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[Seikatsu Club Co-op/Shiga] New center opening
A rainwater tank is installed for use within the center, and local resources such as floorboards made of locally produced wood are utilized.

Seikatsu Club Co-op (Shiga) (Headquarters: Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture; Number of members: 3,212 as of August 2022; hereinafter referred to as Seikatsu Club Shiga) has opened a new center and will begin shipping from October 10, 2022. started.
[Image 1d2456-567-39699b91ef1dbef093ca-0.jpg&s3=2456-567-19076981a4c69e47d2f7ea570e0ffc02-793x515.jpg
Panoramic view of the new headquarters center
Seikatsu Club Shiga will have more than 3,000 union members in June 2021, and is still growing steadily. As a result, the business expanded, including the amount of distribution, so we built and relocated the headquarters and distribution center.
A feature of the new center is that it serves not only as a
distribution center, but also as a gathering place for Seikatsu Club members. We have a meeting room with a kitchen where you can have a tasting session of the products handled by the co-op and an exchange meeting with the producers, and a nursery room so that you can easily participate in various events with your children. The floorboards of the nursery room are made of local wood from Shiga Prefecture, and the walls are plastered. Union members participated in the creation of the concept and made decisions. In addition, a rainwater tank will be installed and rainwater will be used for toilets, cleaning the center, and laundry. We also plan to install solar panels in the future. In the new center, in addition to delivery work, we aim to be a base where many people, including union members, can gather and learn about food and the environment.
[Image 2d2456-567-0a68918c06d39dbdf5b3-1.jpg&s3=2456-567-6e80aa03e61b35359b15821d4ab49a20-3900x2926.jpg
conference room
[Image 3d2456-567-f1016bddf1dc6e170eef-7.jpg&s3=2456-567-d0202a67bd23f54964be969af42ed77e-1927x1477.jpg
rainwater tank
■ Overview of the new headquarters center
・Address: 1172-1 Mizuhocho, Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture
・Site area: 600 tsubo
・About the building:
1st floor: Warehouse and truck yard (for 17 trucks)
2nd floor: Office, conference room with kitchen (capacity 80 people), nursery room
*The meeting room can be separated by a partition and used as two rooms. * Install a rainwater tank. Used for toilet, cleaning and laundry. [Image 4d2456-567-13a6c62282475ff64503-3.jpg&s3=2456-567-b7d37902d3ca6839e3254b2d5831ae4b-2592x1944.jpg
Nursery room before flooring and plastering
The floorboards were installed and plastered by Seikatsu Club members themselves.
[Image 5d2456-567-8470974d560d3af6b5fb-6.png&s3=2456-567-09757ba0e827afa143fbd2e071e020e0-738x736.png
[Image 6d2456-567-cf7b8095ad381c5bdbbb-4.png&s3=2456-567-e080397cfd6ea28e7b8d364903f44376-952x953.png
[Image 7d2456-567-7a95696f5cca29a2ef36-5.png&s3=2456-567-c740f49369a91463017e4c01072e4000-973x910.png
New Headquarters Center Opening Commemorative Event ~ We will hold an event once or twice a month to commemorate the opening.
Saturday, October 22nd
Marche 10:00-12:00
We welcome organic vegetable producers. We will set up a tasting corner for meat etc.
Saturday, November 5th
Let’s compare gyoza with commercially available products 10:00-13:00 Marche 13:00-15:00 Affiliated producer: Mise Shoji
Learn about Seikatsu Club’s frozen dumplings, which are made from domestic skins and ingredients. There is also a delicious cooking demonstration.
Saturday, December 3rd
Seikatsu Club Sweets and Additives Study Session 10:00-12:00 Marche 12:00-14:00 Affiliated Producer: Misawa Foods
■ About Seikatsu Club
Seikatsu Club is a co-op organized by 33 regional co-ops in 21 prefectures with approximately 420,000 members. The business turnover is about 100 billion yen. From production to disposal, we practice a sustainable lifestyle through group purchasing activities that consider safety and health. Currently, the activities of the Seikatsu Club Co-op have led to the establishment of Workers’ Collectives, with more than 300 collectives centered around each organization’s area, creating projects necessary for the community, such as welfare and the creation of places to stay.
Currently, we are cooperating with all people involved with Seikatsu Club, such as willing producers, to promote the “local SDGs” that expand the circle of circulation and coexistence beyond regions and generations. Through this initiative, we aim to realize a sustainable society that is self-sufficient and circulates in food (F), energy (E), and welfare (C).
‣ Homepage:
‣Click here to join and request materials: [Image 8d2456-567-432fc0ede41a52f541e6-8.jpg&s3=2456-567-f4bc07dda6afc4e6e20bb128af89a2a9-1376x1029.jpg
■ Award history of Seikatsu Club
-Worldwide evaluation-
1989 “THE RIGHT LIVELIHOOD AWARD” honorary award
(*Also called “another Nobel Prize”)
1995 Received “We Humans: 50 Communities Award” from “Friends of the United Nations” commemorating the 50th anniversary of the
establishment of the United Nations
1999 Developed ultralight milk bottle Good Design Award
2006 Greenpeace Japan’s “True Food Special Award”
2007 Minister of the Environment Award for R-bottle activity (bottle reuse network)
2009 “Food Action Nippon Award 2009” Excellence Award
2010 Food Action Nippon Award 2010 Manufacturing/Distribution/System Division Award
(Due to the increase in self-sufficiency of 14.5 billion kilocalories through the supply of domestic consumption materials)
2013 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service Tokyo Metropolitan Area/Kinki Ranked 1st
2013 FOOD ACTION NIPPON AWARD 2013 Winner “Power to Eat” Campaign 2014 Food Action Nippon Award 2014 Awarded “Seikatsu Club’s healthy food design ‘Biosapo'” contributed to improving the food
self-sufficiency rate
2014 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service No. 1 in the Tokyo metropolitan area
2015 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service Tokyo Metropolitan Area/Kinki Ranked 1st
2015 – Book selection meeting – won the 8th Japan Women’s University Home Economics Award
2016 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service Kinki Ranked 1st
2018 70th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Co-op Law Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Commendation 2018 6th Ministry of the Environment Good Life Award Excellence Award
(NPO/Voluntary Organization Category)
2020 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service No. 1 in the Tokyo metropolitan area
2022 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Food Delivery Service No. 1 in the Tokyo metropolitan area/Tokai/Kinki region
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