About “PyCon JP2022”
Details of the event can be viewed from the event page at the URL below.
■ Recruitment of Safey
 Details of recruitment information can be found on the recruitment site at the following URL.
*We will start hiring new graduates from 2021.
(*1) Market share based on the number of registered cameras by engine (47.5%) based on Techno System Research’s “Network camera cloud recording service market survey”
■ What is the cloud recording service “Safie”?
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Safie is a cloud recording service with the No. 1 share that allows you to check video anytime, anywhere simply by connecting your camera to the Internet.
Based on the vision of “creating the future from video,” we aim to create a future where video can be useful for people’s
decision-making, and to create a video platform that can be easily used by everyone from companies to individuals.
We have a business concept of “using video data to DX the ‘sites’ of all industries,” and we are taking the lead in promoting DX in all fields, including retail, civil engineering/construction,
manufacturing, and medical care.
SAFE is conducting educational activities in compliance with the following guidelines regarding data governance initiatives.
・Efforts related to data governance


・Data Charter (issued on April 1, 2022) Creating the future from images
[Company Profile of Safey Co., Ltd.]
Location: 1-5-1 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo A-PLACE in front of Gotanda Station
Established October 2014
Capital 5.45 billion yen
Representative Ryuhei Sadoshima
Business description Operation of cloud recording and video management platform “Safie”
Service site URL
Corporate site URL
Recruitment page

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