SBI Insurance Group Held “SBI Insurance Special Day” at Oita Trinita Home Game

SBI Insurance Group
“SBI Insurance Special Day” Held at Oita Trinita’s Home Game ~Contributing to the local community through various events under the theme of “a wonderland of safety and security”~

SBI Insurance Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaaki Igarashi, hereinafter referred to as “SBI Insurance”) will participate in the J2 league tournament held at Showa Denko Dome Oita on Saturday, October 1, 2022. During the 39th match between Oita Trinita and V-Varen Nagasaki, various events were held as the “SBI Insurance Special Day”.
The home game of Oita Trinita, whose uniform is sponsored by SBI Insurance, is titled “Wonderland of Peace of Mind and Safety” as our company’s crown game. We have prepared various events and projects that can be done. Specifically, the entire Showa Denko Dome was treated as a wonderland with the theme of safety and security, and the following event booths were set up.
(1) Booth for thinking about traffic safety
(2) Booth to think about disaster prevention and crime prevention (3) Booth to think about health and security
(4) Booth to think about cancer eradication
(5) Booth to think about the future of children
(6) Booth to think about future insurance
In addition, there were a lot of events such as a stamp rally around each booth, a talk show inviting free announcer Mika Sugisaki as a guest, and a kick-in ceremony by 2022 Miss Japan Oita Prefecture representative Ayaka Kudo. The number of visitors on the day approached 10,000, and many people stopped by our event booth. Prior to the match, at the DJ booth in the stadium, Oita City Mayor Kiichiro Sato, TKP Co., Ltd. President Takateru Kawano, and our company president Igarashi held a mini talk (*1), and just before the kick-in, they went to the Oita Prefectural Police on the pitch. We also held a ceremony to donate reflective wristbands. (*2)
As part of our social contribution and regional revitalization activities, we have been sponsoring Oita Trinita for the past three years. Through events like this one, we will continue to do our best to go beyond the framework of sports support and be of further assistance to the people of Oita.
In addition, the state of the event of the day is as follows. (1) Booth for thinking about traffic safety (cooperation from Oita Prefectural Police Headquarters)
We carried out patrol cars, exhibits of police motorcycles, bicycle simulators, and experience sessions for pedestrian simulators. [Image 1d98438-54-ff03fe2b9ca4de491cf4-1.jpg&s3=98438-54-368a999bfb9e90d6dea9fa25c4a302ec-3900x2925.jpg
Not only children but also adults were fascinated by being able to touch and ride real police cars and police motorcycles.
(2) Booth to think about disaster prevention and crime prevention (cooperation from Oita Prefectural Police Headquarters)
The Oita Prefectural Police special fraud damage prevention
enlightenment song “I’m not alone” was played to raise awareness of damage prevention.
(3) Booth to think about health and security
We have prepared a device that can measure a total of seven items: blood vessels, bones, brain, skin, nerves, mind, and motor skills. [Image 2d98438-54-1fc8bad16d3cbb105709-4.jpg&s3=98438-54-0c3abd5bdb3992cc3cef3b1d282a6498-3900x2925.jpg
In our busy lives, it is easy to forget regular health checks. On that day, many people, regardless of age or gender, were measured. (4) Booth to think about cancer eradication (in cooperation with Medipolis International Proton Therapy Center)
We introduced state-of-the-art cancer treatments and examination methods, and distributed breast cancer screening awareness goods. (5) Booth to think about the future of children (in cooperation with the SBI Children’s Hope Foundation)
We have set up a corner to think about the future of children, including an introduction to the Orange Ribbon activities that we also support.
(6) Booth to think about future insurance
I want this type of insurance! We have set up an idea recruitment corner with the theme of “.
[Image 3d98438-54-86841ad933603d1de684-0.jpg&s3=98438-54-16f01726432ab10eb6df6b0653b47bc6-767x511.jpg
The stamp rally project, where you can get a commemorative gift if you collect 6 stamps, was popular. The design of the stamp mount was also popular.
[Image 4d98438-54-1e79e11743445b1b1a08-2.jpg&s3=98438-54-4033b0a92b8fffc730537688fa29e8fe-1728x1157.jpg
Our president Igarashi joined Ms. Mika Sugisaki’s talk show as an interviewer. [Image 5d98438-54-2ae837d96cddfb60d160-3.jpg&s3=98438-54-e4eb90f2ffb8dbd70055ed65c9690ec4-1728x1157.jpg
During the halftime, the 2022 Miss Japan Oita Prefecture
Representative, Ayaka Kudo, performed a countdown with a light-up performance.
*1 TKP Co., Ltd. is one of the sponsors of Oita Trinita and supports Oita Trinita together with our company.
*2 In conjunction with this event, as part of our traffic safety activities, we created wristbands using reflective materials and donated them to the Oita Prefectural Police.
◆ About SBI Insurance
SBI Insurance is a member of the SBI Insurance Group, which develops a comprehensive insurance business. Based on the corporate philosophy of “new insurance for a new era,” we provide cutting-edge insurance products and the highest level of customer service. I will come. We will create new value with the power of technology and continue to take on the challenge of making further progress through synergies among the SBI Group companies.
【 Company Profile 】
Trade name: SBI Insurance Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 1, 2006
Capital: 40.9 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Non-life insurance business
◆ About the SBI Insurance Group
The SBI Insurance Group is a corporate group responsible for the insurance business of the SBI Group, a pioneer of Internet finance in Japan. Under the insurance holding company SBI Insurance Group Co., Ltd., seven operating companies including SBI Insurance are working together to develop a comprehensive insurance business.
Based on our basic policy of thoroughly implementing a
“customer-centric principle,” we will strive to improve corporate value by creating various added values ​​in the insurance field and continuing to expand our customer base.
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