S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd. An event to announce “marginal prototyping” that creates empathy at an early sta ge and involves people!

S&D Prototyping Inc.
An event to announce “Margin Prototyping” that creates sympathy at an early stage and involves people!

S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd., together with general incorporated association PLAYERS and PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd., has formulated the idea of ​​​​”white space prototyping” to effectively involve people in the project. We will hold an event to announce the basics of the idea and actual examples.
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If you have ever been in charge of a project to launch a new business such as product or service development, you may have thought about the question, “How can I effectively involve people in my own project?” There may be As an answer to this question, we believe that
“prototyping involving external stakeholders at an early stage” is the best, and we will explain the outline and examples in detail at this event.
I had this idea because PLAYERS, a general incorporated association that is a professional inclusive design and co-creation workshop, conducted 27 prototypes for the product “Smart Maternity Mark”, which won the Grand Prix in a project sponsored by Google. Mitomi, a researcher, started the analysis.
Through this analysis, we showed that prototyping that involves external stakeholders at an early stage, that is, prototyping with margins, is the most efficient.
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Therefore, at this event,
◎ The prototyping process and intentions of the Grand Prix winning product in the Google-sponsored project
◎ Presentation at IDETC-CIE 2022, an international conference sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
◎ Project conducted by PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd. with Pentel Co., Ltd. I will introduce a lot about.
-Recommended for people like this-
・I am interested in how to work with margins instead of doing what has been decided
・Interested in methods of involving people through prototyping ・Interested in practical examples of inclusive design
・Interested in prototyping research
Overview of the event
◎ “Prototyping of margins” that creates empathy at an early stage and involves people
– Date: October 18 (Tue) 19:00-20:30
– Location: Online (zoom)
– Participation: Free
– Co-sponsored by: General Incorporated Association PLAYERS, PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd., S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd.
– Application URL
Program introduction
19:00~19:05 : Purpose and Summary
19:05~19:25 : Prototyping overview and the process of prototyping in the margin (Mitomi, S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd.)
19:25~19:45 : Prototyping of margins and examples of its utilization ~Smart maternity mark project etc.~
(General Incorporated Association PLAYERS Ikenoue)
19:45~20:05 : Examples of Prototyping Utilization of Margins -Pentel Project etc.-
(PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd. Takizawa)
20:05~20:30: Panel discussion & Q&A
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Tomoko Ikenoue
General Incorporated Association PLAYERS Representative Director Specializing in UI/UX design and social design, engaged in a wide range of design work for domestic and foreign manufacturers and startups. Engages in creating and proposing customer value. After independence, we are a company that seeks a better way for the future earth and people, such as UI / UX design of EC services for toB that considers the environment, regions, and people, support for the introduction of UX design processes for startup organizations, and branding for social issue startups. We provide designs centered on inclusive fashion “SOLIT” iF award Gold award (2022), caregiver, guide helper
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Keita Takizawa
PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd. Representative Inclusive Designer / Service Designer PLAYWORKS is an inclusive design consulting firm that creates innovation through co-creation with diverse people, including people with disabilities.
We will support new businesses, services, product development, human resource development, and organizational development by utilizing our extensive experience and know-how in inclusive design, service design, and workshops, as well as our lead user community.
Part-time Lecturer at University of Tsukuba, WSD Lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University, Leader of General Incorporated Association PLAYERS https://keitatakizawa.themedia.jp/
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Keita Mitomi
CEO of S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd.
Researcher in charge of research while in the doctoral program at Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management. His research area is prototyping. Design Research Society, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, etc.
Has serialized “Design inspired by prototyping” in advertising and creative magazine [Brain], and “New trend of democratizing
prototyping” in Shoeisha’s web media Biz/Zine for business developers. The book “Techniques Learned from Failure: A Prototyping Textbook that Leads New Business Development to Success” is now on sale from Shoeisha.
About S&D Prototyping Inc.
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[Overview of S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd.]
Company name: S&D Prototyping Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-13-2 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo
Established: July 2021
Representative Director: Keita Mitomi
Business: Various support such as prototyping research, consulting, escort Overview/Vision: Specializes in prototyping, which specializes in creating new businesses and services strategically and quickly. We are aiming for a society where everyone can prototype the future through making things.
・Inquiries regarding this matter
E-mail: keita.mitomi@sd-prototyping.co.jp
Web: https://sd-prototyping.co.jp/contact
Please feel free to contact us for collaborations and other inquiries. About General Incorporated Association PLAYERS
[Image 7d83585-4-de6d141dc228b6afd9d5-6.png&s3=83585-4-dfbb0458258f86ddb689741f412fb1c5-1242x234.png
PLAYERS is a prototyping team with the slogan, “Together, get excited and face the world’s problems.” We conduct research, ideation, and prototyping in agile ways through co-creation workshops with parties concerned to address various social issues. In addition, by
collaborating with companies that share our vision and promoting social implementation, we will lead to solutions.

About PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd.
[Image 8d83585-4-856474cc97f6db96f16f-7.jpg&s3=83585-4-d15e4238bb7d60b1e3a48d632b2662c1-1000x350.jpg
PLAYWORKS Co., Ltd. supports the development of new businesses, services, products, and organizations using inclusive design, service design, and workshops. We also plan, develop, and provide services and products for socially vulnerable people such as people with

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