School Corporation Japan Educational Foundation Tokyo Mode Gakuen students produce a PR video for Shinjuku! Broadcast at Shinjuku Altavision is decided! !

Japan Educational Foundation
Tokyo Mode Gakuen students produced a PR video for Shinjuku! Broadcast at Shinjuku Altavision is decided! !
From November 1st (Tuesday) to November 30th (Wednesday), a total of 7 works, including the Grand Prize and the Excellence Prize, will be broadcast.

Tokyo Mode Gakuen (Shinjuku Ward), a vocational school that nurtures fashion, design, and beauty professionals, and Studio Alta Co., Ltd., which operates Altavision, held a video contest as an
industry-academia collaboration aimed at revitalizing Shinjuku. . Student works with the theme of “Shinjuku” will be broadcast on Shinjuku Altavision from November 1st to 30th.
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[Table 2: ]
*Broadcast at any time between 10:00 and 24:00
*Broadcast date and time vary depending on the work
*There will be no show on November 14th (Monday) due to maintenance. *The broadcast schedule may change due to emergency maintenance, shortened broadcast times due to government requests, etc.
History of industry-academia collaboration
[Image 2d11137-490-df63ce9b8dde5160fdab-5.jpg&s3=11137-490-d4df63df712adfc575d1296d3d2c6dba-950x534.jpg
A video contest was held with the aim of revitalizing Shinjuku. The theme of the video is 1. SDG’s, 2. Revitalization of Shinjuku, 3. Culture of Shinjuku. The students chose a theme for each team, produced a video, and gave a presentation at the final screening and presentation in front of Studio Alta, the managing director of the Shinjuku Tourism Promotion Association, and other related parties. [Image 3d11137-490-d37e7a6cfa775cbd6c56-4.jpg&s3=11137-490-89edf741414560a53ed000a68661578b-950x534.jpg
At a later date, everyone from Studio Alta announced the excellent works and gave us feedback on the works. The students reflected, “Walking around Shinjuku, which I’m familiar with, I made new discoveries, so I was deeply involved in the work.” I was looking forward to it.
From November 1st (Tuesday), all 7 works, including the Grand Prize and Excellence Prize, will be broadcast at Shinjuku Altavision. Please take a look at the many student works of Tokyo Mode Gakuen on the big screen.
best work
[Image 4d11137-490-4fbb393ca64c68dd0cdd-6.jpg&s3=11137-490-b63c1e208517eb556baee79c0a254fe8-950x534.jpg
[Image 5d11137-490-2b0d3a94971967d6aaaf-1.jpg&s3=11137-490-4172f11a98e187eeaa5c93094ea70730-950x534.jpg
Grand Prize “Let’s find out, evolving Shinjuku”
Department of Graphics Choi Unseo/Oyunturaga/Doan Thi/Tristan Sowant/Wynetta Tambunan/Akito Mineyama/Rina Kawasaki
Rating: 60 seconds flew by in an engaging video. The story was solid, and the choice of words and music for the narration was good. It was a good representation of Shinjuku with its history and cutting-edge elements. While using old photos, it expresses the changed and unchanged parts of Shinjuku, and the point of view was wonderful. [Image 6d11137-490-2d220f5611310af90b55-7.jpg&s3=11137-490-6fe90b10ab4a427a9c5eddf726bde1c3-950x534.jpg
[Image 7d11137-490-bdc0728f24617ed45c5f-2.jpg&s3=11137-490-3364d2be705caab3598006fc7e0a8ced-950x534.jpg
Excellence Award “PLAY GROUND Asobe, Shinjuku.”
Graphic Department Yusuke Nakata / Ruka Ueda / Nagisa Ishigaki / Ayami Yano / Misaki Ota / Kotone Sagawa / Hiroki Adachi / Aoiha Sasa Evaluation: The drawing was very realistic and good. The composition was well balanced, and it was a work full of art sense.
[Image 8d11137-490-c6f806f86a3d8ea78777-8.jpg&s3=11137-490-1caff09cda8c5435459be0a322d0d53f-950x534.jpg
[Image 9d11137-490-22a77a712b9714dc94f1-3.jpg&s3=11137-490-5c95a81bba970d4d0a70482b272a472c-950x534.jpg
Excellence Award “Hakken!? Today’s Shinjuku (ALTA Part 1)”
Department of Graphics Amane Ichikawa/Kotaro Maeda/Mananto
Iwahashi/Mairi Kato/Yuma Shiomitsu/Yuka Momose/Kotaro Kasai/Hitomi Izumikawa
Evaluation: I liked the fact that the package allows you to create a wide variety of videos.
Tokyo mode school
Tokyo Mode Gakuen, located in front of Shinjuku Station, is a vocational school in the fields of fashion, design, and beauty. With a curriculum directly linked to the industry, we find and develop each individual’s individuality and develop immediate fighting potential. We have achieved a 100% employment rate for applicants through our unique employment support system.
Tokyo Mode Gakuen:
Open campus now being held!
Fashion, design, beauty, etc. If you want to do what you love, go to Mode Gakuen!
Visits to the school and online admission consultation are also available every day. (Except Sundays & Holidays)
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