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Sakura Crepas Co., Ltd. New release of “Work Memories Box” from the cleaning series!

Sakura Crepas Co., Ltd.
New release of “Work Memories Box” from the cleaning series! ~ Clearly solve storage problems! Cleanly store children’s works and certificates ~

Sakura Crepas Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Hikoshiro Nishimura, hereinafter “Sakura Crepas”) will launch a new “Work Memories Box” from the cleaning series released in November 2021. We will start selling from the end of the month. Children’s work is full of children’s hard work and memories. I understand that there are a lot of people who want to keep the proof of their hard work forever, but are worried about organizing and storing things. Against this background, under the supervision of Ms. Taeko Mizutani, an organizational storage advisor, we decided to release the “Works Memories Box,” which is easy to store items of various sizes together and has a shape that makes it easy to store on a bookshelf or closet. did. You can store drawing paper without creases, and you can store small items and irregularly sized items together. In addition, the included clear pocket is removable, so you can put your work in it and decorate it. There are two sizes available: a small size that can fit 8-cut drawing paper and A3 size, and a large size that can fit 4-cut drawing paper.
Through this series, we will continue to make suggestions so that parents and children can solve their problems and enjoy drawing every day.
■ “Work Memories Box” Small/Large
[Image 1

~ commodity details ~
[Product name] Work Memories Box Small/Large
[Release date] Late November 2022
[Size] Small: Length 340mm x Width 250mm x Height 54mm Weight 580g      Large: length 425mm x width 340mm x height 54mm weight 820g [Material] Body: Polypropylene
[Price] Small: 1,760 JPY (incl. tax)
Large: 2,200 yen (tax included)
[Accessories] Small: A4 bellows-type file, split clear pocket, spine index/index sticker
      Large: A4 bellows file, four-cut clear pocket, spine heading/index sticker ・Product page
・YouTube video URL
▼ A box type that is easy to store three-dimensional objects in a color that fits well in the living room
[Image 2d36154-24-fad719e7190cf06734f3-1.jpg&s3=36154-24-5adec399ee23cec27ed24abfcdeb2584-1125x1125.jpg
▼With a clear pocket that is easy to remove and store (20 sheets can be stored) [Image 3d36154-24-1b130935ab6809aab634-2.jpg&s3=36154-24-1858a34a63a2742f37171200b93f210c-1125x1125.jpg
▼The clear pocket can also be decorated with works
[Image 4d36154-24-dc295569e9c22b518e3b-3.jpg&s3=36154-24-d7e8f90502b50275e5f94bc6c00cdd76-1125x1125.jpg
▼ A4 bellows file is also included 7 pockets/6 indexes
[Image 5d36154-24-4462cca34a4f1b93fca3-4.jpg&s3=36154-24-f37f8d07fa770909ea73756942467a7e-1125x1125.jpg

Details about this release:

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