Seigo Matsuoka’s Isis Editing School, in commemoration of the 50th opening of the basic course Mamoru, implemented new measures such as introducing an editing lecture by Yuko Tanaka, a researcher of Edo culture.

Isis Editing School
Seigo Matsuoka’s Isis Editing School, in commemoration of the 50th opening of the basic course [Mamoru], implemented new measures such as introducing an editing lecture by Yuko Tanaka, a researcher of Edo culture.

In October 2022, the “Isis Editing School” (operated by Editing Engineering Institute (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akiko Ando, ​​Director: Seigo Matsuoka)) headed by editorial engineer Seigo Matsuoka We are entering the 50th season of the basic course [Mamoru]. To commemorate the 50th term, we will introduce three new measures to create an environment where more people can learn “editing engineering”. The “editing ability check” that anyone can challenge for free has been revised for the first time in eight years. In addition, a special editing lecture will be held by Yuko Tanaka, a researcher of Edo culture and former president of Hosei University, limited to those who have taken the 50th basic course [Mamoru] starting in October. Online editing lectures by instructors of various occupations and ages are also scheduled to be held according to themes.
In February 2000, Seigo Matsuoka began serialization on the book navigation site “Thousand and One Thousand Books”. In June of the same year, the Isis Editing School, headed by Seigo Matsuoka, was born on the Internet as the only place to learn editing engineering. So far, 30,000 people have taken the course, and 850 instructors have been trained (cumulative total). In October 2022, the basic course [Mamoru] will reach its 50th term.
To commemorate the 50th term, we will implement three new measures. We are enhancing the content and experience opportunities so that a wider range of people who seek new learning can experience and learn about “editing engineering.”
● Basic course [Mamoru] New measures for the 50th anniversary: 1. The first introduction of “edited lectures” by celebrities from various fields is a special edited lecture by Yuko Tanaka, a researcher of Edo culture and former president of Hosei University. Today is said to be the era of VUCA. Against the backdrop of a complex and unpredictable social situation and an era in which there is no fixed answer, “editing engineering” is attracting attention as a method for celebrities from various fields to create new value. This time, with the opening of the 50th basic course, we have prepared a mechanism to introduce special lectures by celebrities from various fields.
●For the first stage, Ms. Yuko Tanaka was invited.
Only for students who take 50 Mamoru, in addition to the basic assignments taken in the basic course, Yuko Tanaka’s special edited lecture will be available online live / archive viewing.
– Yuko Tanaka is a graduate of Isis Editing School.
He has taken the basic course [Mamoru], the advanced course [Break], and the advanced course World Reading Mysteries [Separate].
“The Isis Editing School, produced by Seigo Matsuoka, begins with training to recognize things and things with multiple uses and meanings. One of the things I wanted to clarify in this conversation was what is taught in schools. Everything is no longer in time for education in the sense of transmitting knowledge.
From my point of view, the editing school develops its own abilities through “multi-directional cognition”, “quick combination ability”, “concentration on writing (editing and logic)”, and “exploring vocabulary (ideas) through rapid reading”. It seems that the aim is to acquire the ability to create words (thought formation) as richly as possible. Individual instruction is given by many instructors (instructors). Elai-sensei doesn’t go to each individual, but the former students receive training and give guidance, so detailed individual guidance becomes possible. This is possible because the teaching method has been established as the Matsuoka method. In other words, cutting-edge terakoya education on the Internet.
A new resilient intelligence is essential, no matter what the method. The Isis Editing School will become a future educational model. 』 From the afterword of “Japan Question and Answer” (Iwanami Shinsho) Yuko Tanaka
Hosei University Professor Emeritus, Edo Culture Researcher
Born in Yokohama in 1952. Completed doctoral course at Hosei University Graduate School (Japanese Literature major). Previously served as professor, dean, and president of the Hosei University Faculty of Sociology. Specializes in modern Japanese culture and comparative Asian culture. Received the Minister of Education Award for Art Encouragement for New Artists for “Imagination of Edo” (Chikuma Bunko), the Minister of Education Award for Art Encouragement and the Suntory Prize for Arts and Sciences for “One Hundred Dreams of Edo” (Asahi Shimbun, Chikuma Bunko). Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2005. He has served as a book reviewer for the Asahi Shimbun and the Mainichi Shimbun. He also serves as a commentator for “Sunday Morning” (TBS). From the values, perspectives, and sustainable social systems of the Edo period, he often refers to contemporary issues. Main publications “Imagination of Edo” (Chikuma Gakugei Bunko), “One Hundred Dreams of Edo” (Chikuma Shobo), “Kimono Zoshi” (Chikuma Bunko), “Kamui Story Lecture” (Shogakukan), “Edo Studies for the Future” (Shogakukan 101 new book) etc.
Reference information:
Interview with Yuko Tanaka (1) ISIS Debut: The more you expand, the deeper it becomes
Interview with Ms. Yuko Tanaka (3) Learning about [Left]: Making conclusions about temporary fixing at high speed
Interview with Yuko Tanaka (6) The Isis Model: How Each Person Exists
2. Revamped editorial check
Since its opening in 2000, the Isis School of Editing has provided free editing instruction on the Internet for beginners. In 2012, the system was renewed and renamed “editing ability check”. After the system change in 2014, we have made a major renovation for the first time in 8 years to celebrate the 50th term.
To date, about 60,000 people have already taken the “editing ability check”. This is not a group training where everyone is told the same content as in corporate training, nor is it an AI that automatically replies with a fixed content. It is characterized by returning guidance (advice) according to the answer.
In the next five years, we aim to have 50,000 more people experience the editing ability check. We are also considering the creation of a socially meaningful “edited white paper” that reads the times by aggregating response data and performing AI analysis.
●The following points were emphasized in this modification.
・The tasks are changed in a timely manner in order to respond to the rapidly changing times.
・According to the characteristics of the person who receives the editing check, a substitute teacher will correspond
・The system has been modified so that instructions can be returned more quickly. ● Voices from the “editing check” experience questionnaire
・Of course, the guidance from the assistant instructor is easy to read, but I have already learned a lot by writing down my strengths in writing.
・First of all, I was surprised by the analysis and feedback of my thinking process, which I was unaware of.
・They evaluated my answers to the questions I envisioned, which gave me confidence and allowed me to objectively know what my ideas were in words.
3. Continuous “editing workshops” to improve editing skills by instructors To commemorate the opening of the 50th term, we will hold a series of editing workshops to respond to issues and requests in various fields. The editorial school in charge of navigating We will expand the opportunities for many people to experience editing according to the characteristics of the teacher’s interests, occupations, attributes, etc. If you add an editorial approach, you can experience how child rearing, marathon and organizational management, community
revitalization, reading and dictionary usage will change. It will be held online so that it can be accessed from all over the country. From next season onwards, we plan to continue with each season.
●2022/10/5 (Wednesday) 20:00-21:30
“Edited world tour for runners, from jogging to full marathons” Navigator: Isis Editing School instructor Kentaro Sato (vocational school teacher), Yukiyoshi Hotta (digital marketing)
●2022/10/7 (Friday) 19:00-20:30
“Editing techniques for organizational colds! Editing tour to find new ideas” Navigator: Isis Editing School Instructor Yukiori Abe (Company Labor Union Full-Time)
●2022/10/9 (Sun) 14:00-15:30
“Human Resource Development and Editing Skills Compass for New Normal, Imagination and Communication Skills Learned from Editing School” Navigator: Isis Editing School Instructor Yuka Toda (Corporate Human Resources)
●2022/10/11 (Tue) 20:00-21:30
“Connect yourself to the world! Editing communication for social, public interest, and community activities 1, 2, 3”
Navigator: Rika Ishii (co-op employee, environmental problem researcher), teacher and master of Isis Editorial School
Implementation overview
Isis Editing School Basic Course [Mamoru] 50th Event Overview Period: October 24, 2022 (Monday) to February 19, 2023 (Sunday) ■Target: Anyone interested in editing engineering and information editing can participate.
■ Participation fee: General 110,000 yen
■ Discount
Student discount: Students under the age of 23 can use U230% (half price) for the first 20 people
Family Discount: Limited to the first 10 groups, “Family Discount” is available (1 tuition fee for 2 family members living together or up to 4 relatives)
■For the press Interview application: Please contact Isis Editing School. Isis Editing School Forestry Bureau
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