Sanei The second high school uniform produced by the fashion magazine “FUDGE”! Shinagawa Gakugei High School reborn as a co-educational school

The second high school uniform produced by the fashion magazine “FUDGE”! Shinagawa Gakugei High School reborn as a co-educational school
A design that expresses individuality by adopting a sailor color for men’s summer clothes

Nippon Music High School, which renewed its uniform in 2021 by producing the magazine “FUDGE” (published by Sanei Co., Ltd., location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), will become a coeducational “Shinagawa Gakugei High School” from 2023. To be reborn as In line with this restart, FUDGE produced the design of the men’s uniform.
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Neo Classic New Uniform
The concept behind the birth of Shinagawa Gakugei High School was to combine “tradition” rooted in Japan’s oldest private music school with the “enterprising” style of incorporating freshness in line with modern lifestyles. . With the desire to support active high school life from a clothing perspective, we carefully select each item, such as a jacket that maintains a classic silhouette even though it is made of stretchy material, and summer clothing made of cool materials that can be worn comfortably even in the heat. Constitution. We hope that today’s teenagers will be able to feel both the sophistication that will satisfy their sense of fashion and the formal appearance that will stretch their spines.
[Image 2d23526-776-7138f796de1fd3553ccb-1.jpg&s3=23526-776-a5946942fa8c4cda80a393ef1425ad0d-1800x2700.jpg
Sailor colors are used for boys’ summer uniforms to express
individuality that distinguishes them from other schools.
What was important in deciding on the design was that I wanted it to be something that would not go out of fashion over time. In order for the precious time of high school life, which will eventually become a past, to shine in the future as a memory, I wanted the design of the uniform, which they spend three years together, to have universality. Therefore, with the keyword of the traditional taste that FUDGE loves and is good at, we selected British-style red tartan check, classic and elegant black jacket, and regimental tie with modern color scheme. And the sailor collar, which gives off a universally classic charm, was also adopted for the boys’ uniform, expressing a nostalgic yet new personality that is not found in other schools.
[Image 3d23526-776-717ec57c47b44b156f7a-5.jpg&s3=23526-776-b068f4fb1d9e00987ce9a41f3a3fa862-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 4d23526-776-e8d9d98eb81adbad679b-2.jpg&s3=23526-776-fde39af4c5ce9215e8ea56a1aa258937-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 5d23526-776-3d641c7dbaf385330425-3.jpg&s3=23526-776-c01fcc406c9d2716cbb3ad6e6828325f-1800x2700.jpg
[Image 6d23526-776-381d0011d5863275d302-6.jpg&s3=23526-776-b6ac67b68cf5cd73c6ffcafe8232aecd-1800x2700.jpg
Along with the optional pants look of the girls’ uniform, we hope that all students will be able to create wonderful memories of school life as a uniform that they can be proud of. And I hope that the new school uniform will bring out such a philosophy and attitude that “an elegant appearance will never go out of style even if it is swept up in the waves of trends.”
A monthly women’s fashion magazine that proposes special basic styles that are simple but full of attention to detail. 2022 will be the 20th anniversary year since its birth, and we will release collaboration products with apparel brands and hold commemorative events.
About Shinagawa Gakugei High School
Japan Music High School, which has its roots in Japan’s oldest private music school founded in 1903, will be reborn as the co-educational Shinagawa Gakugei High School in 2023. In addition to the existing arts courses, a new general course “liberal arts course (preparatory course)” and “e-sports education course” will be newly established. The eSports Education Course will be Japan’s first full-time high school to study eSports. Attention is focused on the restart of a “traditional new school”.

Sanei Co., Ltd.
Over the course of its 70-year history, Sanei has continued to publish automobile and racing magazines, and has amassed various resources, diverse networks both inside and outside the industry, and highly specialized knowledge and archives. With this as a weapon, we have expanded our horizons to various genres such as sports, fashion, and outdoor activities. Through magazines and events, we are enhancing our brand power and developing content on the web and in video.
Representative Director: Hidenobu Ito
Founded: October 1947
Established: September 17, 1952
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October 17, 2022
Sanei Co., Ltd.

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