Seki Kagu Co., Ltd. Seki Kagu Original Introducing a personal desk “AL-P” using a “Made in Japan” top plate carefully finished by craftsmen down to the details

Seki Furniture Co., Ltd.
[Seki Kagu Original] A new personal desk “AL-P” using a “Made in Japan” top plate carefully finished by craftsmen down to the details You can choose from walnut or oak (made to order) for the top plate, and oil or urethane coating.

Seki Furniture Co., Ltd. (Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Tadashi Seki, hereinafter referred to as Seki Furniture) is an original personal desk that uses a “Made in Japan” top plate that has been carefully finished in detail from WINcase. We will sell -AL-P-. [Image 1

《AL-P by WINcase》
■Scheduled release: Beginning of October 2022
■ Price: 88,000 yen (96,800 yen including tax)
A high-quality personal desk using a solid laminated wood top plate made in Japan.
A luxurious desk carefully crafted by craftsmen.
Features of AL-P
■ High-quality “Made in Japan” top plate
The top plate uses a high-quality solid laminated wood top plate. It is a luxurious top plate that has been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail by Japanese craftsmen. The top plate has a gentle curve so that the body can easily enter when working at a desk. [Image 2

AL-P_ top plate
■ Wiring holder that stores cables smartly
Installed wiring slits and holders that can smartly store the cables of peripheral devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. The wiring holder can be accessed in the shortest distance from any place on the desk. The wiring holder under the desk is also made of the same solid laminated wood as the top plate.
[Image 3

AL-P_Wiring holder
■Chamfering of the top plate with attention to detail
The top plate is carefully chamfered so that it won’t hurt even if you touch it with your hands. Safety and design are carefully made to the smallest detail.
[Image 4

[Image 5

” Product Summary ”
Product name AL-P [120]
Size Width 1200 x Depth 700 x Height 705mm
Top thickness 20mm
Weight about 25.0kg
Material: Top plate/solid laminated wood (walnut, oak)
      Legs/steel (powder coating)
Production Top plate/Japan, legs/China
* The product information (price, specifications, etc.) listed is current as of the date of announcement. Subject to change without notice. Please note.
About WINcase
WINcase delivers items that are kind to workers and make desk work comfortable. We are developing an interior that pursues elegance and comfort, centered on high-performance chairs. Available at furniture stores, interior shops, and online shops nationwide.
■ WINcase official website
■ Official Instagram account
■ Hashtag
#seki furniture
Company Profile
We are a furniture general trading company located in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a furniture production area. In addition to wholesale sales of furniture for general households to furniture stores, interior shops, and mail-order companies nationwide, restaurants such as hotels and restaurants, house builders, building contractors, and offices, we provide furniture interiors and space design, as well as Seki Kagu. It also operates the Okawa main store, CRASHGATE, and Atelier Kiba stores. Based on our corporate philosophy of creating new life scenes and providing happiness and excitement to people, we focus on product planning and development and develop many original brands.
Company name Seki Furniture Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Tadashi Seki
Head office location: 201-1 Hatabo, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established November 2, 1982
Business content Planning, wholesale, retail sales, and contract business for furniture, interior, and housing-related products Capital 150 million yen (including capital reserve)
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