SAURUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. The 8th SAURUS Marathon Challenge! The first full marathon will be held for runners aiming for personal bests! ~December 25th (Sun) at Osaka Nagai Park at the same time as the half marathon~

The 8th SAURUS Marathon Challenge! The first full marathon will be held for runners aiming for personal bests! ~December 25th (Sun) at Osaka Nagai Park at the same time as the half marathon~

SAURUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Koji Sakimoto, hereinafter referred to as SAURUS JAPAN), which develops and sells sports supplements, will hold the “8th SAURUS Marathon Challenge in Nagai Park” on December 25, 2022 ( It will be held (*) at Nagai Park, Osaka City from 9:00 on Sunday. *May be canceled due to weather conditions, infectious diseases, etc. “SAURUS Marathon Challenge” started with an online marathon in November 2020, overcoming the cancellation due to the corona disaster, and held four real marathons in Tokyo and Osaka in 2021. “is. In the five races that have been held, we have prepared three divisions of half marathon/10km/5km, and provided opportunities for a total of 5,000 participants, from beginners to experienced runners, to take on the challenge. rice field.
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[Tournament HP]
SAURUS JAPAN’s mission is to provide opportunities to challenge “SAURIST” nationwide. “SAURIST” is a coined word that refers to a “professional” who can “challenge,” “produce results,” and “influence the surroundings,” fueled by the SAURUS series of amino acid products provided by SAURUS JAPAN. SAURISTs who have participated in the past competitions have gathered a lot of enthusiastic voices such as “I want to challenge the full marathon at the SAURUS JAPAN competition!” This led to the holding of the 8th SAURUS Marathon Challenge, the first full marathon sponsored by SAURUS JAPAN. A half marathon will be held at the same time as past races so that even beginners can set goals and take on the challenge, making it a race that a wide range of runners can participate in.
*Personal Best. short for personal best
Tournament concept, tournament features
[Tournament concept]
The concept of this tournament is “Break your limit-Let’s go beyond what we have been up to now-“. SAURUS JAPAN will provide a variety of support to runners nationwide, SAURIST, who have lost the opportunity to challenge themselves due to the prolonged corona disaster, in order to provide a “tournament where they can aim for their personal best” to conclude 2022.
[Tournament features]
We will fully back up the “challenge” of runners aiming to update their PB. 1 The venue has a “completely flat” loop course.
2 Pace making by the strongest pacer group. (Full marathon division only) 3 Provide amino acid products during, before and after the marathon. (Aminosaurus Gel, Aminosaurus, Aminoloading Saurus)
4 Preliminary practice sessions (scheduled to be held twice in October/November) will be held for participants only, and support will be provided from the preparation stage.
5 Newly installed “special aid” where you can set up your own bottle. Guest runners include Atsushi Takayama, a personal trainer
specializing in runners who is also active as a YouTuber, Hitomi Kyasuru, the No. 1 influencer in the running world based in Osaka Castle, and Koji Sakimoto, representative of SAURUS JAPAN. , SAYURI ISHIHARA, who has a track record of many marathon event MCs, will liven up the event as an MC. The sponsors of this tournament are general travel agency HIS, sports sunglasses Airfly, cosmetics and sports-related product sales Phiten, and sports brand ASICS, which specializes in sports shoes. We have decided, and we will present commemorative prizes from each company to the top winners.

[Tournament guests]
[Image 2

《Takayama Atsushi》
・Personal trainer for each runner
・Running Team [Takaya Marathon RC] Representative
・66,000 Youtube “Takaya Marathon Channel” subscribers
“Personal Best” Full Marathon 2:47’27”
・ Enthusiasm for the tournament
“I would like to have a hot day with all the participants in order to bring excitement to the final race in Osaka in 2022! Let’s make it a great day!”
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《Kassuru Hitomi》
・No.1 follower in the runner world!!
・ A beautiful body runner with three children who love “castles” and “running” ・ Also active as an event, marathon, and event MC nationwide “Personal Best” Full Marathon 3:35’49”
・Thoughts and enthusiasm for the tournament
“Finally! The first full marathon for SAURUS!! Two years ago, we shared our thoughts about not having a race at Nagai Park.
I’m going to update my personal best too!! At the end of 2022, did you do your best with a big smile?”
[Image 4

《Koji Sakimoto》
・Saurus Japan CEO
・Start triathlon in 2020.
・Over 40,000 YouTuber “SAKI RUN Channel” subscribers
“Personal Best” Full Marathon 2:47’27”
[Tournament MC]
[Image 5

《Sayuri Ishihara》
Maishima 24 Hours Marathon, Fukuchiyama Marathon, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya Women’s EXPO
Profits MC, Okinoshima Ultra Marathon, Kanpei Marathon, Valentine Love Run, Takano Ryujin Hot Spring, Iki, Yodogawa Ultra Marathon
Other Ekiden, gourmet, relay many marathon event MC charge!
In addition, he is also active as an EVENT MC and a radio corner MC. competition summary
“The 8th SAURUS Marathon Challenge in Nagai Park-Break your
limit-Let’s go beyond what you have been up to now-”
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Date and time: Sunday, December 25, 2022 Start time 8:40, end time 14:30 (reception starts 7:30-11:40)
Venue: Nagai Park, Osaka Long-distance track 1-1 Nagai Park, Higashisumiyoshi, Osaka City, Osaka 546-0034
Access: Subway Midosuji Line “Nagai Station” 7 minutes on by walk 5-minute walk from “Nagai Station” on the Hanwa Line
Event: Running
Division: Half marathon section (men and women of high school age and older) Full marathon section (men and women of high school age and older)
Capacity: Division total, first 1,000 people (deadline as soon as capacity is reached (full marathon 600 people, half marathon 400 people planned)
Participation fee: [Early Bird] Half Marathon ¥4,500, Full Marathon ¥5,000 [Normal] Half Marathon ¥5,500, Full Marathon ¥6,000
Application period: [Early Bird] September 30th (Friday) to November 20th (Sunday) [Normal] November 21st (Sunday) to December 18th (Sunday)
*Please note that the payment deadline is different.
*Please note that if an early bird rate is set, the final date of entry for the early bird rate will be the payment deadline.
Application method: Sports One running secretariat form, application from run net (telephone/fax not available)
Sports One
Runnet Measurement: Yes (IC chip)
Time limit: full marathon: 5 hours 30 minutes, half marathon: 2 hours 30 minutes Awards: Prizes for male and female winners in all categories. Certificates for 1st to 3rd place men and women in each division. Issue a certificate of completion to all finishers
Participation privilege: “1 aminosaurus gel & 1 aminosaurus & 1 amino loading saurus” for all participants
*May be canceled due to weather conditions, infectious diseases, etc. If it is decided to cancel the tournament, it will be posted on the official website of the tournament and this application page as soon as it is decided.
Applicants at the time of cancellation of the tournament will be notified by email when the cancellation is decided, but there may be cases where the email does not arrive for some reason, so please check the tournament website from time to time.
◆ Please check the website for details such as precautions for the tournament. Tournament HP:
-Participation privilege product-
[Image 7

An amino acid that is important for those who play sports to maintain and improve performance and maintain the body.
Aminosaurus is carefully selected from among dozens of amino acids and has been particular about the content and composition.
[Ingredients and content]
BCAA 3000mg (valine, leucine, isoleucine)
OCAA 1000mg (arginine, ornithine, citrulline)
[Image 8

“Aminosaurus Gel”
Everything a runner needs while racing
A hybrid gel containing essential ingredients for endurance battles and long distances.
Arginine x citrulline MIX, a new generation amino acid. BCAA, citric acid and minerals are also firmly blended, and the caffeine necessary for the latter half of the endurance race is also all-in.
[Ingredients and content]
Arginine 2000mg/Citrulline 1000mg/BCAA500mg/
Citric Acid 2000mg/Caffeine 75mg/Magnesium 50mg
[Image 9

“Amino Loading Saurus”
The long-awaited ultimate all-in-one supplement for athletes who create challenging bodies with amino loading.
One of the muscle measures to prevent stalling in the final stage is “amino acid loading (accumulation of amino acids in the blood)” to obtain maximum stamina and support building a strong body in the second half.
[Ingredients and content]
BCAA 3000mg/Glutamine 1500mg/Creatine 1250mg/
Arginine 750mg x Citrulline 750mg/Taurine 100mg/
Citric acid 900mg
About “Aminosaurus”
SAURUS covers the nutrients that professionals need.
Products made with domestic raw materials and domestic production incorporate the opinions of active runner pharmacists, doctors, registered dietitians who understand the thoughts of professionals, professional runners and athletes, and develop products using cutting-edge domestic raw materials and technology. increase. It is a product that “supports professionals” for professionals who are active in various fields.
[Image 10d64290-31-a44b0ff8cc8313e27d21-9.jpg&s3=64290-31-96b9feeaa3e4d5ade33e63d4f493ca15-2000x793.jpg
◆Company Profile
Company name: SAURUS JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Representative: Koji Sakimoto, Representative Director
Established: May 27, 2016
Location: SAKIMOTO BLDG 601-1, 1-11-8 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0016
Capital: 78.12 million yen
Business description: Development and sales of sports supplements and health foods / Provision of content for sports
Details about this release:

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