Schick Japan K.K. Sponsored by Schick | A class “MY FIRST SHAVE” is held to convey the correct knowledge and care methods for body hair to elementary school students.

Schick Japan K.K.
Sponsored by Chic | “MY FIRST SHAVE”, a class that teaches elementary school students the knowledge and care methods for correct body hair -September 15, 2022 (Thursday), about 40 fourth graders from Kakezuka Elementary School in Shibuya Ward will learn about “body hair”-
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Chic Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideo Goto, hereinafter Chic), which boasts the top share of wet shaving in Japan * 1, is a lecturer by Dr. Sachiko Takahashi (hereinafter, Dr. Takahashi), an obstetrician and gynecologist. In 2022, we will hold “MY FIRST SHAVE,” a visiting class that teaches elementary school students the correct knowledge and care methods for body hair, while thinking about what “personality” and “diversity of body hair” mean. On September 15th (Thursday), the event was held for 4th graders and their parents at Kakezuka Elementary School in Shibuya Ward.
A class titled “What is your personality? ~Let’s learn about changes in the body and body hair~” was held for 4th grade elementary school children, who are at an age when their interest in body hair is beginning to rise. Mr. Takahashi gave us an easy-to-understand talk about being yourself, life, physical and mental growth, and body hair while interacting with the children.
In the latter half of the class, while using the Sic Intuition for Sensitive Skin, Sic’s shaver for beginners, a lecture was given on how to shave body hair correctly for the first time, and there was also a scene where the children learned how to shave safely and in a fun way. was.
Chic will continue to support the lifestyles of elementary and junior high school students and their guardians who are interested in and worried about body hair by providing a variety of products and services to support their understanding of body hair and shaving for the first time.
*1 Intage SRI+ research 2021 (October 2020-September 2021) wet shaving market (total of men’s razors and shaving agent market + women’s razor market) value share
[Background of “MY FIRST SHAVE”]
Interest in body hair care is getting younger year by year, and according to a survey * 2 conducted by Chic in May 2022, about 60% of elementary and junior high school students are “worried about their own body hair”, and about 65% are ” I want to take care of my body hair,” and about 61% of them answered that they have actually shaved. There are more options for body hair care for elementary and junior high school students worldwide, but on the other hand, the percentage of elementary and junior high school students who answered that they do not know the correct body hair care method in the first place is as high as 75%. It became clear that there are elementary and junior high school students who practice Nari’s body hair care method.
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* 2 Chic Japan research 2022 (May 2022-June 2022, number of samples: 412) Survey on waste hair removal of elementary and junior high school students
[why do you need to learn body hair care from the 4th grade of elementary school? – Sachiko Takahashi]
Although there are individual differences, it is said that from the perspective of sex education, it is good to start learning about the body hair that will grow in the fourth grade of elementary school. In a pre-questionnaire*2 of other children, about 40% answered that they were embarrassed when asked, “Are you embarrassed to talk about your body hair?” About 30% of the children answered that they were not embarrassed. When it comes to the age when body hair actually grows, more and more people may feel embarrassed about body hair removal as it becomes “my own thing”.
 It is very wonderful that children in the fourth grade of elementary school, around the age of 10, “before their bodies change”, take these classes. We believe that it is important to have correct knowledge, safe and enjoyable shaving methods, and diverse values, before you ridicule your body hair or suffer from misinformation obtained from the Internet and SNS. Knowing in advance how the body will change in the future, “the schedule of changes in the body” will also help remove the anxiety of children. I feel that it is important to promote this kind of education throughout Japan.
In light of these survey data and educational perspectives, Schick provides children around the age of 10, the age at which body hair care begins, in addition to physical changes and growth, as well as “correct body hair knowledge, care methods, and the way body hair should be.” I think it is important to tell about We planned to hold “MY FIRST SHAVE” with the hope that, along with learning proper body hair care that does not damage the skin, we would like them to learn to “be themselves” and “accept diversity.”
[Let’s learn about body changes and body hair “MY FIRST SHAVE” class report] Classes by Ms. Sachiko Takahashi (personality/life/physical and mental growth) At the beginning, “Gender has four aspects: the nature of the body you are born with, the nature of the heart, the nature of falling in love, and the nature of expression. It started with a story about gender.
Next, how life is born is based on three themes: “What does a baby do in the womb before birth?” “Where and how does a baby come out?” It was also explained that the private zone is an important place for life and that it can be protected by oneself.
In the part about changes in body and mind, the results of a questionnaire asking, “When do you feel that your body has grown compared to when you were in first grade?” Body hair grew” was the top item, and there was a story that body hair is one of the changes in the body that children “actually” feel close to. When Mr. Takahashi asked, “Everyone will grow hair in various places from now on. Where do you think hair will grow when you grow up?” And so on. At the end, there was a talk that “your body is your own”, and the first half of the class ended.
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Classes by Chic (About body hair / Personality / Shaving lecture) In the second half, the class will continue with more in-depth consideration of body hair. The class proceeded with a quiz about the types and roles of body hair.
Next, a Chic marketing representative took the stage and said, “Growing hair and shaving is nothing to be ashamed of. We hope everyone will like hair more.” gave a message to the children. In the corner where we lectured on “the correct way to shave body hair for the first time”, we used a chic razor called “Intuition for Sensitive Skin” that is easy to use even for shaving beginners. We gave a lecture on how to care for body hair in 3 steps: moisten with water, 2. shave slowly at 3 cm per second, and 3. wipe off thoroughly. There was also a scene where four children stepped forward and actually practiced shaving in front of their friends. Also, when you want to shave your body hair, you talked about “not sharing one razor between family members” in consideration of hygiene and safety.
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[Impressions about the class]
In an interview with the children after class, they said, “I take care of my body hair, but I realized that it’s not good for my family to use the same razor.” We were able to get feedback such as, “I want to take care of it” and “I didn’t know there was a razor that even children could use safely, so I’d like to try it.”
Parents of the children who attended the classes commented, “It’s great to be able to listen to these sex education and body hair classes together with their children. We received comments such as “It made it easier to start conversations with family members” and “I found out that the body hair care I was actually doing was actually wrong”. has risen.
[Children’s perception of body hair changed significantly before and after class]
We conducted a questionnaire about body hair before and after class for 44 fourth-grade children at Kakezuka Elementary School in Shibuya Ward, where the “MY FIRST SHAVE” class was held. From the children’s opinions before and after the class, positive results emerged as a result of the visiting class that conveyed the correct knowledge and care methods for body hair.
After class, the percentage of children who answered that they knew the correct way to shave body hair increased by 84 points.
In the pre-class questionnaire, 83% of the children answered that they did not know the correct way to shave their body hair, while in the post-class questionnaire, 98% of the children answered that they knew the correct way to shave. rice field. You can see that it is very effective to teach the correct body hair care method at the right time according to the growth of the body.
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The percentage of respondents who answered that they are not embarrassed to talk about body hair in class also increased
“Do you feel “embarrassed” to talk about your body hair in the questionnaire before class?” 14% of the respondents answered that they were “embarrassed” and 31% were “not ashamed”. When asked the same question after class, the number of students who said they weren’t embarrassed to talk about their hair increased by 17% to 48%. It is said that the message that Mr. Takahashi talked about in the class, “It is natural for everyone to grow body hair” and “It is okay for everyone to have different personalities”, and that everyone talked openly about body hair. It is thought that the experience has increased the number of children who feel that it is not embarrassing to talk about body hair.
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“MY FIRST SHAVE” special site
“My Body Guide” booklet data download
The teaching material booklet data used in this business trip class is open to the public. Practical content such as body hair care methods, how to choose tools, survey results, etc. are posted, including changes in the body during puberty.
【Company Profile】
We provide shaving-related products and skin-care-related products under the vision of providing a better face and a more comfortable and prosperous life for all people in Japan and around the world through the provision of personal care products centered on shaving. I will continue.
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Company name: Schick Japan K.K.
Headquarters: IK Building, 2-24-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8671 Representative: Hideo Goto, President and Representative Director Capital: 310 million yen
Number of employees: 104 (including temporary staff) *As of August 1, 2022 Business: Import, manufacture and sale of shaving-related products (razors, shaving preparations) and skin care-related products URL:
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