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Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture (Shiojiri City Hall) We are looking for “side jobs” to create an exciting future for the region together with five themes such as wine, sports, childcare, and vacant house utilization! [Shiojir i City, Nagano Prefect

Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture (Shiojiri City Hall)
We are looking for “side jobs” to create an exciting future for the region together with five themes such as wine, sports, childcare, and utilization of vacant houses! [Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture] ~ Side job x 3 months x online & real to be a local partner ~
As part of the related population creation project (contractor: NPO MEGURU), Shiojiri City is recruiting “side jobs” to participate in a three-month project along with five regional players who face regional issues. A recruitment information event will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2022.
[Image 1d72283-48-784a7fea7abdd9879b0a-6.png&s3=72283-48-6bbf64d8bdabf8924f458604a7b4d6c6-800x419.png
This recruitment is being conducted as part of the Shiojiri CxO Lab, a related population community in the Shiojiri City related population creation project.
We aim to solve regional issues by matching local companies and players who are involved in regional issues with human resources who want to work in a variety of ways of life and work and who want to use their skills and experience to get involved in the community. I’m here.
-I recommend this hotel-
・ Those who want to contribute by utilizing the skills and experience cultivated so far outside of their main business
・ Those who want to take on the challenge of a side job that values ​​empathy for their vision and thoughts
・Those who want to have contact with the local community and be deeply involved ・ Those who want to try something new in a different field
Five themes Recruitment positions and “specifications”
The side business recruited at “Shiojiri CxO Lab” is characterized by a process of collaborating as “companies” based on empathy, rather than simply skill matching through outsourcing. To that end, recruitment is carried out based on a “specification” that clarifies the issues and shows the vision.
The “specifications” describe in detail the thoughts of the five local players (Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture, Uruki Village, and Nawa Town) who are the project owners, the future they want to aim for, and their expectations for this project. .
(1) Wine to meet you! Looking for a partner to increase the number of Shiojiri wine fans
[Image 2d72283-48-d9f690417141edbda5ea-3.png&s3=72283-48-0e7038bdc8caebf643ac59e714e777bc-2048x1536.png
Recruitment type: Digital service demonstration experiment planner Specifications: Realization of a digital service “wine to meet you” that increases the number of Japanese wine fans Recruiter: Go Yoda, Epson Avasys Co., Ltd.
(2) Planning a sporting event that is loved by the community by utilizing Shiojiri’s local resources
[Image 3d72283-48-6f16d77b8cc7ac69a212-1.jpg&s3=72283-48-0408cb5ac416c14859521b381ed1ba99-3069x2048.jpg
Recruitment type: Sports event planning member
Specifications: Planning a sporting event that utilizes Shiojiri’s local resources and is loved by the community_Specifications Recruiter: Mineyuki Nagashima, Social Education and Sports Division, Shiojiri City Hall
(3) “Children are happy when their parents are happy.” ~ A babysitter is an option for child-rearing ~
[Image 4d72283-48-c9e2936f257c9a3f8a0c-0.jpg&s3=72283-48-22c74490fa021863fd144b070d3def75-1358x1206.jpg
Recruitment type: Business promotion partner
Specifications: “Children are happy when parents are happy” ~An option of babysitters for childrearing~ Recruiters: Nagano Home-visit Childcare Kids Happylier Saki Furuhata Kariko Koshiguchi
(4) Creating a base for work and life that connects Uruki Village and the city [Image 5d72283-48-8f769d0135f456f602cb-7.jpg&s3=72283-48-ee0efb3aca7d100b078b88ebccf999fb-3900x2557.jpg
Recruitment type: Community coordinator, sales planner
Specifications: Creating a base for work and life that connects Uruki Village and the city Recruiters: General Incorporated Association Kinome Kayo Akatsuchi, Tomomi Komai (5) Establishment of a creative base that transforms regional issues into “play” together
[Image 6d72283-48-e06f8cc8fbd4d2cb264f-5.jpg&s3=72283-48-4440a272faa6fccb028bf351169c55eb-1620x1080.jpg
Recruitment type: New business development / planning / project director Specifications: Establishment of a creative base that transforms regional issues into “play” together Recruiter: Ruka Ueno, Nagawa Town Community Revitalization Volunteer Application Requirements
1. Recruitment period
Until October 16, 2022 (Sun)
2. Recruitment conditions
(1) Employment form Outsourcing/pro bono (from 3 months)
(2) Compensation: Monthly salary of 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen *There are pro bono (free) projects and paid projects. Since the form of remuneration and costs differ depending on the job offer, please check the specifications of the desired theme for details.
(3) Work location: basically assumed to work remotely
*Depending on the work, there is a possibility that you may be asked to visit the site directly.
3. How to apply
Please apply from the recruitment page of “Nagano Personnel Office” below. Recruitment explanation event
■ Date: October 13, 2022 (Thursday)
■ Venue Online
■ Contents Project introduction pitch by 5 project owners
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Application
Please apply from the Peatix event page below.
-What is the Shiojiri City Population Creation Project-
As local issues become more complex due to the declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, Shiojiri City is working to create a system in which various entities work together to solve sustainable local issues as a supporter of community development as a project to create a related population. I came.
In fiscal 2020, local parties (citizens) who have a sense of issues and human resources outside the region will create a “specification” that will make the issues apparent, and solve the issues that have become apparent through co-creation with side jobs. We started the Iku project and was selected as one of the 25 selected organizations nationwide in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “Related Population Creation and Expansion Model Project”.
As part of this initiative, we have launched the online community “Shiojiri CxO Lab”, which will serve as a platform for continuously connecting with those who seek involvement with the region, and will be an advanced initiative for local governments to use external human resources to solve regional issues. As an example, it was featured in many media, such as winning the “Work Story Award 2020”.
In fiscal 2021, we will position the creation of related population as a priority item in the city’s medium-term strategy, and set a KPI of “45 related populations involved in problem-solving projects through side jobs, etc. by 2023”, and focus on promoting the business. is included.
○ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications HP: ○ Work Story Award 2020 winning story article:
○What is the “Shiojiri City Related Population Creation Project”? -Professional human resources outside the region solve regional issues with side jobs, remote, and short-term-:
-About Shiojiri CxO Lab-
Shiojiri CxO Lab is a super-practical online community that solves regional issues and rediscovers the charm of Shiojiri through collaboration between local players and related populations. Since its launch in 2020, more than 50 members have participated and promoted various projects.
It is a 6-month program to acquire the mindset and skills related to the community as a personal matter in the three steps of “learning”, “cultivating”, and “practicing”.
○ Shiojiri CxO Lab:
○Norishio (Start! Shiojiri related population portal):
Details about this release:

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