Shibuya Hikarie C& Digital Art Exhibition and Super Welfare School @SHIBUYA 2022 events will be held!

Shibuya Hikarie
Events such as C& Digital Art Exhibition and Super Welfare School @ SHIBUYA 2022 will be held!
Event information for Shibuya Hikarie Creative Space 8/ in November 2022
In November 2022, various events such as C & Digital Art Exhibition and Super Welfare School @ SHIBUYA 2022 will be held at Creative Space 8/ (Creative Space Hachi) on the 8th floor of Shibuya Hikarie, a high-rise complex operated by Tokyu Corporation. We will inform you that it will be held.
C& Digital Art Exhibition -Light and Image-Mixing Sounds / Resonating and Fusing Wooden Boxes-
11/17 (Thu)-11/29 (Tue) 11:00-20:00 (until 16:00 on the last day) [Image 1

C& (Sea End), a digital content production company. Hironori Sugino and Shimg02 will exhibit new works in three parts, including digital art works. In the work “Mixed Sounds”, in which the image changes in response to sound, the pitch and volume are identified, and the color of the ink changes. The ink reproduces the shades of Copic ink and expresses vivid colors like alcohol ink art. We also sell
collaboration works and products with Tokyo Chainsaws. A Copic alcohol ink art workshop will also be held during the exhibition. Please join us for a casual workshop where you can participate with one coin. Web page:
【free entrance】
Shining Gemstone Exhibition -Connection- Female Edition: Part 2 -International Group Exhibition Produced by Settangeli Atsuki Shudo- 11/2 (Wed)-11/7 (Mon) 11:00-20:00 (until 17:00 on the last day) [Image 2

This is the second international group exhibition for women, following the one held in 2021. The concept this time is “Connection”. Through the “connection” of the exhibitors, we will express the thoughts that each of us grew up in different environments. What does “connection” mean to you? Female artists who are full of potential to eventually fly to the world and expand their fields of activity.
Where does their rough stone light dwell in the work? And what is the brilliance of the feeling of connection common to the seven people? I would appreciate it if you could feel it.
【free entrance】
Vessel exhibition V of the brightness
11/9 (Wed) – 11/15 (Tue) 11:00-20:00 (until 17:00 on the last day) [Image 3

An ultra-thin vessel called ‘Rankakude’, whose pattern becomes transparent when held up to light, and a ware called ‘Shinyohen’ that emits a rainbow-colored glow.
Inheriting the 400-year-old tradition of Mikawachi-yaki pottery, we will exhibit and sell pottery that has been fired with a
transcendental kiln technique on refined porcelain clay. In this 5th solo exhibition, new lamp shades and table lights will also be introduced.
【free entrance】
Super Welfare School @SHIBUYA 2022
11/4 (Fri)-11/6 (Sun) 11:00-20:30 (until 19:00 on the last day) [Image 4

An event “Super Welfare School” that aims to realize a symbiotic society where people can learn and live together regardless of whether they have disabilities or not. A variety of people who do not fit into the framework of conventional disability welfare and education will be on stage at the symposium. The latest examples of concrete actions and lifelong learning and education from all over the country will be disseminated off and online from Shibuya. Even for those who can’t participate on time or can’t come to Shibuya, we will create a place where everyone can learn together anytime, anywhere, by jumping over time and place. And this year, the “Super Welfare Library” will be held at the same time. A lot of experience contents and events are prepared at the venue.
Official website:
[Admission free / Reservation required only for symposium seats] Fermentation culture summit using wooden barrels in Tokyo -Let’s pass on the taste of wooden barrels, which are indispensable to Japanese food culture, to the future.ー
11/13 (Sun) 11:00-19:00
[Image 5

The existence of wooden barrels is gradually spreading among the creators, but I want people who enjoy them at the table to know the goodness of wooden barrels and the thoughts of the creators who are particular about wooden barrels. , will hold this summit.
This year, we will examine the food culture of Japanese wooden barrels, which is spreading overseas, from a global perspective. A wide range of interesting lineups, including a workshop to compare the taste of soy sauce in wooden barrels, a video showing how to make wooden barrels, an activity to spread Japanese fermentation culture to the world by exporting it overseas, and sake and craft beer brewed in wooden barrels. . I would like you to take this opportunity to learn about the culture of fermentation using wooden barrels in a fun and delicious way.
Web page: [Prices vary for each event/reservation required (web)]
– A cup of tea every day, a cup of exceptional, from a variety of Japanese teas –
11/25 (Fri)-11/27 (Sun) 16:00-20:00 on 25th, 11:00-20:00 on 26th, 11:00-17:00 on 27th
[Image 6

“Japanese Tea AWARD 2022” discovers and disseminates unique Japanese tea from a new perspective. This year, out of 521 entries, 20 teas were selected after the first and second screenings, and were awarded the “Platinum Award”. This event will be the place to unveil the award-winning tea! The event started with the announcement of the “Japanese Tea Awards” and the awards ceremony, followed by a tea seminar introducing platinum award-winning teas, the sale of assorted sets, the sale of teas that won the Fine Product Award and the Judges Encouragement Award, and various other teas. We will also hold a talk show that introduces the pleasures of tea, and introduce “colorful Japanese tea”.
Please come and experience the “usual cup” that you want to drink every day, and the “extraordinary cup” that you want to drink on a special day.
Reservation page:
[Admission free / talks and seminars are charged / reservation required (on the web from early November)]
What is “Creative Space 8/”?
[Image 7d43954-14-b621d4518c34a682d806-0.jpg&s3=43954-14-4173b6a346bad7b3c97846cdf6a6ee0a-650x180.jpg
Focusing on the multi-purpose “COURT”, committee members with a strong will gather to operate galleries, shops, cafes, and shared offices. Things that are typical of Shibuya, interacting, continuing, editing, nurturing people… With these keywords in mind, we aim to create a place where people can gather like a salon, where the power to be created and the creation resonate with each other.
◆ Access from public transportation
Directly connected to JR Line / Keio Inokashira Line “Shibuya Station” via the 2nd floor passageway.
Directly connected to Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Shibuya Station” on the first floor.
Directly connected to Tokyu Toyoko Line, Den-en-toshi Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line “Shibuya Station” Exit B5. Details about this release:

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