School Corporation Yoshida Gakuen A signed colored paper of the voice actor appearing in the movie “To you in that voice” will be presented by lottery! RT campaign will be held from 10/3 (Monday)!

Yoshida Academy
We present autographed colored paper of the voice actor who appeared in the movie “To you in that voice” by lottery! RT campaign will be held from 10/3 (Monday)!
Rikako Aida, Anri Katsu, Mika Kanai, Hidekatsu Shibata, and Kisho Taniyama will present autographed colored paper to one person each by lottery.

School Corporation Yoshida Gakuen (Osaka Amusement Media College/Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Amusement Media College/Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Shogo Yoshida, hereinafter AMG), which fosters immediate force in the entertainment industry, We are pleased to inform you that we will hold a retweet campaign where you can win autographed colored paper from five gorgeous voice actors who appeared in “To you” by lottery.
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campaign prize
One person each (total of 5 people) will win the autograph colored paper of 5 voice actors who appear in “To you of that voice” by lottery.
Prizes are scheduled to be shipped around early November 2022 after the campaign ends.
*Shipment may be delayed due to circumstances. Please note.
* After a strict lottery, the winners will be announced by Twitter direct message only to the winners from the management office. We will get back to you.
[Table 2: ]
Application period
1st: October 3, 2022 (Monday) to October 7, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 2nd: October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) to October 14, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 Application conditions
1. Follow the official Twitter account of Amusement Media Institute “@AMG_PR” 2. Retweet (RT) the tweet targeted for the campaign (#AMG voice actor interview) *Applicants must live in Japan.
* Please note that following the official Twitter of the movie “To Your Voice” is not eligible for entry.
Autographed colored paper by Rikako Aida 1 person
[Image 2d25577-400-87ea2e2d0b7d5dff164c-0.jpg&s3=25577-400-a5a29027fcc453bbcfa3d0470310d007-1280x720.jpg
Katsu Anri’s signature colored paper 1 person
[Image 3d25577-400-ba0180344ccc09661ade-2.jpg&s3=25577-400-e88a952b136092d98e768c956e91c1dc-1280x720.jpg
Mika Kanai autographed colored paper 1 person
[Image 4d25577-400-12f067ff0e499e496892-1.jpg&s3=25577-400-76366580c69cfb2d3bfb77dd279bd13a-1280x720.jpg
Autographed by Hidekatsu Shibata 1 person *Please wait until the application starts.
[Image 5d25577-400-2841b93422db36d7b85c-3.jpg&s3=25577-400-7e0b1b266d8cb5d46eee4f29be8c7e77-1280x720.jpg
Kisho Taniyama signed colored paper 1 person *Please wait until the application starts.
[Image 6d25577-400-76ae07b744ec66527adb-4.jpg&s3=25577-400-0496fbe607a0865a32eb9115f1ed82e1-1280x720.jpg

● About Amusement Media Institute
AMG was established in 1994 by professionals in the industry with the aim of cultivating “ready-to-work force” who can be active on the front lines of the entertainment industry in two years.The biggest feature of AMG is the commercial content that is generally
distributed. Gain experience in the industry at the AMG Group business division, which produces Japanese movies, foreign movie dubbing studios, game development, novel and manga publishing, etc. It will guide you to employment and debut.
▼ Click here to request AMG materials
●AMG Voice Actor Department
By gaining experience in the professional field while still in school and increasing his acting career, he has taken a big lead towards his dreams. Among the graduates, there are many voice actors who are active on the front line of the industry, from veterans to young people. In addition to lessons to hone skills by active professional voice actors, management to hone rich humanity and sociality by class teachers is also fulfilling. We have established a support system that is close to each and every student. Not including those who pass the training school, the direct affiliation rate to the production is 71% (results in 2022). We will cultivate voice actors who can seize opportunities immediately after graduation.
▼ Click here for details on AMG’s voice actor department
School name: Amusement Media Sogo Gakuin
Location: -Main Building- 2-29-8 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Representatives: Chairman Shogo Yoshida/Director Yuji Nagamori Founded: 1994
Sister school: Osaka Amusement Media College (3-12-19 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka)
Departments: Game Creator Department, Game Programmer Department, Game/Animation 3DCG Department, Animation Department, Character Design Department, Manga Illustration Department, Novel/Scenario Department, Voice Actor Department
URL: -Tokyo School-

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