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Schoo Co., Ltd. 10/20 (Thursday) 12:00 “Human Resource Development Lab (H+) Conference 2022” will be hel d

School Co., Ltd.
[10/20 (Thursday) 12:00] “Human Resource Development Lab (H+) Conference 2022” will be held
A day to think together about human resource investment, human resource development, and organization building required in the era of human capital management

“Schoo for Business”, a corporate training service provided by Schoo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenshiro Mori, hereinafter “Schoo”), which is engaged in social change based on learning and education on the Internet. operates the Human Resource Development Lab (H+), which provides information and holds events related to human capital management and organizational development. On October 20th (Thursday), experts and practices in human resource development, including Kennosuke Tanaka, professor at the Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University, and Shunsuke Karasawa, COO, co-founder of Almoha LLC / Digital Agency Human Resources and Organizational Development, etc. We will hold a conference to think about human resource development and organization creation with people as the starting point. Participation fee is free.
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Background of the event
As times change, such as Japan’s declining population, environmental changes, and the diversification of work styles, management stances are being reassessed. Human resources, which have been regarded as resources in the past, are now subject to investment as capital, accelerating the creation of organizations based on “people”. How should we build an organization that starts with human resources? What is human resource development suitable for the present age? Experts and practitioners of human resource development will introduce you to domestic and overseas examples, future global trends, specific implementation examples and policy details. Let’s think together and create the future of human resource development and the actions that should be taken.
Conference overview
・ Title: Human Resource Development Lab (H+) Conference 2022       ~Investing in people to grow the organization~
・ Date and time: October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 12:00- (Last session ends at 17:50) ・Participation fee: Free
・Viewing method: Online distribution with Zoom
▼How to apply▼
Please apply from this URL.
●Opening session (12:00-12:50)
Understanding human resource development in 2023 ~Investment in human resource development will revive Japan~
Beginning with the publication of the Ito Report for Human Resources, an increasing number of companies in Japan have begun full-fledged efforts toward human capital management this year. New capitalism has been advocated as a government policy, and there is a growing movement to rebuild companies centering on people as a policy of industry and government.
How will human resource education in Japan and the world change in the future? In the opening session, Takigawa, Executive Officer and CCO of Schoo Co., Ltd., served as moderator, and we invited Mr. Karasawa, who is in charge of personnel and organizational development at the Digital Agency, and Professor Tanaka, who is in charge of career design at Hosei University. We will talk about external human resource development in a panel discussion format.
・ Professor Kennosuke Tanaka, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University ・ Almoha LLC Co-Founder COO / Digital Agency Human Resources and Organizational Development Shunsuke Karasawa
・ Schoo Executive Officer COO Maiko Takigawa (Moderator)
● Session 01 (13:00-13:50)
Seven actions necessary to promote reskilling
We have invited Mr. Muneaki Goto, author of “Reskilling to keep updating your skills” and representative director of the Japan Reskilling Initiative, to give a lecture on the effects of the essential reskilling promotion.
・ Mr. Muneaki Goto, Representative Director of Japan Reskilling Initiative ●Session 02 (14:00-14:50)
What is the creation of an environment of mutual learning that underpins the self-directed learning of employees?
Creating an organization with a “mechanism for learning and supporting each other” and a “common language” creates organizational autonomy. In this lecture, we have invited Mr. Yukihiko Aoyama, Professor of the Department of Psychosociology, Faculty of Social Innovation, Seijo University, to talk about creating an environment for mutual learning that underpins the self-directed learning of employees.
・Mr. Yukihiko Aoyama, Professor, Faculty of Social Innovation, Seijo University ●Session 03 (15:00-15:50)
“1on1” Human Resource Development Utilizing Human Resource Data ~Toward Diverse Human Resources and Organizations~
Kanai, the head of the Schoo CR Promotion Unit, will give a lecture on the background behind the need for 1to1 human resource development, rather than uniformity, in the modern age where skills are
diversifying. In addition, we invited Mr. Kenji Suzumura, Executive Vice President of Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd., which provides the talent management tool “Talent Palette”, to analyze and utilize HR big data to develop human resources suitable for each employee. I will give a lecture on whether it will be realized.
・ Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Kenji Suzumura ・ Rei Kanouchi, Head of School CR Promotion Unit
●Session 04 (16:00-16:50)
[Case study] Publishing a one-year PDCA trajectory to develop human resources who can learn on their own and lead change
The company implemented various measures to encourage self-discipline and growth of employees based on the human resources development plan. As a result of introducing multiple e-learning systems and
implementing many measures throughout the year, we have learned various things. Kao Group Customer Marketing Co., Ltd., which has more than 5,000 employees, will talk to Mr. Yamamoto of the Education Department of the Human Resources Development Department, who has implemented new human resource development measures, about the trajectory of trial and error over the past year.
・ Kao Group Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. Human Resources Development Department Education Department Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto
・ Schoo Executive Officer COO Maiko Takigawa
●Session 05 (17:00-17:50)
[Case study] How to directly link training to changes in the workplace Regarding the human resource development that Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. was working on, I will talk about the whole picture of the measures, from the issues that the human resource development department was facing at the time, to the mechanism that causes behavior change in the workplace, to accompany the creation of results, and the method of measuring the effect. I’ll enjoy having this.
・Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. Human Resource Development Department Kaoru Kawamura
About Schoo Co., Ltd.
With the mission to “eliminate graduation from the world”, we are promoting social change based on learning and education on the Internet. Since its launch in 2012, “Schoo”, an online live broadcast learning community where adults continue to learn, has provided free live broadcast lessons every day based on the concept of “What working adults should learn now for the future”. . Approximately 8,000 past broadcasts are available as recorded classes. For corporations, we provide “Schoo for Business” that realizes both employee training and self-development learning, contributing to the creation of an organization that continues to learn. The number of registered members is about 800,000, and the number of companies that have introduced it has exceeded 2,600.
Since 2014, we have supported the conversion of about 30 universities and educational institutions to DX. In September 2021, the DX platform “Schoo Swing” for higher education institutions will be available. In addition to partnering with about 30 local governments nationwide, we are also promoting the establishment of a “future lifestyle” that will be realized by disseminating remote education in local areas, such as by entering into a comprehensive agreement with Amami Oshima. Company name: Schoo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kenshiro Mori, President and CEO
Established: October 3, 2011
Capital: 100 million yen
Location: 4th floor, Excel Building, 2-7 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0032
Business content: Social change starting from learning and education on the Internet URL: (corporate site) / (site for individuals) / https://schoo .jp/biz (site for corporations), (site for higher education institutions), (owned media), https://note. com/schoo (official note)
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