Sammy Corporation BRAND-NEW BAND STORY × Sammy Band Audition Support NFT Release Announcement

Sammy Corporation
BRAND-NEW BAND STORY × Sammy Band Audition Support NFT Release Notice
Sammy Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruki Satomi) announced today, October 4, 2022 (Tuesday) from 16:00 on the project special site “BBS NFT” (hereinafter “special site”), We will start selling band audition support NFT.
[Image 1d96065-16-df80f0df6cdc86cf1c6d-0.png&s3=96065-16-3294b1154d60f391a1a5f25c63b7bcc5-2213x467.png
Both producers Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK) and KTR (JMS) will find a new generation monster rock band!
“WACK”, which has artists who have an idol but have a punk mind, such as the punk band “BiSH” that does not have musical instruments, ANARCHY iN THE IDOL “BiS”, and many rocks such as creep hype, FACT, SiM, MY FIRST STORY, yonige. “JMS”, which continues to produce bands from indies, has teamed up to meet new rock bands, an audition program specializing in rock bands that will be sent out to the world.
◆ What is “Band Audition Support NFT”?
It will be an NFT goods that will be released for the purpose of supporting BBS and the bands participating in the audition.
This product is a mystery card-like NFT, and by purchasing and “owning” this NFT, before the live scheduled to be held at Shibuya SpotifyO-EAST on Friday, October 21 There is a privilege to distribute the program original NFT of one of the 4 bands currently remaining in the review. The distribution status will be announced in the “Notice” column on the special site, so please check it out.
◆ Special site URL
[Image 2d96065-16-7ae9d082ae919e1e5e5c-1.png&s3=96065-16-0dd9bb0a897865071341eb00b06e6b61-664x324.png
What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?
NFT is digital data linked with unfalsifiable rights information. By using blockchain technology to manage identification information such as creators, serial numbers, and transaction records,
Even with digital data, it has become possible to clarify ownership and authenticity, and to give uniqueness.
◆How to start NFT
Please perform the following steps before releasing this NFT. 1.Creating a cryptocurrency wallet
2.Polygon chain settings
3. Connection to the special site
Please refer to the “Usage Guide” on the special site for specific procedures. (PC users)
(Smartphone users)

Details about this release:


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