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Sansan Co., Ltd. Invoice management service “Bill One” supports receipt of invoices in Peppol format

Sansan Co., Ltd.
Invoice management service “Bill One” supports receipt of invoices in Peppol format
-Even if an invoice is received in any format, it will be possible to build a business flow with a digital invoice-

Sansan Co., Ltd., which provides DX services that change the way you work, announces that the invoice management service “Bill One” will support receipt of invoices in the standard Peppol format for digital invoices.
As a result, in addition to receiving digital invoices compatible with Peppol format, conventional format invoices received by mail or email can also be digitized into a Peppol format database and linked to various systems. .
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■ Background of correspondence
Back-office operations of companies are still based on paper-based communication, which hinders the improvement of operational efficiency and productivity. In order to solve such problems and promote DX in Japan, the Digital Agency collaborates with the “Digital Invoice Promotion Association (EIPA)” (* 1), which we also serve as a secretary corporation, to create a company called Digital Invoice. We are promoting the complete digitalization of back-office operations through the utilization and popularization of standardized and structured e-invoices that can be used in common.
Japan has adopted Peppol (*2) as a standard specification for digital invoices. In the future, it is expected that systems compatible with the standard will spread, and Peppol-style transactions will become more common. However, it is difficult for all companies to suddenly switch from their current work, and for a certain period of time, traditional paper and PDF invoices will be mixed with digital invoices, and it is expected that invoice work will become
complicated. increase.
Bill One supports the efficiency of accounting work and the
acceleration of monthly settlement by receiving invoices that arrive in various methods and formats, accurately converting them into data, and linking them to various services. By utilizing Bill One’s invoice data conversion technology, we thought that it would be possible to convert invoices of any format into Peppol format and link them with various services.
As a result, Bill One user companies can build a digital invoice workflow regardless of the response status of their business partners, further accelerating monthly closing.
■ Response overview
We plan to implement the following functions in order to enable user companies to link with various systems from the receipt of invoices, regardless of whether their business partners are compatible with Peppol (see the figure below).
1. It is possible to receive digital invoices
In addition to paper and PDF invoices, you can also receive
Peppol-compliant digital invoices, making it possible to centrally manage all invoices with data.
2. Converts received invoices to Peppol format, enabling linkage with various systems
By receiving invoices via Bill One, even paper or PDF invoices can be converted to Peppol format and linked to various accounting and workflow systems.
[Image 2d49627-372-489bc208fdf572062563-1.png&s3=49627-372-ad42b606994af161ce7a98bee6081ca2-1200x630.png
Implementation of this function is scheduled for next spring. In addition, we plan to implement a function that can issue digital invoices around autumn next year.
Bill One will continue to support the spread of Peppol in Japan through the addition of various functions and system linkages. *1: Digital Invoice Promotion Association (EIPA)
*2: Peppol is a global standard specification, and Japan uses “JP PINT”, which is one of Peppol.
(that’s all)
■ “Bill One” accelerates monthly settlement from receipt of invoices Bill One is an invoice management service provided by Sansan Co., Ltd. Invoices received in various formats and methods such as postal mail and e-mail can be received in bulk online and quickly and accurately converted into data. By centrally managing invoices on the cloud, analog and inefficient invoice operations will be digitized. It supports the invoice system and the Electronic Book Storage Act, and speeds up decision-making in corporate management by streamlining monthly closing operations.
■ Sansan Co., Ltd. Company Profile
With the mission of “creating innovation from encounters”, we provide DX services that change the way we work. Our main services include sales DX service “Sansan”, career profile “Eight”, invoice management service “Bill One”, and cloud contract business service “Contract One” both in Japan and overseas.
Established: June 11, 2007
Location: Aoyama Oval Building 13F, 5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Capital: 6,450 million yen (as of August 31, 2022)
Business description: Planning, development, and sales of DX services that change the way you work
Bill One
Contract One

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