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Sanrio Co., Ltd. “Cinnamon” appears in Harajuku during Fashion Week!

Sanrio Co., Ltd.
“Cinnamon” appears in Harajuku during Fashion Week!
-Won the Sanrio Character Awards for the 3rd time in a row!
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Cinnamoroll turns the streets of Harajuku into your favorite sky color! –

There is also a scene where you can interact with the store clerk and people who came to see you at the collaboration store!
Harajuku is full of people who freely enjoy what they like, so they can experience what they like freely.
A fashion event that takes a new step forward “Wear what you like. Fashion Week” is being held in Harajuku until 10/30 (Sun)!
The popular character “Cinnamoroll” (nickname: Cinnamon) of Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomokuni Tsuji) has become a navigator himself, taking a new step forward with Generation Z at the fashion event “Wear your favorite. Appeared in Harajuku, Tokyo during Fashion Week HARAJUKU GENDERLESS & FREE FASHION WEEK. Cinnamon, which appeared in Harajuku Takeshita Street and Laforet Harajuku, interacts with people who wear cinnamon and gather to meet him. , I once again realized the feeling that I want to convey at this event, “freely do what you like”. They expressed their joy of collaborating in the city of Harajuku, where diverse values ​​are accepted and individuality is respected.
[Image 1d37629-441-2b3d29c84db4ceba8033-4.jpg&s3=37629-441-5077cb1ee22039be33cd5f41550f1761-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 2d37629-441-35b73282460b2a6749f5-5.jpg&s3=37629-441-5bd961c0ac34125a37e9852fafc01929-3900x2600.jpg

Excited about the appearance of Cinnamon!
Cinnamon’s fans who heard about Cinnamon’s appearance and gathered together, as well as people who happened to be there, turned out to be a lively event. Fans who have been waiting for Cinnamon and people who happened to meet Cinnamon have expressed their surprise and joy, saying, “I was able to meet Cinnamon!” I was. In the city of Harajuku, where diverse values ​​coexist and various personalities are recognized, at this event, Cinnamon came into contact with people who embody the idea of ​​​​”freedom to like” that Cinnamon wanted to convey. It’s okay to be cute, it’s nice to have a cool girl! [Image 3d37629-441-d5467a6719e7a2398dbf-6.jpg&s3=37629-441-a5bfef59088ef3436ffc06cf92c6aef7-3900x3900.jpg
[Image 4d37629-441-8b2f868d2ba0d0727e45-8.jpg&s3=37629-441-5726321f654180adbea1a6106b1ed8d1-3900x2194.jpg
“Wear what you like. Fashion Week” is also being collaborated in Harajuku Takeshita Street
[Image 5d37629-441-05e3fd0c0f4653242f43-7.jpg&s3=37629-441-2c50fb66a6fdce90a35c98f8f567168d-3900x2600.jpg
I am also very interested in the collaboration food. What should I drink? [Image 6d37629-441-c65dd3715397a07d0375-10.jpg&s3=37629-441-bb66e3a8844e6b8854e44d8aedf8cd9a-3900x2600.jpg
A lot of wonderful collaboration goods
[Image 7d37629-441-e2a1a043580c01631c62-9.jpg&s3=37629-441-3025460d0e6395c5fead54835cb7e1c9-3900x2600.jpg
There are also stores that are pleased with Cinnamon’s visit. [Image 8d37629-441-6fb63e83ab7c38f6097a-12.jpg&s3=37629-441-d1243f30bad205dc6da8ccdbd9e658bd-3900x2195.jpg

The event continues until the 30th (Sun)!
[Image 9d37629-441-49bb606e81faeefb85d9-11.jpg&s3=37629-441-0ae46bd92acbc16a916b57c629a73630-1932x2700.jpg
This event, which started on Saturday, October 8th, is a fashion show that expresses the uniqueness of Harajuku, a city that respects each other’s values ​​and recognizes individuality, on the stage that expresses the free sky without fences held on the first day. In addition to “Soranway”, various places in the Harajuku area such as Laforet Harajuku, Harajuku Takeshita Street, etc. are full of cinnamon. At Laforet Harajuku, there is a huge cinnamon monument in front of the entrance on the 1st floor, and on the 2nd floor there is a photogenic empty space and a “Sora Room” where you can meet new “likes” through nail printing experience. In addition, we are developing various collaborations with various brands in the hall. At Harajuku Takeshita Street, the event key visual will be displayed on the flag, banner, and “CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU” wall, and a giant cinnamon balloon will appear at the entrance arch of JR Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit, and a message from Cinnamon will also be heard on Takeshita Street. So you can enjoy it with your ears.
[Image 10d37629-441-581dd79972d1b8bd5dcb-1.jpg&s3=37629-441-6fec39fc041cf036be1d817ec7dd2531-3900x2353.jpg
[Image 11d37629-441-fd409caa4cc126870897-0.jpg&s3=37629-441-6a38edb1a4fe8a8e2f91e931da8d0ab8-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 12d37629-441-f6060b1417b8d05c3abd-2.jpg&s3=37629-441-400629194c6fa1a75bde85d4b0fe53fc-3900x2600.jpg
In addition, under the title of “Hide in love. Cinnamon”, a project is underway in which cinnamon dressed in your favorite fashion hides in various places in the Harajuku area (in Laforet Harajuku, Harajuku Takeshita Street, and other collaboration stores).
“Wear what you like. Fashion Week” held overview
Event name: “Wear what you like. Fashion Week HARAJUKU GENDERLESS & FREE FASHION WEEK”
Date: October 8th (Sat) to 30th (Sun), 2022
Venue: Laforet Harajuku (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), Harajuku Takeshita Street Store (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo),
Kiddy Land Harajuku store (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), WITH HARAJUKU (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), etc.
Contents: Soran Way (fashion show), Sora Room (nail print experience & photo spot), fashion brand collaboration, etc.
wear what you like Fashion Week Official Website:
wear what you like Fashion Week Official SNS Account: Instagram @sukiwokiru_fw Twitter
[Image 13d37629-441-d80b4808646f3211d51b-3.jpg&s3=37629-441-03b59ddab7ad50c69f4f194c923612e2-3900x2784.jpg

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