Sharp World’s first (*1) demonstrating effectiveness in reducing airborne novel coronavirus (Omicron BA.1 strain (*2)) using Plasmacluster technology

Dear members of the press,
The world’s first (*1) demonstration of the effect of reducing the novel coronavirus (Omicron BA.1 strain (*2)) floating in the air with Plasmacluster technology.
Validated by Columbia University School of Medicine

Professor Moriya Tsuji (Infectious Diseases and Immunology) of Columbia University School of Medicine, a world-famous research institute in the United States, conducted tests on Sharp’s
Plasmacluster technology and confirmed that it was the world’s first floating novel coronavirus (Omicron). BA.1 strain)” was demonstrated to be effective in reducing the virus infectious titer (*3) by 99.3% by irradiating Plasmacluster ions for 15 minutes.
In this airborne virus test, a high-concentration concentrated solution of Omicron BA.1, a mutant strain of the “novel coronavirus”, was sprayed into a 102L test box (* 4) in an aerosol form, and plasmacluster ions ( Irradiated with an ion concentration of about 25,000/cm3) and verified the effect of reducing airborne viruses. As a result, a significant reduction in virus infectivity (99.3% reduction after 15 minutes of irradiation) was confirmed, and Plasmacluster technology effectively works against mutated and highly infectious Omicron strains that float in the air. has been proven to do. This verification test was started in April 2020 when we received an inquiry about our Plasmacluster technology from Columbia University, which was investigating effective infection control technology against the “new coronavirus”. . At that time, since December 2019, when the outbreak of the “new coronavirus” was confirmed, the number of infected people and deaths was increasing rapidly around the world, and effective measures were required. We received a request for cooperation from the university and provided funds and test equipment. An independent test was conducted at the same university, and this effect was confirmed.
For more than 20 years since 2000, we have been promoting academic marketing (*5) to demonstrate the effects of Plasmacluster technology at domestic and overseas third-party testing institutions. Including this verification, 13 overseas testing laboratories have been able to suppress the action of “floating serratia (hospital infection bacteria)” (Harvard University, USA) and “floating influenza virus” (Vietnam Pasteur Institute). verification, clinical efficacy verification such as “Effect of reducing the risk of tuberculosis infection in tuberculosis hospitals” (National Tuberculosis Hospital, Georgia), and furthermore, elucidation of the “suppression mechanism of viruses, fungi, and bacteria” (Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany) etc. have been implemented. At the same time, we have continued to verify the safety of Plasmacluster technology for many years.
We will continue to actively demonstrate the effectiveness of Plasmacluster technology not only in Japan but also overseas, and contribute to society.
*1 In ion release air purification technology for SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1 strain. (According to our research as of October 13, 2022) *2 A type of Omicron strain, which is a novel coronavirus mutation strain. BA.1 is the main type that was prevalent in Japan from January to March 2022.
*3 The number of infectious virus particles.
*4 A dedicated test box placed in a safety cabinet.
*5 A marketing method of verifying scientific data on the efficacy of technology in collaboration with cutting-edge academic research institutes and promoting commercialization based on that data. ● Plasmacluster is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation. * The information contained in the news release is the information as of the date of the press release. Please note that the content may have changed by the time you read it.
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