Shannon Co., Ltd. Shannon starts providing “SFA function that can increase business negotiations” integrat ed with domestic marketing automation

Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon launches “SFA function that can increase business
negotiations” integrated with domestic marketing automation

Shannon Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichiro Nakamura, Securities Code: 3976, hereinafter Shannon) has visualized the status of business negotiations integrated with domestic marketing automation
(hereinafter MA), and SFA function (sales support function). As a result, companies can not only visualize the status of business negotiations and check tasks according to the situation, but also recover by utilizing the customer’s behavior history.
In addition, since it is integrated with MA, sales activities and marketing data are centrally managed, making it possible to visualize the cost-effectiveness of marketing and implement marketing measures according to the sales situation.
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■ Features of Shannon’s SFA function
[Image 1d2984-284-6be1385b40508257eebb-0.png&s3=2984-284-dce7d893c1b6d2bb60f28f4ca603ff88-643x261.png
-It is possible to create business negotiations by integrating with domestic MA- Since Shannon’s SFA is integrated with MA, all behavior histories of customers and companies are centrally managed, enabling a sales approach based on a deep understanding of customers.
In addition, when a customer during business negotiations accesses the website, the sales representative will be notified by e-mail, and DMs and e-mails will be distributed simultaneously under the individual sales person’s name, and only those customers who have responded will be called. It is also possible to create business negotiations such as -Easy-to-use Opportunity Management-
You can easily manage the status of negotiations, such as negotiation amount, expected order timing, progress, etc., in list format and Kanban format.
Since it also has a task management function, the status confirmation of the sales manager and the person in charge, such as confirming activities in MTG, registering next actions, and reconciling activities, is streamlined.
By using business negotiation management and task management, it is possible to predict the arrival of the current month and manage activities for it.
-Affordable price for peace of mind even for first-time SFA- At 6,000 yen per account, it is reasonably priced so even customers who are new to SFA can use it with peace of mind.
■Usage image
-Usage for individual MTG by sales manager/person in charge- [Image 2d2984-284-a878f79c88ae65d0d160-1.png&s3=2984-284-454c46eefd3cc376a4eb9191a0a3fece-643x292.png
By using Shannon’s SFA, it is possible to “confirm this month’s landing / closing support”, “confirm business negotiation strategy plan and activity based on customer situation”, and “confirm customer’s activity” in individual MTG of sales manager and person in charge. Become.
● Confirmation and closing support for this month:
・Check the phase status of the entire business negotiation and confirm the forecast for this month
・Check activities for each business negotiation and support closing ● Confirmation of business negotiation strategies and activities based on the customer situation:
・For business negotiations with low prospects, support strategy plans and set deadlines for activities
・Check the implementation status and results of activities that have passed the deadline
● Customer activity confirmation:
・Check the web access and email clicks of the person in charge of the business negotiating company
・Check whether anyone other than the person in charge is accessing the web or clicking emails in the entire business negotiation company -Development of new business negotiations-
[Image 3d2984-284-1c5e7534535fe90660b2-2.jpg&s3=2984-284-2c79b4bc01216173b8de3e9066e7f5cc-2208x935.jpg
Shannon’s SFA is integrated with MA so you can develop the new opportunities you need to reach your sustainable goals.
●Examples of developing new business deals:
・ Send DM all at once from MA with the name of the individual sales person ・When the DM arrives, send an email with the sales person’s name all at once ・Telephone follow-up for customers who responded to clicks, etc. ・Reserve activities for non-response customers and manage activities so that there are no omissions
■ Function introduction (partial)
-SFA function-
[Image 4d2984-284-30e13f5a68ba303ebdbc-3.jpg&s3=2984-284-c49c6d6c862d7b06e1ddbfe108bfb3b5-643x255.jpg

[Image 5d2984-284-9b32f61cfa622bc64852-4.jpg&s3=2984-284-51078fc569ea055489d1fdb8007e8504-642x277.jpg
-Integrated MA function-
[Image 6d2984-284-509ecb538aab4b6c3a52-5.jpg&s3=2984-284-36cb4795336071e3f81a60bc1001cc70-642x448.jpg

[Image 7d2984-284-08933876ed5dc9b93fb3-6.jpg&s3=2984-284-f22145312989c6b2efcd20a6377ee2cb-643x345.jpg
■ About Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon provides products, solutions, and services that solve corporate marketing issues, with cloud technology at its core. Shannon’s marketing cloud, which realizes digital-analog marketing that combines digital and analog, and provides events, seminars, marketing automation, CMS, ad technology, and metaverse, can be used regardless of industry from finance, IT / communication, manufacturing to public institutions. It is used in various scenes from large to medium scale.
Company name: Shannon Inc. (English: SHANON Inc.)
Securities code 3976 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth)
Representative: Kenichiro Nakamura, President and Representative Director Location: 4th floor, Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, development, sales, and support for cloud-based marketing solutions
       Provision of consulting and services related to marketing URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this news release
Shannon Co., Ltd. Marketing Department
TEL: 03-6743-1565
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