Sanei Aim for a score in the 80s with 35 putts or less! The November 2022 issue of GOLF TODAY, a lesson magazine that guides all golfers who love golf, is now on sale!

Aim for a score in the 80s with 35 putts or less! The November 2022 issue of GOLF TODAY, a lesson magazine that guides all golfers who love golf, is now on sale!
[Special appendix] “Aim Putt” The definitive putt practice device!! Solve all your putt problems with this one practice device!

Sanei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidenobu Ito) will release “GOLF TODAY November 2022” from October 5, 2022. The theme this time is “putting”. I will tell you how to aim for a score of 80 with 35 putts or less. (Sanei official website:
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Golf Today November 2022 issue
Introductory feature: If you want to score in the 80s, aim for 35 putts or less! “Aim Putt” The definitive putt practice device!! Appendix
Release date: October 5, 2022
Publication format: Released on the 5th of every month
Special list price: 950 yen (special body price: 864 yen)
ISBN: 4910039411127
Sanei Official Website: Feature 1: Continuous photos so you can easily understand! Techniques of female pros who cut 30 putts
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[Special Appendix] “Aim Putt”
The definitive putt practice device!! Solve all your putt problems with this one practice device!
↓ Here’s how to use it (PDF download): [Image 3d23526-771-9c7b5fe5a6b8c31e43dd-1.png&s3=23526-771-1d18cbbd98e88f533b8d020ae868a8b9-1280x828.png
Golf Today November 2022 issue
Sanei Official Website: ■ CONTENTS
1 cover
3 Contents
6 TEE UP? Advice from a famous coach who awakened Yasuka Kawa 9 Get in the hole!! Callaway Apparel
11 Recommended by golf girls! Popular items Vol.4
12 Top-notch Professional Driver Mimicry Vol.26
16 Time and Space Golf Journey Hidden Gems – Yamatokoku Edition 13th 20 Feature at the beginning If you want to get a score in the 80’s, aim for 35 putts or less! PART-1 You can easily understand from the continuous photos! Techniques of female professionals who cut 30 putts 36 PART-2 You can practice more than 10 types! How to use the multifunctional putt practice device “Aim Putt”
44 PART-3 Let’s become strong in long putts and achieve the best score! 52 PART-4 The conditions for cutting 100 are within 40 putts The key to reading the slope is to keep your line of sight low!
61 What will happen? PGA TOUR 2022-23 Season Dates With Prize Pools, Big Increases
64 Ginjiro Chubu’s “Kotonoha” Vol.5
66 Product development is drama!!!
68 I will teach you the tricks of buying and selling used clubs!!! Vol.27 69 Top amateur speed practice method #40
70 Let me poke the corner of the jubako #27
71 Sugi-chan of the world examines this month’s stroke Vol.50 72 Golf Studies Vol.45 for 80 rounds
74 Drive Con Queen, Sayuri Takashima’s Bouncing Lesson Vol.7 76 Dr. Kopa’s Feng Shui Circle October
77 Tell me! Mr. Hogan Part 5 No. 4
82 Seki Yutin’s First Victory Commemorative Special Interview “I was able to prove that hard work doesn’t lie”
85 Gear Monogatari Yamaha Impress Drive Star
90 Miho Koga Tips for flying from female pros Vol.24
91 Golfers Kingdom
92 Hot Selling Trend NOW
93 Mitsutaka Sado’s PGA tour Vol.47 that could not be talked about on TV 94 Golf Today Information
95 SDGs and Golf #16
96 Find this month’s point getter!!
98 Golf Today News Avenue
100 Rex Kuramoto’s GOLF American Information Vol.12
102 New series / To the future of golf clubs Vol.2
104 New Series Vol. 1 Evolving Technology “My Style” Erika Hara 106 Our Amateur Help Squad 45th
110 Momoko Osato’s Private Report Vol.13
111 Notice of subscription campaign
112 Golf Gear Research Department Vol.06
114 Golf Today Gear Spot
116 QP explains! Settings learned from winning gear Vol.10
118 Cut 100 in 3 months!
119 《Curious gear》Surprising 5 models released at the same time! Mizuno JPX923 iron hitting comparison
122 2022-2023 Popular golf clubs complete catalog Announcement 123 GOLF TODAY Shaft Trials Preview Manufacturer’s Recommended Latest & Popular Shafts
132 How to raise a junior golfer Ask Jumbo! Vol.5
134 Hear from top executives! Japan Golf Goods Association Chairman Hideaki Kawamatsu
138 Fall lodging golf definitive edition
144 Golf best push NEW CAR CHECK! Nissan X-Trail
146 GT Birdies
148 This month’s recommended gear gift
152 Occasional scenery & next issue notice
153 30th Ironman Cup 2022 Final Tournament Results Report
156 Yuji Naito’s swing review from age 50 LESSON Vol.36
158 back cover
159 Special appendix Thorough comparison of 4 popular putter brands -About GOLF TODAY-
For all golfers who love golf
The concept of GOLF TODAY is “a magazine where golfers who love golf can fully enjoy the fun of golf”. Thanks to you, we have gone through various changes since our launch in 1991, and have grown into a golf magazine full of projects that enable everyone to actively enjoy golf, regardless of their skill level, age, or gender. .
GOLF TODAY has a lot of planned special features, and each issue offers various special features. We are constantly developing novel approaches such as new product specials, fashion specials, shop specials, etc., and have been well received from all quarters. GOLF TODAY is a magazine that continues to grow, with a positive attitude to enjoy golf without being bound by preconceived notions. Golf Today November 2022 issue
Sanei Official Website: ■ About Sanei Co., Ltd.
Over the course of its 70-year history, Sanei has continued to publish automobile and racing magazines, and has amassed various resources, diverse networks both inside and outside the industry, and highly specialized knowledge and archives. With this as a weapon, we have expanded our horizons to various genres such as sports, fashion, and outdoor activities. Through magazines and events, we are enhancing our brand power and developing content on the web and in video.
Representative Director: Hidenobu Ito
Founded: October 1947
Established: September 17, 1952
Capital: 98 million yen
Employees: 141
6-22-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Shinjuku Square Tower 26F
Sanei Official Website:
October 5, 2022
Sanei Co., Ltd.
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