Sanei Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. Sanei Architects & Engineers Housing Design Competition 2021 Matsubara Housing Planning Grand Prize Winning Work “BALCONIES” Official Website Opens

Sanei Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Sanei Architects & Engineers Residential Design Competition 2021 Matsubara Housing Planning Grand Prize winning work “BALCONIES” Official website open

The Meldia Group Sanei Architects Co., Ltd. (Headquarters:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinzo Koike, hereinafter “our company”), which has “Design Your Life” as a group message, held a young architectural project in 2021. From October 17, 2022, the official website of the work that won the highest award in the design competition “Sanei Architectural Design Housing Design Competition 2021 Matsubara Housing Plan Implementation Design Division (External Architect Work)” will be opened. I was.
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■ What is the Sanei Architects & Engineers Home Design Competition? The Sanei Architects & Engineers Home Design Competition was held with the aim of nurturing and supporting young architects who are capable of proposing attractive living environments, as well as designs that combine reality and innovation. This housing design competition is the first attempt in Japan* to build houses in the 23 wards of Tokyo based on the basic design and design of the winning work and sell them to general customers as condominiums.
*According to our research
Following the “Sanei Architects & Engineers Home Design Competition 2016 Kitazawa Housing Design Competition” held in 2016 and the “Sanei Architects & Engineers Home Design Competition 2018 Asagaya Housing Design Competition” held in 2018, the third competition will be held in 2021. We are pleased to announce the opening of the official website for the winning design of the Sanei Architectural Design Housing Design Competition 2021 Matsubara Housing Plan.
Special website URL
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About the design concept of the award-winning work “BALCONIES” “BALCONIES” aims to be a house that blends into the city, and by making the exterior and interior spaces the same shape as much as possible, we intend to maximize the point of contact with the exterior environment and the city. The garden and balcony serve as a buffer between the house and the city, creating a house that blends into the city.
In addition, we call the free space on the first floor “Mise”. This project will also serve as a store, and the biggest feature is that we will create a store together with the customers who will live there, taking advantage of the location on the corner of the street. This is a new attempt that has never been seen before in built-for-sale housing, allowing customers with various dreams, such as English conversation classes, flower shops, cafes, and hair salons, to realize both a “house” and a “store” at once.
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▲Mise’s image (cafe)
■Making a “Mise” with your family
 The “Sanei Architects & Engineers Housing Design Competition 2021 Matsubara Housing Plan” solicited works under the theme of “Proposals for new value creation for living in the city center”. “BALCONIES”, which won the grand prize, was designed especially in line with this theme. Normally, condominiums have only the function of “living”, and customers purchase them with the floor plan and design decided. By creating a free space called , we propose a new way of living that is open to the city, with a small shop on the street corner. After deciding who will live in the house, we will work together with them to create a “mise” while meeting with them according to their lifestyle.

■ Winner profile
Keisuke Kiri
[Image 5d85785-68-e6e557885fa4c6445c98-2.jpg&s3=85785-68-9a1f7c009a49a9483f565cc076fe8211-857x857.jpg
Born in Hokkaido. After graduating from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, entered the Graduate School of Engineering at the same university. After graduating from graduate school, worked at Sou Fujimoto Architectural Design Office. After that, in 2017, he established KIRI ARCHITECTS. Currently, he has won various architectural awards, including the Yokohama City Public Building 100th Anniversary Design Competition. ■ Property overview
◎Location: 5-20-18 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (old residential address) ◎Access: 11-minute walk from Meidaimae Station on the Keio Line/Keio Inokashira Line, 9-minute walk from Higashi-Matsubara Station on the Keio Inokashira Line, Tokyu Setagaya Line 11-minute walk from Matsubara Station, 11-minute walk from Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu Line◎Rights: Ownership◎Use Area: Type 1 medium-to-high-rise exclusive residential zone◎Land category: Residential land◎Current status: Vacant lot◎Building coverage ratio: 60%◎Floor area ratio : 200%◎School district: Matsubara Elementary School, Umeoka Junior High School◎Structure: 3-story wooden structure◎Facilities: Tokyo Electric Power Company, public sewage, main sewage, city gas◎Site area: 75.42 square meters (approximately 22.81 tsubo)◎Building area: 101.17 square meters ( Approximately 30.60 tsubo) *Including 3.13 square meters of the inner third floor balcony ◎Layout: 2LDK + (with store) *Separate options for store interior and equipment ◎City planning: Urbanized area ◎Semi-fire prevention area, class 2 altitude District◎Price: Undecided◎Completion date: Scheduled for July 2023◎Delivery date: Negotiable◎Building confirmation number: BVJ-TOK22-10-0558◎Seller: Sanei Architectural Sekkei Inc.◎Sales agent: Co., Ltd. Meldia Realty * Since this advertisement is a notice advertisement, it is not possible to secure a contract or contract application and application order until the transaction is started. Thank you for your
understanding. Scheduled sales start date: Scheduled for November 2022.
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