Sales tie-up with JTB, a local company, for “JTB Local Gifts from 47 Prefectures in Japan”.

Local Company Co., Ltd.
Sales tie-up with JTB, a local company, for “JTB Local Gifts from 47 Prefectures in Japan”.
“JTB Nationwide 47 Prefecture Local Gifts” are now on sale at JTB Group stores.
Local Company Co., Ltd. (Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture: Representative Mitsufumi Kodama, hereinafter “local company”) has developed “JTB Nationwide 47 Prefecture Local Gifts” and JTB Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Eijiro Yamakita, hereinafter “JTB”) and a sales tie-up. Sales will start at JTB Group stores nationwide from October 2022. The gift is a card-type catalog gift with a lineup of local products and seasonal fresh products for each of the 47 prefectures nationwide. The card also includes the story of the creator based on interviews with local companies, and you can feel the unique warmth of being able to choose products while feeling the personality and thoughts of the creator. The package and lineup can be arranged, and it can be used as a gift unique to the local area.
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What is “JTB Nationwide 47 Prefecture Local Gifts”?
A local company that operates a catalog gift catalog “local gift” that has a lineup of local products and seasonal perishables from all over Japan. From October 2022, it will be sold at JTB Group stores nationwide.
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This gift is a catalog gift containing about 20 postcard-sized product cards per gift.
The product cards also include stories and photos of the creators interviewed by local companies, and each card introduces one product. [Image 3

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You can feel not only the taste and appearance of the products, but also the scenery of each place and the warmth of the people through the episodes and thoughts of the creators. This overlaps with JTB’s vision of “creating interaction between people and contributing to the realization of a peaceful and spiritually rich society.” Also, by arranging the original according to your wishes, you can use it as a gift that is more specific to the region or theme.
The local company, which deals with more than 1,300 producers in 47 prefectures, has been selling “local gifts” lined up by region and social theme since before the start of sales of “JTB Nationwide 47 Prefecture Local Gifts”. rice field. Various campaigns, prizes, welfare programs centered on gifts that contribute to society, such as “SDGs gifts” that collect products of creators who contribute to SDGs, and “Reconstruction support gifts” that collect products from disaster areas. It is used by more than 3000 corporations such as.
The relationship that the local company has cultivated with creators all over Japan since its founding is positioned as one of the new forms of interaction between people, and it is used as a catalog gift unique to JTB. As a local company, we aim to deliver the vitality of local creators and landscapes to as many people as possible through the sale of “JTB Nationwide 47 Prefecture Local Gifts”.
Product line-up
1.47 by prefecture
2. By wide area (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto Koshin, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu)
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Sales method
It will be sold at each JTB Group store nationwide.
Inquiries from general customers
Please contact the nearest JTB Group store.
[Corporate customers]
[Individual customers]
Developer company profile
Local Company Co., Ltd. (
Business: Local gift business
Representative Director: Mitsufumi Kodama
Headquarters: 1049-10 Aokubo, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
Established: April 6, 2012
Inquiries about this press release and coverage
[Local Company Co., Ltd.]
Person in charge: Public Relations
Phone: 090-5664-8544

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