Saguri Exhibit at Saguri Co., Ltd. “Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022”!

Exhibit at SAGURI Co., Ltd. “Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022”! Simultaneous exhibition of our Aktaba, Databa, and Saguri, including the AI ​​polygon developed in the Hyogo COE program

Saguri Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Shunsuke Tsuboi) aims to solve problems in agriculture and the environment by combining satellite data (Satellite), machine learning (AI), and zoning technology (GRID). A start-up venture company. We are pleased to inform you that we will be exhibiting at the “Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022” (sponsored by the Executive Committee of the Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022) to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 19th (Wednesday) to 21st (Friday).
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Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022 “Saguri Co., Ltd.” Booth Overview The Industrial Exchange Exhibition showcases the excellent
technologies and products of unique small and medium-sized enterprises that have offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures). The purpose is to provide business opportunities such as realization, information collection and exchange. We will exhibit in 3 sections as Hyogo Prefecture booth. [Overview]
Date: October 19 (Wednesday), 20 (Thursday), 21 (Friday), 2022 Exhibition booths: South Exhibition Halls 1-4, National Zone (-28 in total) Organizer: Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022 Executive Committee Participation fee: Free
Industry Exchange Exhibition HP: [Image 2d40885-105-5e19dc0ac951c1fa1bdd-0.png&s3=40885-105-7a7e03aeed126e9be4ea679272cb2baa-2024x652.png
Growth and soil diagnosis system “Sagri (farming support service)” [Image 3d40885-105-d94ceff0a590a1074db9-7.png&s3=40885-105-ba9dda71ac47407e331a2897cba86b79-1066x600.png
Farming leaders and corporate farmers manage all large fields by analog visual confirmation. In addition, the need for soil analysis is increasing due to the recent increase in fertilization costs. This application is an application that allows you to smoothly analyze the growth status and soil by registering the farmland managed by the agricultural producer with one touch.
Abandoned farmland diagnosis system “Actaba”
[Image 4d40885-105-566260c5e94811e0b075-6.png&s3=40885-105-a74948003888d8f29bc69f33b93efa46-1140x518.png
Based on the Agricultural Land Law, the Agricultural Committee Secretariat, which is set up in each municipality, conducts farmland patrol surveys using paper maps every year to check the usage status of all farmlands. Using a service called “Actaba” developed by our company, AI diagnoses the usage status of farmland from satellite images and solves the problem of research work burden.
Planting survey app “Detaba”
[Image 5d40885-105-949b0a232d099b93d1c7-4.png&s3=40885-105-2896129bc45778233b2c13e41044bc6c-1140x507.png
Regional Agricultural Revitalization Councils established in municipalities carry out visual cropping surveys in accordance with farm management plans every year, and there is a burden of survey work. Sagri has developed an application called “Databa” that uses satellite data to streamline cropping surveys, and solves the problem of survey work burden. This app is a high-precision crop obtained as a result of a demonstration experiment conducted as part of the “Civic Tech Challenge YAMAGUCHI” promoted by Prefecture. A judgment model is installed, and the judgment accuracy is 80% overall, and exceeds 90% for rice and wheat.
Automatic farmland partitioning technology “AI Polygon” patented [Image 6d40885-105-7c181994c6502fbb8a56-5.png&s3=40885-105-1e9411d34ed5d2400c864c06df3a24be-1140x548.png
Using high-resolution satellite images, we can perform automatic partitioning using AI image recognition technology, and we have technology that can polygonize farmland around the world. Farmland division information (hereinafter referred to as polygons) is the basic information necessary for analyzing large amounts of brush-based farmland in AI analysis such as drones and satellite images. We are providing Overseas, in Thailand, the LDD (Land Development Department) of the MOAC (Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives) and the HP state government in India have started to provide it, and it has also been decided to list it in the catalog of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). We have obtained patent rights in Japan and have applied for patents in 12 countries globally.
About SAGURI Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d40885-105-9cdcc99013c059bcbed0-3.jpg&s3=40885-105-8c4097f22d0be6e3bf277187ca4939e5-3900x2194.jpg
Sagri Co., Ltd. is a start-up company founded in Hyogo Prefecture in June 2018 with the vision of “realizing the coexistence of mankind and the earth.” We aim to solve global agricultural and environmental issues with satellite data and AI. In June 2021, we announced a total of 155 million yen in funding from real tech funds and others. We also invested in the first project of the Hyogo Kobe Startup Fund. In 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries was certified as a university-launched venture company such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries technology, and was selected as J-Startup-KANSAI by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. Received the Ministry of the Environment Startup Award Business Concept Award and was selected as Toyo Keizai 2021 Amazing Venture. We have expanded into Thailand and India and are active globally.
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