Sendai Ikuei Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. donated the robot lawn mower “Automore 315 Mark II”

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[Sendai Ikuei] Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. donated the robot lawn mower “Automore 315 Mark II”

We were presented with a fully automatic robot lawn mower designed by our school.
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In 2005, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen will promote the creation of a new school toward 2030 (the 125th anniversary of its founding).
We have set the slogan “I-Challenge125” and its logo with this thought and determination.
This time, the Husqvarna Group sympathized with our school’s desire to promote the SDGs,
From Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd., the environmentally friendly fully automatic robotic lawn mower “Automore 315”
Mark II” was donated. Husqvarna Zenoah is headquartered in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
While based in
A company that manufactures and sells The donated Automore has the Sendai Ikuei Gakuen logo and mark.
Original design. Introduced to the lawn of about 250 square meters in the courtyard of the Tagajo school building, it is used in green space management.
We will contribute to SDGs by reducing CO2 and saving labor. 《Continuing to help tackle environmental impact and global warming issues》 On September 26th (Monday), the robot lawn mower “Automore 315 Mark II” will be exhibited at the NC Hall of our school’s Tagajo school building.
A presentation ceremony was held. Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. donated Automore at the presentation ceremony
Mr. Hideo Shirakawa and Automore cooperated in the cover design with the Sendai Ikuei Gakuen logo.
Mr. Yoshihiro Ohashi of Alpine Co., Ltd. of Husqvarna Automore Shop, Husqvarna authorized dealer,
Many guests including Mr. Takahiro Saito of Saito Shokai Co., Ltd. attended. [Image 2d59073-36-bf699286a6ec34fda97b-2.jpg&s3=59073-36-ecd2a259db7fbeb544aeac6ac992a3f3-3000x2250.jpg
[Image 3d59073-36-a6c6c6e34ca41aa0e7fc-0.jpg&s3=59073-36-e8c34d6d22ac37fd68ea07da7163fedf-3900x2925.jpg
First of all, Mr. Hideo Shirakawa of Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. said, “Sendai Ikuei Gakuen is “I-Challenge125”
By doing so, we will work on the SDGs toward 2030.
Since the direction is similar, we would like you to use the “Automore 315 Mark II” to reduce the environmental load and
I donated it because I want you to work on global warming. and greetings Thank you.
Next, on behalf of our school, Seiichi Kato, head of the principal’s office and managing director, gave the following greetings to the guests.
“Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Educational Foundation has established
I-Challenge as a medium-term management plan for 2030, the 125th anniversary of its founding.
125 have been formulated and implemented. Strangely enough, 2030 will be the year of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
I-Challenge 125 matches the achievement period and many of the contents match the mission of the school, so I-Challenge 125 Contains a lot of essence. In particular, we must respond to global warming as an organization, and
Consideration for the safety of staff during the summer is an urgent issue as an educational institution that sustainably nurtures the next generation.
Thanks to the donation of Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd.’s Auto Mower 315 Mark II, it is possible to reduce the amount of time required to cut grass compared to conventional lawn mowing.
Not only can work be done with low noise without interfering with educational activities, but CO2 emissions can also be suppressed, making it possible for staff to operate during the summer.
Safety considerations, labor saving, and improvement of work efficiency can be expected. Husqbar is verifying the effectiveness of the equipment donated this time
We hope to collaborate with Na Zenoa Co., Ltd. and consider further developments in the future.”
After the presentation ceremony, the donated Automore was installed on the lawn in the courtyard of the Tagajo school building.
I started driving right away.
[Image 4d59073-36-dc1a42877e2266d2a17b-5.jpg&s3=59073-36-8fd4e904a2c6112327b0cce6f4bda391-3000x2250.jpg
[Image 5d59073-36-18c5f2c62623f9246798-3.jpg&s3=59073-36-f8e9f4c593429cf2eef4e8269f861d8e-3000x2250.jpg
With the desire to promote the creation of a new school for the coming year 2030 (125th anniversary)
With determination, we set the slogan “I-Challenge125” and its logo mark. While being aware that it is a private school, we aim to achieve the goal by 2030, the 125th anniversary of our founding.
The perspective of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) is also added to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
We are working on the business we have adopted.
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