Scene Co., Ltd. Production technology DX 3D assembly procedure manual “Scene” introduced by Yamato Science, a major physics and chemistry equipment company, achieving early development of procedure manuals and a 30% reduction in creation time

Scene Co., Ltd.
[Production technology DX] 3D assembly procedure manual “Scene” was introduced by Yamato Science, a major physics and chemistry equipment manufacturer, achieving early development of the procedure manual and a 30% reduction in creation time
-Using 3D models to accelerate deployment of assembly procedure manuals to manufacturing-

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■ About Yamato Science
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. was founded in 1889 (Meiji 22) as a manufacturer of scientific equipment, testing and research equipment, analytical measuring equipment, industrial testing and inspection equipment, and medical equipment. We are developing our business as a trading company that handles advanced advanced equipment.
The production engineering department of the company, which handles many product models, had a heavy burden of creating assembly procedure manuals due to the transfer to mass production, and had problems in developing easy-to-understand and timely procedure manuals.
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-Equipment products provided by Yamato Science-
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■ Issues before introduction
Work procedure manuals need to be developed before mass production starts, but until now, it was difficult to develop highly complete procedure manuals in a timely manner because photographs of the actual machine were used.
In addition, while speed and accuracy are required in order to bring products to market as quickly as possible, manuals based on
photographs and sentences lead to “skip reading” and “assuming work”, which could lead to quality problems.
[Image 4d54982-10-3509baa9f5937c866b01-2.png&s3=54982-10-1d44dd973a8d0730fc6e3b1dbf158069-1113x674.png
-Procedure created from photos of the first lot-
■ Effect of introducing “Scene”
We decided to introduce it because it is simpler and easier to use than other products.
We were able to shorten the process of creating the assembly procedure manual. For example, we were able to shorten the work that took three weeks in the past to two weeks using Scene.
From the voice of the site, it is said that it is easy to understand by looking at the scene, where it took time to read the procedure manual so far.
[Image 5d54982-10-b9c6896ab2ce10e5c4f2-3.png&s3=54982-10-96e9226da6fd43b7e4cd853a7818d6f0-587x462.png
-Referring to the 3D assembly procedure of Scene on the production line- ■ About the 3D assembly procedure tool “Scene”
Scene ( is a DX tool that streamlines the creation of assembly procedures required for manufacturing.
It takes a lot of time to create a procedure manual, it is difficult to photograph and record the procedure, and it is difficult to convey with two-dimensional materials. We will solve the problem of creating these procedures.
We have a track record of reducing the man-hours for creating assembly procedure manuals by 40 to 75% and eliminating inquiries about the procedure manual.
It is mainly used by equipment manufacturers who assemble machinery such as industrial equipment, chemical equipment,
analysis/measurement/test equipment, food machinery, turbines, and pumps.
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