SGST Develops and Starts Sales of Smart Lockers for Dispensing with AI

SGST Co., Ltd.
SGST Develops and Starts Sales of Smart Lockers for Dispensing with AI ~ Prescription drugs can be received 24 hours a day ~

SGST Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasumitsu Oshika, hereinafter referred to as our company), a developer of IoT / AI solutions, is a Kikokoro Kanazawa Branch (Address: 428-1 Chikaokacho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, CEO: In collaboration with Hiroshi Nakagawa), we will develop and start selling dispensing delivery smart lockers. Kikokoro Co., Ltd. provides services that make citizens happier by introducing and applying the latest technology in health care support for the mind and body. Aiming to become a DX (Digital Transformation) pharmacy, we are proposing high-quality services to patients and efficiency improvement of pharmacies. In addition, in response to the new coronavirus, we are promoting the development of contactless services using IoT, AI, and robots for restaurants, general retail stores, and medical institutions.
Today, in the age of COVID-19, the demand for BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store: Order online and receive products at physical stores) is rapidly expanding at retail stores such as restaurants and apparel. Smart lockers for delivery are attracting attention. It is expected that customers will be able to deliver in a short time without lining up at physical stores, which will lead to a reduction in the work of the staff in charge and a reduction in the risk of infection.
Pharmacies also aim to contribute to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection by shortening patient waiting times. In addition, after receiving the prescription, the patient will be able to receive the prescribed medicine at the smart locker at any time. In the future, efforts to deliver prescription drugs using the smart locker service after online medication guidance will progress. [Image 1

In general, the benefits of smart lockers include:
1) You don’t have to carry a physical key (no problems with lost keys) 2) You can send and receive QR codes, barcodes, etc. over the Internet, so you can easily handle them with your smartphone. 3) When using face recognition, you can unlock the locker empty-handed by verifying your identity just by scanning your face.
4) It is not necessary to remember which place in the locker the product was put into. When you receive it, the product will be at the door that opens automatically after authentication. By applying smart lockers, it is possible to reduce the burden on patients who have been involved in dispensation delivery, improve convenience, and improve the work efficiency of dispensing pharmacies.
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[Overview of Smart Locker]
Based on the advanced image recognition algorithm of the world’s leading partner in image recognition technology, we will create a new generation of smart lockers together with the industry’s top cabinet manufacturers.
There are two delivery methods for the smart locker service. One is “A deposits and A receives”, the second is “A deposits and B receives”. Face authentication, QR code authentication, barcode authentication, and code authentication are available for receiving products and packages. Since it supports various authentication methods, it is possible to receive parcels according to the user’s request. One of our strengths is that we can customize the size (length, width, depth) of individual containers, the number of stacking stages, and the layout according to the environment where the lockers are installed. There is a high demand for contactless authentication due to the corona crisis, and we expect that face authentication using AI will increase as a user need in the future.
(Note) The data for facial recognition is treated as personal information, so prior approval by the person is required. In addition, after the data is encrypted, it is possible to select the intranet, domestic server, etc. as the actual storage location.
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[About our solution business]
We advocate an “innovation company 10 years from now” and aim to connect people, things, and information with AI, improve the convenience of people’s lives, and contribute to the development of life infrastructure. Through our various smart solution products and services, we continue to challenge ourselves to fulfill our mission by providing a “smart life” that makes the lives of our users more enjoyable, bright, colorful, and happy.
With the aim of reducing the burden on restaurants and medical institution staff who are exhausted from dealing with the new coronavirus, we are proposing contactless services using AI-equipped robots. The use of service robots in restaurants and the introduction of smart lockers can be expected to reduce the risk of infection and reduce labor costs, and the use of ultraviolet irradiation and photocatalyst robots in medical institutions supports efficient sterilization work. In large-scale hospitals, we will also propose to use it as an in-hospital guide robot.
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[Overview of Kikokoro Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Kikokoro Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 147-1 Matsuki, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture Established: July 2021
Representative Director: Hiroshi Nakagawa
Business description:
・”DXD rug” operation business (dispensing pharmacy, sales of pharmaceuticals, etc., development and sales of medical-related applications)
・Environmental facility business (water-related, power
generation-related, AI robot development, etc.)
・Hot spring-related business (natural hot spring source sales, aquaculture/planting, UFB artificial hot spring)
Company website
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Smart Base Tokyo
[Overview of SGST]
We are a system integrator that aims to be one of the first to work on cutting-edge solutions inside and outside Japan in the areas of IoT and AI, and to quickly introduce them to Japanese customers. It features an agile development method based on rapid prototyping and demonstrates superiority in short-term, high-speed delivery. Company name: SGST Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Yasumitsu Oshika
Head office: 4-1-1 Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, development, operation and maintenance of solutions utilizing IoT and AI (brand name: Puvio)
-Puvio Imaging Search 2021 (AI-based customer flow analysis at commercial facilities)
-Domestic deployment, import and agency of foreign-made robots (UBTECH, Pudu, etc.)
-Puvio AI electronic whiteboard (Cloud-linked next-generation whiteboard) -Biometric cashless locker
-JuBY2021 (Jubai: biometric authentication gateway service by face, fingerprint, retina, vein, etc.)
-Unmanned store solution
-Self-checkout with weight sensor, image processing AI, and QR code payment Homepage:
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[Inquiries regarding this matter]
SGST Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Yutaka Isobe, GM, Business Promotion Department Phone: 03(4500)9880
Email: Please use the Contact listed on the HP.

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