Security Federation “Protect customer information from cybercrime! Held a seminar on what companies that acq uire personal information on their websites should be aware of

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“Protect customer information from cybercrime! Held a seminar on what companies that acquire personal information on their websites should be aware of

In order to raise awareness of the “importance of countermeasures” against cyberattacks, which are a serious social problem, the Security Federation will hold a “Protect customer information from cybercrime!” We held a seminar on what companies that acquire personal information on their websites should be aware of.
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The day began with a greeting from Mr. Toshihiro Koike, President and CEO of Cyber ​​Security Cloud, Inc., a company that drafted the Security Alliance, followed by a talk on “Overview of Cyber ​​Crime” from Mr. Yoshitaka Tsumura, Cyber ​​Planning Division, Cyber ​​Police Bureau, National Police Agency. Thank you.
Next, Mr. Masato Nakamura, Group Leader of the Special Mission Group, Security Section, Security Section, Eyelet Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on “Benefits and pitfalls of building an EC site starting with the cloud.” We talked about the actual situation of fraud and
After that, Mr. Katsumi Ohno, General Incorporated Foundation Japan Cyber ​​Crime Countermeasures Center, Mr. Takamichi Saito, Director of Cyber ​​Security Research Institute, Meiji University, and Mr. Takayoshi Nakayama, Technical Public Relations, Corporate Planning Department, Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.・Countermeasures Actualities and countermeasures regarding misdirection to malicious shop sites were discussed in the form of a talk session.
In the latter half of the seminar, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. Franchise Management Department Deputy General Manager Toku Yoshioka talked about “personal information leakage” and “unauthorized use” cases and responses, and Link Security Platform Business Division Manager Takatsugu Takimura talked about “damage impact and
countermeasures when credit card information is leaked”.
 The Security Federation will continue to make efforts to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security measures through various initiatives of this action.
■ About “Overview of Cyber ​​Crime”
Mr. Yoshitaka Tsumura, Cyber ​​Planning Division, Cyber ​​Police Bureau, National Police Agency
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Currently, cyberspace is evolving into a public space where important socioeconomic activities are conducted due to the development of information and communication technology and the progress of digitalization, and it has become important to improve cybersecurity measures for society as a whole. I’m here. In recent years, corporate activities and lifestyles have changed due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and identity verification methods have also changed. As various socio-economic activities shift to non-face-to-face and non-contact activities through cyberspace, the threat in cyberspace continues to be extremely serious. Furthermore, cyberspace used to be a space used by those with appropriate literacy, but now it is a space used by everyone.
In light of this situation, the National Police Agency will reorganize its organization in April 2022, and will promote effective measures by demonstrating the comprehensive strengths of the police organization under the cyber strategy of the police.
While the police across the country are working together to promote countermeasures, the police alone cannot respond. All companies and organizations will need to collaborate with various entities to raise the overall level of cybersecurity. In particular, it is important to prevent damage from becoming latent in order to prevent the spread of damage and recurrence of cybercrime.
■ About “Phishing Scams and Countermeasures”
Mr. Nobuyo Hiratsuka, Anti-Phishing Council
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“The number of phishing reports has become a very big problem over the last couple of years.”
It has grown rapidly since 2020, and compared to 2019, the number of reports has already increased tenfold. Furthermore, regarding the number of phishing URLs, we have observed a record high of 100,000 in July 2022, and at that point, we have increased about 6.4 times from 2019. In order to combat these, it is important to take measures against phishing emails.
The Anti-Phishing Council has published anti-phishing guidelines. Since phishing is constantly changing according to the situation in the world, we revise it every year. Once you are targeted, you will continue to be targeted until countermeasures are taken, so please be careful. In particular, websites that accept credit cards can be targeted by phishing regardless of scale.
# Anti-phishing guidelines 5 important items
E-mails sent to users must be protected against spoofing e-mails. Requiring multi-factor authentication
Recognize and manage the domain as your own brand and make it known to users Install a server certificate on all pages
To warn users about phishing scams
■ Talk session
“Web skimming reality and countermeasures Reality and countermeasures related to derivation to malicious shop sites”
Mr. Katsumi Ohno, Japan Cybercrime Control Center
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If you imagine what the motivation of the attackers is, I think that financial goals are the best.
With regard to phishing scams, the company’s brand is used to steal ID/password information, so in that sense, domestic companies can be a wide range of targets.
In most cases, phishing sites will redirect you to a screen where you can enter your credit card information. There is also the
falsification of websites (web skimming) that users do not notice at all. If your credit card or personal information is stolen, the information itself can be sold or used freely by the thief, so it is important to prevent it from being stolen first.
I think it’s important to prepare in advance, assuming that there are always risks. It is necessary to make preparations such as what to do when an incident occurs.
Mr. Takamichi Saito, Director of Cyber ​​Security Research Institute, Meiji University
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Attackers also have their own characteristics (revenue model, threat model, crime model), and monetize according to the target industry and business conditions. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of attackers, understand what risks exist in your own industry and business conditions, and prepare countermeasures. “If you get attacked, you’ll be in a hurry and won’t be able to do anything, so I think it’s better to train well.” If management doesn’t get serious about it, effective security measures cannot be
established, and if an incident occurs, the company will be at a loss. ■ Voices of seminar participants (excerpts from the original questionnaire) The introduction of case studies was very helpful. If I have the opportunity to attend another seminar in the future, I would like to hear from you.
I would like to hear about the evolution of cyber security technology, risk management, and initiatives for governance.
I would like to participate when I receive an introduction to a seminar on an interesting theme.
■ Details of the activities of the security enlightenment action “Make Japan’s DX safer”
The Security Federation provides details of the “behind the scenes of cyberattack damage,” which has not been publicly disclosed until now, such as the specific damage caused by cyberattacks and the measures that were actually necessary, which can be conveyed only now that the damage has occurred. We will provide a place to share in a vivid way. Through this action, we aim to raise awareness of cyberattacks, which have become a social problem, and to foster security awareness, which cannot be dismissed as a fire on the other side of the river. If you would like to join the Security Alliance or support the security enlightenment action “Make Japan’s DX safer”, please contact us below.
★Inquiries about membership and support: (Security Federation Secretariat: Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.)
★ Special site for “Making DX in Japan Safer”:
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