Sendai X-TECH Promotion Secretariat Sendai X-TECH Lecture Series Vol.2 “Web 3.0 × New Possibilities for Solvi ng Social Issues Created by AI” Held

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Sendai X-TECH Lecture Series Vol.2 “Web 3.0 x AI Creates New Possibilities for Solving Social Issues” Held
-“Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023-Online Lecture Audience Recruitment”

The city of Sendai has established the Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023, an initiative aimed at creating an ecosystem that will sustainably generate AI-related businesses, the Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023. : Takashi Takekawa, special site:, “Sendai X-TECH Lecture Series Vol.2 Web 3.0 × New Possibilities for Solving Social Issues Born from AI” We will be holding an online lecture titled.
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At this event, we will introduce the basics of “Web 3.0”, which has been attracting attention in recent years, and efforts to revitalize local communities and solve social issues with Web 3.0 x AI. In Part 1, Mr. Daigo Sato of NPO, who started the “Mishima Whiskey Project” of Web 3.0 x Whiskey x Regional Revitalization as a cutting-edge initiative in Japanese town development, will talk about the basics of Web 3.0 and the actual situation. We will talk about our efforts for regional revitalization.
In Part 2, Mr. Takuma Oue, Director of ExaWizards, Inc., who published “AI Strategy in the Web3 Era: A Positive Spiral to Turn Solving Social Issues into a Growth Business” in August this year, will talk about the relationship between Web 3.0 and AI, We would like to hear about the use of this technology to promote the resolution of social issues. In addition, Mr. Hideki Fukudome of Sparkle Co., Ltd., who promotes “Michinoku DAO” in Sendai and Tohoku, will also take the stage and hold a talk session on the possibilities of Web 3.0 and AI in solving social issues and regional revitalization.
Overview of the event
Lecture title: Sendai X-TECH Lecture Series 2022 Vol.2 Born with Web 3.0 × AI         New possibilities for solving social issues
Date and time: Tuesday, November 1, 2022, 19:00-20:30
Holding method: Online
1. Opening (opening remarks) 19:00-19:05
2. Keynote speech 19:05-19:50
1. “What is Web 3? ~New Possibilities Leading to Solving Social Issues and Revitalizing Local Areas~”
(Speaker: Daigo Sato)
2. “Web 3 and AI- Turning social problem solving into a growing business!” (Speaker: Tasuma Oue)
3. Talk session “From Sendai! Change society with AI and data!” 19:50-20:25 (Speakers: Daigo Sato, Takuma Oue, Hideki Fukudome)
Four. Closing (closing remarks) 20:25-20:30
Participant Targets: Managers of companies/organizations interested in AI in Sendai/Tohoku, business personnel
AI beginners (both engineers and non-engineers)
Participant recruitment period: Until 18:00 on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 Please refer to the following URL for details on the contents of this course and how to apply for participation.
■ Speaker biographies
[Image 2d84933-16-e84f6796762971635124-4.jpg&s3=84933-16-a9841cd8bd6fb2e411d7bd2f1130bfc9-1299x1490.jpg
Daigo Sato
Chairman of NPO Dot JP
Professor, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Musashino University Born in Osaka in 1973. Started business while studying law at Osaka University, then dropped out. In 1998, he established the non-profit organization Dot JP with the aim of improving the voter turnout of young people. Runs internship programs at lawmakers’ offices, embassies, NPOs, social enterprises, etc. To date, 40,000 students have participated, of which more than 150 are active members of the Diet. In 2010, he founded JustGiving Japan, the world’s largest donation site from the United Kingdom (after joining the LIFULL Group in 2017, transferred the business to Trust Bank in 2019). Efforts were also made to create a donation culture in Japan, such as by growing it into the largest donation site in Japan.
In August of this year, he announced that he would be the first non-profit organization in Japan to convert the NPO corporation, which he is the representative of, into a DAO. In October, as a cutting-edge initiative in urban development in Japan, we are promoting the solution of social issues and regional revitalization using the mechanism of web 3.0, such as starting the “Mishima Whiskey Project” of web 3.0 x whiskey x regional revitalization. .
[Image 3d84933-16-2e09a187ebb324ee52ba-2.jpg&s3=84933-16-241a7404f842a50ac3a93289911092d7-245x293.jpg
Tama Oue
Director of ExaWizards Inc.
Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. Graduated from Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering (Urban Planning, AI/Data Science). In 2013, joined Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Joined ExaWizards Co., Ltd. in 2018 after engaging in numerous projects such as business growth strategy, corporate transformation, DX promotion, and new business launch. Since April 2019, he has been responsible for hundreds of AI introductions and DX realizations annually as an executive officer in charge of the AI ​​business. Appointed Director in June 2020. Visiting associate professor at the University of Hyogo. His publications include “Next-Generation AI Strategy 2025: 20 Rapidly Changing Fields, Transformation Scenario 128” (Nikkei BP, 2021) and “AI Strategy in the Web3 Era: A Positive Spiral that Turns Solving Social Issues into Growth Business” (Nikkei BP, 2022).
[Image 4d84933-16-07b53a467d383d4eb84f-3.jpg&s3=84933-16-580f8d429750980c98f4eec98242f324-175x211.jpg
Hideki Fukudome
Sparkle Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Founder of Michinoku DAO
After graduating from Tohoku University Graduate School, engaged in new business development and PMO projects for many clients as an IT strategy consultant at SIGMAXYZ Co., Ltd., and then participated in MAKOTO Capital. Mainly responsible for management consulting work by promoting DX for Tohoku core companies. Leading all project phases from DX concept formulation to introduction and execution. Engaged in venture business investment business centered on digital start-up companies and alliance formation with local governments and
cooperating organizations. Director of General Incorporated
Association DX NEXT TOHOKU, Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support Project Judge, Tokeiren Business Center DX Commercialization Coordinator, General Incorporated Association Tohoku Kizuna Table Director.
[Image 5d84933-16-733d2edb5da936a4a68d-5.png&s3=84933-16-e87c89778fb502378fe4e92ff71dbced-800x800.png
Takashi Takekawa (Facilitator)
zero to one Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO
Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Tohoku University (Visiting) After working at Nomura Securities in Japan and overseas (London), established Asahi Net International, Inc. in New York in 2011. As the representative director of the company, he promoted the globalization of the educational support system business for higher education institutions. Since 2014, at Impact Japan, he has led an entrepreneur development and support project in Tohoku and established an innovation center in Sendai City. In 2016, he established zero to one at the same center, and is promoting the development of advanced IT human resources such as AI mainly through the provision of online teaching materials and systems. He is also a specially appointed associate professor at Tohoku University and a director of AI Business Promotion Consortium. 2006 Harvard University Master of Business Administration (MBA).
■Information on the special website for the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023”
In the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023”, various programs will be implemented as an initiative to create an ecosystem “AI-Ready City Sendai” that will sustainably generate AI-related businesses. Details will be updated from time to time on the special site below.
■ Overview of the Secretariat
Name: Sendai X-TECH Promotion Office
Date of establishment: September 7, 2021
Purpose: Planning and operation of “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023”        Building an ecosystem that creates new businesses with X-TECH from Sendai Participating organization: zero to one Co., Ltd.
AI inside Co., Ltd.
      Miyax Co., Ltd.
      Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. TECH PLAY COMPANY
      Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. EIICON COMPANY

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