School Bus Space Design Co., Ltd. Renovation Thorough investigation of research methods, selection points of vendors, points to be particular about, etc.

School Bus Spatial Design Co., Ltd.
[Renovation] Thorough investigation of research methods, selection points of vendors, points to be particular about, etc.
Approximately 90% of those who purchased a house by purchasing a used property and renovating said they were satisfied with their purchase!
School Bus Spatial Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), which handles the renovation business, conducted a survey on “renovation” targeting people with renovation experience (those who have renovated second-hand properties).
I’m sure there are many people who dream of owning their own home. A user-friendly kitchen, a spacious living room, a relaxing bathroom, and a garden where you can enjoy gardening…
When you imagine your ideal home, your dreams just expand.
However, the reality is that buying a home requires a considerable amount of money, and some people may have given up on their dreams. In fact, buying a new house requires a considerable amount of savings, and in most cases you have to take out a loan for decades.
Therefore, what is attracting attention recently is to buy a second-hand property and renovate it (hereinafter referred to as “renovation”).
There is also a possibility that you can get your own home that you like, which is much cheaper than buying a new building.
However, there are many doubts and anxieties such as who to ask for renovation, how to proceed, and whether the price can really be kept low.
Therefore, School Bus Kukan Sekkei Co., Ltd.
(, which handles the renovation business, targeted people with renovation experience (those who have renovated second-hand properties) nationwide. We conducted a survey on renovation.
Let’s explore the renovation circumstances of second-hand properties from everyone’s experiences.
About 90% satisfied! Are experienced people satisfied with Renovation? First, I asked if they were satisfied with buying a second-hand property and renovating it.
[Image 1

When asked, “Are you satisfied with the way you live by renovating a second-hand property?” )” was the answer.
Nearly 90% of those who answered “satisfied” are satisfied with their current residence.
I asked him specifically why he thinks so.
■ Minimize cost, maximize optimization
[Those who responded that they were satisfied]
・By balancing the budget, the minimum wishes were fulfilled
(40s/male/Ibaraki Prefecture)
・We were able to fix old places and places where the previous owner’s preferences were strong and fit them to our lifestyle
(40s/female/Aichi Prefecture)
・Since the renovation was minimal, some things that should have been fixed later came up (40s/female/Mie Prefecture).
・Because you can pursue a style that suits you (50s/male/Yamagata Prefecture) [Those who responded that they were very satisfied]
・Large house, large garden, no loan, and relaxing (30s/female/Chiba) ・Because it is cheaper than new construction (40s/male/Fukuoka Prefecture) ・Because you can get it cheaply and renovate it to your liking (50s/male/Nagasaki Prefecture)
・ The floor plan was close to my ideal (50s / female / Tokyo) [Those who answered dissatisfied]
・The wallpaper came off immediately (40s/male/Hyogo Prefecture) ・Because it is a second-hand property, if you renovate one place, you will be worried about the next place.
・It is difficult to deal with the deterioration of existing parts each time (50s/female/Ishikawa Prefecture)
・Because it was too old and there were many repairs (50s/woman/Hiroshima) By combining second-hand property purchases and renovations, the purchase price can be kept low, and many people seem to be satisfied with the fact that they were able to renovate according to their tastes and lifestyles.
Find out why experienced workers chose renovation
From the questions so far, we found that about 90% of people are satisfied with the format of renovating and living in second-hand properties.
So, when purchasing a property, what options did you consider other than second-hand properties x renovation?
[Image 2

When asked, “What were you considering other than second-hand property x renovation when purchasing a property? (multiple answers allowed),” 40.4% of respondents answered “second-hand housing (no renovation).” The most common answer was “built-for-sale housing (24.7%)” and “did not consider anything other than second-hand property x renovation (22.3%)”.
More than 40% of the respondents answered “second-hand housing (no renovation)”, and more than 20% answered that they did not consider anything other than second-hand properties x renovation, indicating a high degree of attention to second-hand housing. I can tell you. Next, I asked him why he chose “used property x renovation”. When asked, “Please tell us the main reason why you decided to use second-hand property x renovation,” the most common answer was “The price can be kept down (53.7%),” followed by “It suits our tastes (27.7%).” %)” and “The time to completion is short (9.8%)”.
The biggest reason is that the price is kept down, which accounts for more than half.
In addition, nearly 30% answered that they could match their preferences, suggesting that it is an option that makes it easy to strike a balance between price and ideal quality.
I was particular about water circulation! Special points and failure stories told by experienced people
In the above question, the main reason given for deciding to use second-hand property x renovation was that the price could be kept down.
So, where was the part you were particular about when you did the renovation? [Image 3

When asked, “Please tell us what you were particular about in the renovation (up to the top three),” the most common answer was “bathroom, toilet, washroom, etc. (46.1%),” followed by “kitchen. (41.2%)” and “Living Dining (37.7%)”.
The plumbing and kitchen are places that carry important functions that are used 365 days a year.
So, after living here, are there any parts that you think “I should have done more like this”?
When asked, “After living here, are there any parts that failed or could have been done better?”, the results were “yes (48.3%)” and “no (51.7%).”
More than half of the respondents answered that they had no regrets, and it seems that they felt that they were able to perform the renovation as desired.
So why do you think so?
I asked in detail.
■Do you think it would have been better to have done more? Do not think? What is the reason
[Those who answered no]
・Originally, I was going to do the bare minimum (30s/woman/Gifu Prefecture) ・No particular inconvenience (40s/female/Mie Prefecture)
・Because I had a budget, I didn’t want to be greedy and focused on the areas where I spend most of my time (50s/male/Osaka).
[Those who answered yes]
・It would have been better to increase the number of power supply points (30s/female/Kagawa Prefecture)
・ I wanted to eliminate steps (40s / male / Ibaraki Prefecture) ・I used cheap materials to cut my budget and it didn’t look good (40s/male/Gifu Prefecture)
・I should have had the sewer checked by a professional. Lived and soon got stuck (40s/male/Nara Prefecture)
・I thought it would have been better to see more companies and keep the price down (40s/male/Fukuoka)
・I changed the floorboards and cleaned them, but I thought there were places where I could have left them as they were. I would like to paint the exterior and exterior walls soon, so I could spend money there (40s/female/Aichi)
Some people felt that they had failed because they wanted to eliminate the number of power supplies and steps, but those who decided to do the minimum renovation and focused on the part where they spend most of their time were satisfied. You can see how they are doing it. What is important in renovation?
In the above question, more than half of the respondents answered that they were not dissatisfied after completing the renovation.
Also, it seems that the selection of contractors is important to do a satisfying renovation.
Therefore, we asked what should be emphasized when selecting a renovation company.
[Image 4

When asked, “What do you think is the most important thing when selecting a renovation company?” %)” and “Proposal ability (14.6%)”. Nearly 30% answered that price was the most important factor in choosing a contractor.
Next, I asked how they collect information about renovation companies. [Image 5

When asked, “Where did you get the information about the renovation company?”, the most common answer was “family/friends (40.1%),” followed by “Internet site (26.9%)” and “word of mouth (12.7%).” continued.
40% of respondents answered family and friends, which was the highest number. Internet sites and word of mouth were also mentioned, but since it is information related to housing that is not likely to be available many times in a lifetime, and the cost is high, people tend to try to obtain highly reliable information from people close to them. I can see your intention.
Advice from experienced renovators
At the end, we asked about points to note when renovating second-hand properties.
In response to the question, “Do you have any advice for those who are trying to renovate a second-hand property?”, the following responses were received.
■ Contact a large number of contractors and ask experienced specialists ・You should think about your own physical changes and changes in your family’s lifestyle habits as you spend your time. (40s/male/Ibaraki Prefecture)
・ You should be particular about the position of the outlet (40s / female / Tokyo)
・I feel like doing it all at once, but I want you to think carefully about the necessity of renovation. It is better to take into account that after living there, you will come to realize that you should have done this (40s/female/Aichi Prefecture).
・I think it would be better to consult with an experienced expert and carefully examine the floor plan and equipment you want before moving forward. (50s/male/Osaka Prefecture)
・Design should consider the flow line of daily life (50s / male / Kagoshima prefecture)
・It is better to meet with various contractors and see if they are good at renovation (50s / female / Mie Prefecture)
[Summary] Renovation has many benefits! ? But what should I do to avoid failure? In this survey, we found that about 90% of those who bought a second-hand property and renovated it were satisfied with their current home.
Real estate is generally the most expensive when it is new, and the price goes down over time. Therefore, if you buy a house with the same size and location, you can buy a second-hand property cheaper than a new one.
By combining renovations that match your taste and lifestyle, you can get a home that is close to your ideal at a low cost.
However, nearly half of those who purchased a second-hand property and renovated it answered that they failed or thought it would have been better, so renovation is not a panacea.
As can be seen from the response, “We should have had the sewer system inspected by a professional,” it is also true that second-hand properties have deterioration that cannot be seen.
This is a big purchase that you will not make many times in your life, so you want to organize your thoughts and hopes for a home for yourself and your family, and choose a good home that balances comfort and budget.
I would appreciate it if there was a renovation company with a lot of specific examples of renovation that satisfies such needs, has a lot of experience and can be consulted easily.
Satisfactory renovation “School Bus Kukan Sekkei Co., Ltd.”
This time, School Bus Spatial Design Co., Ltd.
(, which conducted a survey on
“renovation”, is renovating with the concept of “designing a comfortable life”.
■ Concept of “School Bus”
・”Comfortable living design” created by renovating condominiums and detached houses by learning from the authentic American style free and close
“School Bus” aims to renovate old buildings and spaces to your liking, find new value, and enrich your life.
The school bus is designed to “design a comfortable life” by arranging the authentic American style to match the housing situation in Japan. It’s not just about looking stylish. A creative and sustainable lifestyle is also part of our lives, such as the commitment to carefully selecting items based on their true essence, and the spirit of continuing to use old items with care while making good use of modern technology.
・ A material that can be enjoyed over time, and a component that increases attachment. Based on furniture that conveys the thoughts of the creator
The interior windows with iron frames on the molding fittings, the floors are finished roughly with solid wood, old wood, and mortar, and some of the walls are accented with millwork.
Brass doorknobs, iron hangers, wooden handles, kitchen and bathroom vanities are handmade with tiles and stones.
You can make original bookshelves, cabinets, dining tables, cafe tables, shoe boxes, work desks, TV boards, and even remake sofas and chairs that you have been using for a long time.
“Materials” that can be enjoyed over time, “components” that increase in attachment as they are used, and “furniture” that convey the thoughts of the creator.
Based on the design of the three elements that are indispensable for creating such a “school bus” space, we will propose housing that fits the customer’s lifestyle.
■ One-stop renovation
01. Consultation
First of all, if your request is based on your ideal lifestyle, budget, or property search, please let us know your desired area and floor plan.
02. Financial planning
We will ask you about the funds you have available, your annual income, your work situation, etc., and we will organize your budget (borrowing amount) together.
03. Property introduction
Considering your ideal lifestyle and desired area, we will introduce some second-hand properties that are suitable for you.
04. Field survey
After investigating the structure, equipment, piping, etc. of the building, we will take actual measurements.
*Earthquake resistance diagnosis, various specialized surveys, and inspections as necessary (paid option)
05. Rough plan/estimate
Our renovation coordinator and designer will propose the best rough plan for the property you plan to purchase.
We will also provide you with a rough estimate.
06. Application for property purchase
Once you have decided which property to purchase, you will be able to apply. We will also discuss mortgages at this time.
07. Real estate sales contract
Once negotiations with the owner have been concluded, you will be asked to sign and seal the real estate sales contract, and the real estate sales contract will be concluded.
08. Confirmation of plan and estimate
After the property is confirmed, we will propose a formal plan. Equipment, specifications, design, etc. will be decided together through repeated meetings.
09. Loan Application
When using a housing loan, we will apply for a loan to a financial institution after selecting the loan that best suits the customer. 10. Delivery of property
Once the application for the housing loan is approved, the property will be handed over to you.
We will also assist you in arranging the delivery.
11. Renovation work
Once the plan is finalized, we will say hello to the surrounding people and proceed to construction.
Full-time craftsmen will take responsibility and shape the plan. 12. Completion and move-in
After the final confirmation of the completed space with the director, it will be handed over when the repair work is completed.
-Area for renovation-
Osaka (metropolitan area), Hyogo prefecture, Kyoto (metropolitan area), Nara prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Wakayama prefecture *Some areas are not available.
・I like foreign interiors
・ I like art
·fond of music
・I like the outdoors
・I like bicycles
・I like organic food
Any keyword will do.
If you are interested, please come to “School Bus”.
We will propose a life surrounded by things that carefully convey the thoughts of the creators within our reach.
■ School Bus Spatial Design Co., Ltd.: ■ Contact URL:
■ Contact TEL: 0120-946-887 (10:00-19:00/closed on Wednesdays and holidays) Survey overview: Survey on “renovation”
[Survey period] September 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to September 8, 2022 (Thursday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,015 people
[Survey target] People who have experienced renovation nationwide (those who have renovated a second-hand property)
[Monitor provider] General Research
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