Seiren Co., Ltd. Seiren’s femtech brand “hanayaka” will be exhibited at the 1st Femtech Tokyo.

Seiren Co., Ltd.
Seiren’s femtech brand “hanayaka” will be exhibited at the 1st Femtech Tokyo. Even Blue Day is beautiful and gorgeous! “Ultimate non-sewn
water-absorbing shorts hanayaka (R)” unveiled for the first time
General fiber manufacturer Seiren Co., Ltd. (Fukui head office: Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture; Tokyo head office: Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo/Chairman Tatsuo Kawada) has launched Seiren’s original water-absorbing shorts “hanayaka (R)” as the first. We will exhibit at Femtech Tokyo. As the second installment of the “hanayaka (R)” series, which has been well received as water-absorbing shorts that solve women’s problems, we will unveil the “ultimate non-sewn
water-absorbing shorts hanayaka (R)” for the first time. This product will be pre-sold at the support purchase site Makuake from the end of November.
In addition, at the venue, we will also hold a spot sale of
water-absorbing shorts “hanayaka (R)” (first edition) with a style-up function. If you purchase at the venue on the day, you will receive a discount from the regular price. In addition, at the venue, discount coupons for hanayaka that can be used until December 31, 2022 will be distributed.
Sales site
■ Product sales page
[Image 1

Exhibition overview
Exhibition destination 1st Femtech Tokyo
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Hall 7, East Exhibition Hall (booth number: 1-18) Date: October 20th (Thursday) to October 22nd (Saturday), 2022 Contents of the exhibition: New product, the ultimate non-sewn, water-absorbing shorts hanayaka (R)
Water absorption shorts hanayaka (R) with style-up function (spot sale) Other Femtech related products (Freshiru, etc.)
New product introduction The ultimate no-sewing water-absorbing shorts Hanayaka (R)
[Image 2

* Scheduled to start pre-sale at Makuake from the end of November [4 recommended points]
[Image 3

1. Patented material FLEXMOVE(R)∞
We adopted the material “Flexmove ∞ (flex move infinity)” that stretches freely 360 °.
Outstanding comfort that fits the movement of the body.
[Image 4

2. Gorgeous design
A total of 5 patterns are available in two types: a basic pattern with unevenness that makes use of the features of FLEXMOVE∞, and an elegant flower pattern.
The design makes you feel better even on Blue Day.

3. Seamless and stress-free
The waist, leg openings and crotch are all seamless.
This product is stress-free and does not show through your outerwear. [Image 5

4. The crotch part absorbs water well and makes the skin smooth A secure 5-layer structure that prevents leaks even though it is seamless. The crotch part uses a special material with high deodorizing properties, making the skin smooth and comfortable.
[Image 6

Product introduction: Water-absorbing shorts hanayaka (R) with style-up function [Image 7

[Image 8

Available at Seiren Online Shop!
Sales site
[Discount campaign]
If you purchase water-absorbing shorts hanayaka (R) with a style-up function at the 1st Femtech Tokyo, you will get 30% off the regular price. In addition, a discount code will be distributed at the venue that will apply 30% off if entered when purchasing on the EC site. [3 recommended points]
1. Patent material FLEXMOVE (R)
We adopted the material “Flexmove (R)” that stretches freely 360°. [Image 9

2. Original material VISCOMAGIC
Adopted seamless pressure control fabric “VISCOMAGIC (R)”
Achieved style-up performance with seamless power switching. [Image 10

3. Attention to the crotch part
Smooth touch with special textured material with excellent water absorption The 4-layer structure absorbs water well and prevents leakage. [Image 11

Product line-up Water absorbing shorts hanayaka(R) with styling function [shorts type]
[Image 12

[Long type]
[Image 13

[Size chart]
[Image 14d88721-11-7ab46be81ef849861130-13.jpg&s3=88721-11-805426f98e08a2e33adfae59b6690bc0-1513x246.jpg

Product introduction Freseal (R)
FRAICHIR(R) is a processing technology that fixes the natural protein “sericin” that composes the cocoon thread to the fiber. It imparts the characteristics of silk to the fiber, such as “absorption/desorption”, “antistatic”, and “kindness to the skin”. It is a product that is expected to be a material that reduces irritation to the sexual skin in the femtech field.
[Image 15d88721-11-03b143599d62e118312f-14.jpg&s3=88721-11-30f860ee6a6b1ab8e9d53582f7103465-2482x2472.jpg
[Image 16d88721-11-9b195a3f81a161c0f5e8-15.jpg&s3=88721-11-e7d5a26c52b919c3a0f65d5b3c9d3c7f-2482x2377.jpg

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