Science, which provides fine bubble technology that is “friendly to people and the earth”, will release two types of fine bubble products for kitchens, “Miracle Pro Diner”, which can be selected according to the application!

Science Co., Ltd.
Science, which provides fine bubble technology that is “friendly to people and the earth”, will release two types of fine bubble products for kitchens, “Miracle Pro Diner”, which can be selected according to the application!
~ After a joint demonstration experiment with Dynac to achieve the SDGs ~
Science Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) creates new value with fine bubble technology and has the mission of “continuing to impress and delight everyone with the theme of new habits” since its founding. will announce the Mirable Pro Diner Sink Type and Mirable Pro Diner Deck Type fine bubble products for kitchens as new products after verification tests with Dynac.

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Mirable Pro Diner
There are two types of Mirable Pro Diner, and the sink type is a fine bubble generation faucet head that can be widely installed on kitchen sink faucets and can be used in various types of kitchens. On the other hand, the deck type is a shower head that can be used for cleaning floors with a hose. (Scheduled to go on sale in 2023) Mirable Pro Diner Sink
The adapter for switching between ultra-fine mist and foamy water flow enables screw mounting (standard G1/2) on flexible pipes and faucet nozzles.
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Mirable Pro Diner Deck
It is possible to switch between ultra fine bubble mist and fine bubble straight.
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Background of the initiative with Dynac
For some time, we have utilized our unique ultra-fine bubble technology to conduct joint research in consumer shower heads and bathing devices known as “Miracle”, as well as in other fields such as medical care, nursing care, and industry.
This initiative began with Dynac’s acceptance of our proposal, partly because they are focusing on achieving the SDGs. For about half a year from the spring of 2022, the developed product was introduced on a trial basis at three Dynac stores, and repeated cleaning experiments were carried out on stains unique to restaurants, such as floors and glasses, which are more difficult to remove than at home.
ーVoices of employees who actually used developed products
The employees (employees and part-time workers) who actually used the developed product gave high marks for its effectiveness, and it seems that they were able to obtain theoretical proof of water saving in the store. In addition, as a result of considering various evidences that we have, we officially decided to introduce it.
Demonstration experiment
[Image 4d98081-9-da3c9f79eaaec19a657d-6.png&s3=98081-9-512ce1c9bebccdd0538292f6c37094f1-2294x650.png

Comment from Mr. Ayano, General Manager, Sustainability Management Promotion Office, Dynac
In addition to confirming the water-saving performance of this demonstration experiment, the results of an employee questionnaire revealed that the washing of glasses and tableware improved with a small amount of water. In addition, employees commented that “furnishings have become shiny and beautiful (especially silver items)”, “oil stains are easily removed”, and “oil sliminess is gone in a shorter time than before”. There were voices such as
In the future, we expect to improve the cleaning condition of all kitchen equipment, including the inside of the fryer, and bar equipment in general, and we would like to pay close attention to changes in the condition of kitchen gutters and grease traps. Science company staff comment
A sense of mission as a company that seriously works to achieve the essential SDGs
I believe that Dynac, which is enthusiastic about environmental conservation, was able to develop such a highly sustainable product in this demonstration experiment. In particular, we found many issues that need to be confirmed before actually introducing the product, such as how to connect to the kitchen sink faucet, usability, and cost, and we were able to focus on solving them.
We believe that the products we develop are meaningless unless they are easy-to-use products for everyone. We plan to start general sales of the developed product from 2023, and we also plan to conduct demonstration tests in parallel with the development of equipment for existing dishwashers.
[Image 5d98081-9-ff147262f5f2d230969e-5.png&s3=98081-9-e84e93038dfe0d55b4b502915a3d6988-664x674.png
Vision of science
As a leading company in fine bubble technology, the Science Group not only develops and sells its own products that are friendly to the environment and people, but also conducts joint research in a wide range of fields such as medicine, nursing care, and industry. Behind this is the goal of achieving the 2030 UN agenda, the SDGs. In 2025, which is a passing point, we will showcase our technology at the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo. In the three years leading up to the event, we will promote the “Usoyaro Project”, an initiative that surprises the world with our unique “human and earth-friendly” fine bubble technology, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
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Company Profile
Company name: Science Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin-Osaka Central Tower North Building 5F, 5-5-15 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0011
Representative Director and President: Yasuhiro Mizukami
Established: August 2007
Business description: Development, manufacturing, sales and
maintenance of fine bubble products
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