Seahorse Mikawa Be With Donation of balls and bibs to elementary schools in Kariya City

Seahorse Mikawa
Seahorse Mikawa [Be With] Donation of balls and bibs to elementary schools in Kariya City

As part of Seahorse Mikawa’s sustainability project “Be With”, we have decided to donate 5 basketballs (size 5) and 20 bibs to elementary schools in the Nishi-Mikawa area.
First of all, we will present it to 15 elementary schools in Kariya City, which is our hometown.
A donation ceremony was held at Seahorse Mikawa’s home game on Sunday, October 9th.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the companies that have supported our activities.
We will continue our activities in the hope that the smiles of children will increase even a little.
[Image 1d97825-48-fe3ab9245adb0bd78677-0.jpg&s3=97825-48-c2e471d9144d1526cd647400e2ed34e5-750x500.jpg
■ Sponsoring companies
Ashita Co., Ltd.
Yuidensho Co., Ltd.
Uokuni Sohonsha Co., Ltd.
Otake Anjo Co., Ltd.
Sanei Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Joto Electric Co., Ltd.
T&K Techno Co., Ltd.
Hattori Trading Co., Ltd.
ONEDAY Co., Ltd.
(Alphabetical order)
■ Donation destination
Kijo Elementary School, Kokohara Elementary School, Hidaka Elementary School, Kinuura Elementary School, Sumiyoshi Elementary School, Karigane Elementary School, Heisei Elementary School, Fujimatsuminami Elementary School, Fujimatsukita Elementary School, Fujimatsuhigashi Elementary School, Ogakie Elementary School, Ogakiehigashi Elementary School, Futaba Elementary School, Higashi Kariya Elementary School, Asahi Elementary School
■ Donations
5 basketball balls (size 5), 20 bibs per school
■ Contributing SDGs goals
[Image 2d97825-48-87ee7ad5248e91f2a381-2.jpg&s3=97825-48-ac99df9db7fbb2fd7afb8f7df88a2dc3-1276x1276.jpg
[Image 3d97825-48-e7bf353141559dd6881f-3.jpg&s3=97825-48-b58e04f5a27d2b511022aa35a23918f0-1276x1276.jpg
■ “Be With” Seahorse Mikawa Sustainability Project
~From the court, connect the path to the city and the future. ~ [Image 4d97825-48-c3cb9d3b13b07ea54cbb-1.jpg&s3=97825-48-4dca5b344e907731715655b02b7f596e-750x748.jpg
Seahorse Mikawa will start an SDGs project named “Be With” from the 2022-23 season. In order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are common goals around the world, we will promote various initiatives in addition to the social contribution activities that we have been doing so far.
▽“Be With” Seahorse Mikawa Sustainability Project
■ Contact information
Seahorse Mikawa Co., Ltd.
2-3 Showacho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture 448-0029 (Aisin Gymnasium) To basketball academy staff
TEL:0566-24-8661 FAX:0566-24-9760
(Business hours 9:00-17:00 Monday-Friday *Excluding long holidays)

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