Shinagawa Prince Hotel Responding to diversifying work styles and lifestyles, we propose a hotel stay that fulfills “work + vacation”, such as a co-working space and a well-designed library

Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd.
[Shinagawa Prince Hotel] Responding to diversifying work styles and lifestyles, we propose a hotel stay that fulfills “work + vacation”, such as a co-working space and a well-designed library
“Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex Tower” to a new style hotel that is conscious of the digital native generation

Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Location: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Jun Sasaki) has set up a coworking space and live performances in the lobby area in response to the diversification of work styles and lifestyles due to the corona crisis. At the hotel “Annex Tower”, which has a rally, we propose a hotel stay that fulfills the “new travel style” of “work + vacation” such as workation and leisure.
[Image 1

Lobby with sophisticated furniture (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Shinagawa Prince Hotel “Annex Tower”, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022, has adopted “+ play = entertainment” for digital native generations and millennials who will move bases domestically and internationally by using workation in 2020. We have renewed the lobby and some guest rooms so that you can enjoy your stay. Work styles have diversified after the corona crisis, and companies are promoting the introduction of stay-type travel that combines work and vacation, such as workcation and breisure. We propose a hotel stay at the “Annex Tower” that will fulfill your wishes.
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Relaxing lobby area (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
In the lobby area renewed in 2020, we have prepared a co-working area for guests to use. In addition, there is a well-designed library that can be used as a relaxing space to generate ideas, and a playful design inspired by “the city of Shinagawa where various people come and go and communication is created” by Hisashi Okawa, an illustrator who is active in a wide range of fields. As an “entertainment hotel that goes beyond the boundaries of a hotel”, you can enjoy a stay that fulfills a “new travel style” of “accommodation + α”, such as incorporating into the rooms on the upper floors.
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Co-working area (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
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Board games in the co-working area allow you to refresh yourself between work (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
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[Millennial Double] A room with a playful interior design (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Overview of Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex Tower
■ A hotel stay that fulfills the “new travel style” of “work + vacation” ■ Proposing new hotel utility value for the digital native generation ⇒The barriers between staying, playing, and working will be lowered, and we will create a wealth of entertainment facilities such as “stay + play” and “stay + work” for the digital native generation who emphasizes “freedom” and “diversification”. Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex Tower offers new hotel value and ways to spend time
(1) Reception Lobby
We have introduced a self-check-in/out machine near the entrance to respond to customer needs more smoothly. The lobby, with its sophisticated design furniture, offers a spacious and relaxing space to create a healing space.
[Image 6

Reception (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
(2) Co-working area
By arranging sofa seats with meeting rooms and power taps, we have prepared a “space where you can be alone” where you can keep your personal space without dividing the area, emphasizing “freedom” and “diversification”. We aim to be a spot that will serve as a lifestyle hub for generations to come.
[Image 7

[Co-working area] Sofa seats and tables with meeting rooms and power taps are available (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
(3) Library
The library, which is located on the same floor as the coworking area, can be used as a place to relax and refresh yourself between work. [Image 8

[Library] Can be used as a relaxing space to generate new ideas (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
(4) Millennial floor with 3 floors and 83 rooms
Newly installed sofa seats by the window in the rooms on the millennial floors on the 30th to 32nd floors. You can enjoy the playful color scheme and design along with the view of the city from the room.
[Image 9

Millennial Twin (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
[Image 10

Creative design by an architect from Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)

Annex Tower 20th Anniversary Plan Overview
◆ “Congrats! 20th ~ ANNEX Anniversary Stay ~”
To express our gratitude for your patronage, we have prepared a fixed-price anniversary plan that allows you to enjoy up to 20 “20 Gifts” = “privileges and specials available at the Annex Tower”. [Fee] Annex Tower Millennial Floor double room or twin room (30-32F) 1 room fixed price ¥22,000 (available for 1-2 people)
[Details] “20 Gifts” = “A maximum of 20 benefits and special offers that can be enjoyed at the Annex Tower” that can be selected by customers
●Accommodation: ¥2,000 voucher per room per night
●Restaurant: Various benefits at “Wa Bistro Ichozaka”/”Boulangerie Shinagawa” ●Entertainment/Sports: ¥100 discount per transaction at Cafe du Cinema when watching movies at movie theater “T Joy Prince Shinagawa” / Special admission ticket with float drink available at Aquarium “Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa” / Free shoe rental when using the bowling center / 20% off tennis center rental equipment / 20% off golf simulator usage fee
●Tenant shop: At the tenant shop, various benefits and preferential treatments are available according to the purchase amount.
[Reservations/Inquiries] Shinagawa Prince Hotel Accommodation Reservations TEL: 03-3440-1111
[URL] *The price includes one night’s room charge, breakfast, consumption tax and service charge.
*Benefits and benefits may change depending on the time of stay. Please note. Overview of Shinagawa Prince Hotel
[Opening date] July 11, 1978
[Number of guest rooms] 3,554 rooms
[Number of restaurants and shops] 14 locations
[Number of banquet halls] 40 rooms
[Entertainment facilities] Aquarium, movie theater, bowling center, tennis center, golf center,
pool, etc.
[TEL] 03-3440-1111
*Please check the hotel website for the latest operating conditions. ※The photograph is an image. * The above information is the
information at the time of release (October 21).
Details about this release:


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