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Satoshi Wada (Da-iCE) transforms with genderless makeup wearing a popular sparkling lip in Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press

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Satoshi Wada (Da-iCE) transforms with genderless makeup wearing a popular sparkling lip in Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press

The online magazine “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press”, launched by the Italian makeup brand “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty”, is full of passion and love as a brand that blooms free charm and transforms into a glittering daily life. We deliver a variety of content that colors everyday life to all women.
In the content interview in it, we will publish an article on October 3 (Monday) about Mr. Satoshi Wada (Da-iCE), who challenged genderless makeup.
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[Content] Interview
A look full of vitality, focusing on various people who live a lifestyle. An interview that approaches the one and only charm of those who embody the shining DG beauty.
Mr. Hayate Wada who appeared wearing a shining lipstick. Please see “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press (” for the full interview with him, which is full of new charms with genderless makeup.
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Article here:
Along with the release of the interview article, the “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty” web movie that was filmed has been released.
In the web video, he is holding “Shiniissimo High Shine Lip Lacquer,” which has a jewel-like brilliance. Please enjoy with the public interview.
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■ Movie URL:
Hayate Wada (Da-iCE)
Born February 3, 1994, from Gunma Prefecture. A performer of the five-member male artist Da-iCE (Dice). Despite being the youngest in the group, she has the longest dance history. Taking advantage of her dance skills, she also performs at events as Hayate (Da-iCE). In recent years, he has expanded his range of activities, such as appearing in video works as an actor.

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Shinissimo High Shine Lip Lacquer
All 14 colors 4,730 yen (tax included)
A liquid-type lip color that gives you the color you see and a beautiful luster. It reflects the light and makes your lips shine like jewels. It has a light feel and a smooth application, but it also has a high degree of adhesion and is hard to fall off.
[About Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press]
An online beauty magazine operated by Italian makeup brand “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty”. Lula JAPAN Co., Ltd., which publishes the
international fashion magazine “Lula JAPAN”, handles planning and editing, making it possible to deliver beautiful, high-quality creations and high-sensitivity content with high editorial elements. From the latest beauty information to makeup techniques and messages from shining women, we will deliver the dolce method to make you more attractive, more gorgeous, and dramatically change your daily life with the essence of Sicily.
-Media Overview-
Media name: Online beauty magazine “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Press” URL:
Instagram, Twitter: dgbeauty_lula
[About Dolce & Gabbana Beauty]
A brand that freely blooms charm and transforms into a gorgeous daily life. It brings positive energy like the Italian sun to women who celebrate their femininity and express their uncompromising beauty. Currently, it is being deployed at 7 stores in Japan.
#Dolgaba cosmetics
* Reference retail price may vary depending on the store

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