Sales Intelligence Co., Ltd. Sales partnership with search funds and searchers campaign held

Sales Intelligence Co., Ltd.
Search fund, searcher and sales tie-up – Gross profit fee (R) – Campaign held We will carry out a cashback campaign for the first month due to the establishment of a new business division in conjunction with a sales tie-up with a searcher.

Campaign period: From November 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022
Acceptance starts today

[What is Search Fund]
According to one theory, the concept was born in February 1984 by a business school in the United States.
It has functioned as a third transfer method mainly for niche companies that are difficult to find buyers in the M&A market. The market size in Japan is smaller than that in the United States, and there are currently no companies with a competitive advantage. It is a hot market.
▼ Can search funds save the shortage of successors for SMEs? Many of the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are of the baby boomer generation, and there are quite a few companies that are operating in the black. However, it is not always the case that even companies that are operating in the black are able to keep up with global trends and information updates, and that companies are not expanding their business performance but are declining their profit margins and sales year by year. is the majority. The presence of searchers is attracting attention.
▼ What is a searcher that saves small and medium-sized businesses in the black? A searcher aims to acquire a company with funds collected mainly by speculation and become a manager. In addition, in return for speculation, searchers are often asked by speculators to improve “corporate value” in the short term.
At present, most of the people who are selected as searchers are professionals in the field or people from financial institutions, because it is necessary to conduct due diligence on their own at the research stage of the acquiring company.
▼ How do researchers increase sales after acquisition?
Amazingly, after the acquisition is successful, the researcher becomes the manager and works to improve the corporate value of the acquired company. However, what awaits us here is how we can increase our competitive advantage as a substantial small business owner. Unlike large companies, many small and medium-sized companies have weak brand power, so they often need to cover it with sales force. As I mentioned earlier, many of our researchers have backgrounds in the financial analysis field. On the other hand, they lack the sales know-how necessary to increase sales. In addition, as is often the case, forcing the field staff to engage in unreasonable sales leads to friction with the field site, which quickly loses its centripetal force and results in an increasing number of researchers being forced to leave the project. The key to the success of a search fund lies in its ability to compensate for its weaknesses.

Information on new services
[Our efforts to save researchers]
Sales Intelligence Co., Ltd.

other services
Services during projects
・Development of the best service in Japan
We are creating new services by asking for various knowledge from the industry’s “craftsmen” and collaborating with our sales department. ・We are looking for partner companies.
From all over Japan, our top-notch professional sales staff will produce and sell companies that have developed products and services that are the best in Japan, or rather, the best in the world. * We are also waiting for partnerships with companies that have the world’s best products that they want to propose to the wealthy class. 《For inquiries, please visit the website below》

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