SDT Co., Ltd. Electronic contract service “CoffeeSign” exceeds 500 registered companies

SDT Co., Ltd.
Electronic contract service “CoffeeSign” exceeds 500 registered companies
SDT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Yasuyuki Inui) is pleased to announce that the number of registered companies for the electronic contract service “CoffeeSign” has exceeded 500 companies. CoffeeSign aims to further spread electronic contracts throughout the world by allowing many people, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and sole
proprietors, to use services with sophisticated designs that are easy to use.
■ Background to the number of companies surpassing 500
CoffeeSign started the service in July 2022, aiming for a world where the contract ends while drinking coffee. The number of registered customers continues to increase every day, surpassing 500 companies in October 2022.
In response to changes in working styles in the world and the establishment of remote work, we have received registrations from customers in various industries not only in metropolitan areas but all over Japan, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors.
■ Past and Future Plans
In the four months since the service started, we have been making improvements every day, such as improving UI/UX and adding explanatory materials and usage guides, while receiving requests from customers. In the future, we plan to add many requested functions, such as the user management function, in stages, aiming for 1,000 registered companies.
■ Features of CoffeeSign
1. Intuitive usability
Screens and functions are created from scratch by designers and engineers, so even those who are new to contracts can easily proceed with work.
2. Speed ​​to contract completion
There is no need to do work such as mailing, and the contract can be concluded immediately after confirming the contents of the contract, which can significantly reduce the time.
3. Legal credibility
Electronic contracts provide legal authenticity by electronically signing and time-stamping documents instead of stamping paper contracts.
4. Cost reduction
Electronic contracts eliminate the need for revenue stamps, which are required for paper contracts.
■CoffeeSign introduction page
■ Inquiries
SDT Co., Ltd.
■ About SDT Co., Ltd.
SDT Inc. (Headquarters), whose mission is to organically connect everyone and everything with cutting-edge technology, provides total support from IoT device manufacturing to embedded firmware
development, cloud connection, and AI model development. : Korean CEO : Jiwon Yune) was established as a subsidiary.
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