SBC Medical Group 2023 new graduates Informal appointment ceremony for nurses and embryologists held

SBC Medical Group
[2023 new graduates] Informal appointment ceremony for nurses and embryologists held

On October 23, 2022 (Sunday), the SBC Medical Group held an informal appointment ceremony for 66 people expected to join the company in 2023 (64 nurses and 2 embryologists).
The SBC Medical Group, which has 122 clinics in Japan and overseas (as of October 2022), centered on the Shonan Beauty Clinic, announced on Sunday, October 23, 2022, that 66 people scheduled to join the company in 2023 (64 nurses) , 2 embryologists) held an informal appointment ceremony.
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Going forward, we will continue to cherish opportunities that lead to the growth of each and every employee, and strive to develop human resources and revitalize our organization in order to realize the “ultimate three-way goodness” that is a good presence for customers, staff, and society. increase.
SBC Medical Group Representative Yoshiyuki Aikawa’s Training Summary [Image 2

Congratulations to all of you on your acceptance. I am pleased to meet you today.
Before opening the Shonan Beauty Clinic, I belonged to the
anesthesiology department and was involved in emergency medicine and cancer treatment. It is truly a medical field where it is a matter of life or death.
The aesthetic medicine that we are currently developing is medical care that makes you think positively by resolving the worries and complexes of customers and patients. Although the contents of medical treatment and treatment covered by insurance are different, the basic idea of ​​enriching the lives of those who are suffering through medical care is the same. I am proud to provide a service that enriches someone’s life, and I hope that everyone here today feels the same way.
Our company started with cosmetic medicine in 2000 and is currently striving to become the world’s number one medical group. Our goal is to be a clinic that many people can rely on and enjoy. In order to do so, we must first improve our technical skills and have many people visit us. And by making our customers happy, the number of repeaters increases and sales increase, so we can contribute to the staff and society for the first time. This is the concept of “three-way good” that we aim for.
Today, I would like to tell you two things that I would like you to be aware of after joining the company.
The first is to imitate people with high technical skills in the company. Successful people always have a reason. I think that there will be more things to tackle for the first time from now on, but the shortest route to growth is to imitate people who have knowledge and skills. Life is made of time. Time is limited, so I would like you to be conscious of how you can grow in the shortest possible time. Thinking about what you want to accomplish before you die helps clarify what you need to do now. Who you want to be in a few years, what you want, where you want to go, the clearer your goals and deadlines, the more likely you are to change the habits and actions you need to take to get there. If you can control your habits and behavior, you will change yourself in a few years.
The second is to value honesty and gratitude. The opposite of gratitude is “natural”. A lot of information and people gather around people who make a habit of saying “thank you”. There is not much that a person can do alone, but with the help of those around him, he can accomplish many things. Our company has grown because we continue to value honesty and gratitude. I hope that everyone will not take the current environment for granted and continue to grow with an honest heart.
Once again, congratulations on your new job offer. I look forward to seeing you in good health in April.
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Prospective candidate representative Summary of determination “On behalf of the prospective candidates, I would like to say hello. We are extremely honored to be able to contribute to society as a member of the SBC Medical Group from next fiscal year. With the excitement of the day I received the job offer in my heart, I would like to put all my effort into everything I do and continue to take on challenges. Through my work, I am proud to be able to contribute to the resolution of customer concerns and the realization of their hopes, and I will continue to devote myself to my studies.
I have an image of an ideal nurse. It is a nurse who can provide gentle care, talks, and consideration that makes customers smile imagining a bright future after surgery.
In order to become a nurse who can provide gentle care, communication, and consideration, I will use the SBC Medical Group’s creed as a guideline for the rest of my student life, and welcome next spring with a better self. So, I will cherish each and every day.
I am sure that there are many things that I am still lacking in and things that I do not understand. ”
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“On behalf of the prospective applicants, I would like to say hello. I had only the image that nurses “first work in hospitals”. Meanwhile, I learned that SBC was recruiting new graduates, and when I saw a video on the website, I came across a phrase. He said, “Medicine that saves lives is precious, but cosmetic medicine that solves people’s worries and makes them smile is also precious.”
I think that nursing for sick and injured patients is necessary, but it is also necessary to provide nursing for aesthetic medicine, which is close to those who have problems with their appearance and solves them. I decided to join SBC because I felt that SBC would be able to realize this even from a new graduate.
I have a vision that I want to achieve with SBC. That is, I want to be myself who can enjoy challenges no matter how old I am. It takes a lot of courage to take on challenges, but the experience gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself in a new way. Above all, taking on challenges is the greatest opportunity for self-growth.
SBC has a clear vision for 2035 and 2050, and we have a role to play in leading the next generation. Even after becoming a member of SBC, I will continue to devote myself to taking on challenges every day so that I can make the most of the opportunities that are given to me. ” [Image 5

Unofficial ceremony Overview of the event
Date and time: October 23, 2022 (Sunday) 11:00
Venue: SBC Medical Group Toyosu training venue
Antigen test for all employees, temperature measurement, disinfection, using partitions
We have implemented thorough anti-infection measures.
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About SBC Medical Group
In addition to cosmetic surgery, the SBC Medical Group offers more than 10 medical specialties, including infertility treatment and regenerative medicine treatment for orthopedics. In order to continue to provide better medical services, we will first consider and implement what makes our customers happy. That way, staff can feel proud and motivated in their work. As a result, the SBC Medical Group will continue to contribute to society as a clinic that is
indispensable to society.
This is the “ultimate three-way goodness” that we aim for.
With this “ultimate three-way goodness” in mind, we will continue to provide “medical services” that customers can receive with peace of mind, and we would like to continue as a “comprehensive medical group” that represents Japan.
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