Sakai Moving Center Co., Ltd. The latest episode of the Sakai Moving Center new commercial “Magokoro Panda” se ries released! “New Life Total Advisor” Ryosuke Soda Appears! “New sincerity service in such an era” begins!

Sakai Moving Center Co., Ltd.
Sakai Moving Center’s new commercial “Magokoro Panda” series latest episode released! “New Life Total Advisor” Ryosuke Soda Appears! “New sincerity service in such an era” begins!

Sakai Moving Center Co., Ltd. (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture: President Tetsuyasu Tajima) will launch a new commercial “New Life Total Advisor”, the latest episode of the “Magokoro Panda” series, on TV and WEB from November 1, 2022. We will publish it.
Moving and new life are full of anxiety. Ryosuke Soda has appeared as a “New Life Total Advisor” who will stand by such customers and support their best new life with various proposals! The dazzling smiles of Itabashi-senpai, Momotsuki-senpai, and Magokoro Panda-kun that make you squint, and the signature pose of snapping your fingers are worth paying attention to!
The new CM song is in charge of LONGMAN, a male and female twin vocal punk band from Ehime, Shikoku.
We will deliver an original arrangement of the familiar CM song with the phrase “What is sincerity?”
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Sakai Moving Center CM Gallery: ■ “New Life Total Advisor”
Now is the time. This is the age of on-demand, when you can place an order on your smartphone and receive the product the next day. A one-stop era where you can easily get it if you buy it in bulk. Sakai Moving Center also puts our heart and soul into responding to the needs of the times. “A new sincerity service in such an era” begins. Title: Magokoro Panda “New Life Total Advisor”
Starring: Ryosuke Soda / Shunya Itabashi / Nashiko Momotsuki / Magokoro Panda Release date: November 1, 2022
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◆ CM Overview ◆
“New Life Total Advisor”
・ Broadcast start: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) ~
・Broadcasting area: Nationwide
・Sakai Moving Center Corporate Site: ・Sakai Moving Center CM Gallery: ・ Magokoro Panda (4th year since joining) Twitter:
◆ Performer profile ◆
[New Life Total Advisor Role]
Ryosuke Sota
Born October 24, 1997. Born in Shimane prefecture. Belongs to MR8. Debuted as an actor after attracting attention after posting on SNS. Major appearances include “Unfortunate-kun has no choice but to kiss!” and “Murai no Koi.” Currently, “Sawako ~ It’s Endless Revenge” and “Masked D” are being broadcast.
[senior role]
Shunya Itabashi
Born July 1, 1984, from Fukushima Prefecture. A member of the theater companies Lolo and Sanpin, he is active in a wide range of fields, including movies, television, theatre, and commercials. Major appearances include NHK TV drama “Natsuzora” (19), NHK Taiga drama “Seiten wo Tsuke” (21), NHK E-tele “Drifting brothers and sisters ~ Big escape with science knowledge!?~” ( 21-22), “Summer Film” (21), “My Small Land” (22), “Transfer Order is Music Band! “and so on. [senior role]
Momotsuki Nashiko
Born in 1995, from Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. Belongs to Zeroichi Familia. It is a hot topic as a nurse who is too cute. Widely active as a cosplayer, model, and actress. The role of Yodonna in the Super Sentai series “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” has received a great response, and she is appearing as the main character in the spin-off “Yodonna”. In 2022, she appeared in the stage play “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day” as Naruko Anjo, and made her first voice acting challenge in the TV anime “Koi wa Sekai Kokoku no Ato de”.
[Image 6

[CM song cover artist]
A male and female twin vocal punk band from Ehime, Shikoku. In 2019, he made a major debut with the ED theme “Wish on” of the TV anime “BORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. The 1st album “Just A Boy” including the 2020 drama “Yurucamp △” theme song “Replay”, and the 2021 drama “Yurucamp △ 2” opening theme song “Hello Youth” Mini Album “This is Youth” release. The latest work is the EP “Laila” which includes the ED theme of the TV anime “Love All Play”.

Details about this release:

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