Shiroiya Hotel Co., Ltd. Shiroiya Hotel “Pado at SHIROIYA” Vol.2 Dan Leppard x Pan Lab Hiroaki Ikeda x Kenichi Warita x Omotesenke Lecturer Hazuki Hasegawa

Shiroiya Hotel Co., Ltd.
Shiroiya Hotel “Pado at SHIROIYA” Vol.2 Dan Leppard x Pan Lab Hiroaki Ikeda x Kenichi Warita x Omotesenke Lecturer Hazuki Hasegawa Held on Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Shiroiya Hotel Co., Ltd. (Hommachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture; Representative Director: Isao Yamura), which operates Maebashi’s art destination “Shiroiya Hotel”, has released “Pado” Vol.2, a marriage of bread and tea ceremony. It will be held.
The theme this time is “The fusion of tea ceremony and British tea culture”. Mr. Hiroaki Ikeda, Mr. Shirai, who invited Mr. Dan Leppard, an “artisan (bread craftsman)” who leads the world’s bread industry, from the UK to eat all sorts of breads from all over the country, and is a self-proclaimed “bread geek” (bread geek). Mr. Kenichi Warita, the supervisor of Ya The Bakery, and Mr. Hazuki Hasegawa, a lecturer of Omotesenke, will discuss “Bread and Tea” and hold a tea ceremony where bread is likened to tea sweets. Mr. Warita changed the recipe for “British tea time bread” provided by Mr. Leppard into “bread that goes well with matcha”. A special “Bread and Tea” discussion limited to 6 people at a time will be held in the one and only space “Machatei” designed by the new material research institute by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and architect Tomoyuki Sakakida. In addition, the tea ceremony experience will be held in the tea room in the hotel, which was relocated from the tea room that was used by the last proprietress of the former Shiroiya era.
[Image 1d52360-93-f541a28460582ed6c9a2-0.jpg&s3=52360-93-64e7e7f1e3cedbd8ee4425a603760fb4-1920x1005.jpg
Participants will enjoy a tour of the Shiroiya Hotel, where
museum-class art is exhibited, and exploration of each space as a rite of passage to Pado. After the meeting, we will give you a souvenir from Shiroiya The Bakery.
■ Schedule & time zone
Tuesday, November 22, 2022
5 part system (required time 1 hour)
Art tour: 10 minutes
Bread discussion: 30 minutes
Tea ceremony experience: 20 minutes
Part 1 11:15~
Part 2 12:00~
Part 3 13:15~
Part 4 15:30~
Part 5 17:15~
■ Contents
Shiroiya Hotel Tour | A special tour will be held only for regular guests. Bread Talk|Dan Leppard, Pan Lab Hiroaki Ikeda, The Bakery Supervisor Kenichi Warita (Shiroiya Hotel Shinchatei)
Tea Ceremony Experience|Omotesenke Instructor Mr. Hazuki Hasegawa (Tea room in Shiroiya Hotel)
[Image 2d52360-93-a460d4f0abf462d5faeb-1.jpg&s3=52360-93-2c4f4994d973e085c249883c82a87410-800x228.jpg
(C) Katsumasa Tanaka (C) Hiroshi Sugimoto Courtesy of Shinsoken (C) ShinyaKigure ■ Capacity
6 people/each part
■ Participation fee
3,500 yen (tax included)
*No belongings
*Comes with a souvenir of bread from Shiroiya The Bakery
■Meeting place
Shiroiya Hotel Lobby
2-2-15 Honmachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
■ Reservations & inquiries
Phone: 027-231-4618 (Representative number of Shiroiya Hotel) Email:
* Cancellation policy: 30% 7 days before / 50% the day before / 100% on the day ■Lecturer
[Image 3d52360-93-07b655afe2a0e770d18d-2.jpg&s3=52360-93-268c1f68199740cb0a42570059316437-213x300.jpg
Dan Lepard
Born in Australia in 1964. Moved to England in his late teens. He has served as head baker at the legendary modern British restaurant “St. John” and pioneering artisan bakery “Baker & Spice” in the UK. Currently, he is active as a bakery and confectionery consultant in the UK, Australia, the Middle East, etc., and is also writing columns for “The Guardian” and “Sydney Morning Herald.” He has also
contributed to Ferran Adrià and Pierre Hermé, and is the author of many books, including the chapter on bread in “The Cook’s Book,” which has sold 800,000 copies in 14 countries around the world.
[Image 4d52360-93-58c2154a6b205d7a6a9e-3.jpg&s3=52360-93-7c71e6cc6242c704ae5e205a10ff9784-910x1125.jpg
Pan Lab Hiroaki Ikeda
Pado Sosho, bread research institute “Bread Lab” presided over, bread geek (bread otaku). Eat bread and write bread. His publications include “Pan Greed” (Sekaibunkasha) and “99 Magics to Make Bread More Tasty” (Guideworks).
Host Omotesenke Instructor Hazuki Hasegawa
Started drinking tea at the age of 20. From February 2022, we will launch the Kyoto Uji organic matcha online shop “Bio Matcha Japan”. In the future, we plan to work on activities to spread matcha with a view to overseas expansion.
[Image 5d52360-93-eb4c66d02ba6de74e1b3-4.jpg&s3=52360-93-ca40e0b1b2112b0c19ad63d37dfcb853-1500x2249.jpg
Warita Kenichi
Born in Saitama Prefecture and raised in Gunma Prefecture. After training at “Bigot’s Shop (Printemps Ginza)”, he was selected to represent Japan in the first international bread competition “Mondial du Pain”. After taking office as the boulangerie chef of the “Ginza Lecan” group, he opened “BEAVER BREAD” in November 2017.
Book “‘Beaver Bread’ Kenichi Warita’s Bakery Lesson” (Sekaibunkasha)

Shiroiya The Bakery
Opened as a bakery in the middle of Maebashi on the premises of Shiroiya Hotel, along Babagawa Street. With Mr. Kenichi Warita as the supervisor, about 50 kinds of bread in the store, such as breakfast toast, lunch sandwiches, sweet bread for snacks, baguettes for dinner, bread that goes well with alcohol, etc. It is baked in a kiln. [Image 6d52360-93-cefb0f4be2d53c176021-5.jpg&s3=52360-93-7bb9116b63e4df8c03ab919c7e2646ab-2000x1333.jpg
(C) Shinya Kigure
Store overview
Shiroiya The Bakery
2-2-15 Honmachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
On the premises of Shiroiya Hotel, along Babagawa Street
Phone: 027-231-2020
-business hours-
-regular holiday-
Mondays (If Monday is a holiday, it will be open, and the next day will be closed on Tuesday)

Shiroiya Hotel (2-2-15 Honmachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture) [Image 7d52360-93-8ebc926b4bd463561da3-6.jpg&s3=52360-93-ae795233add8eec08d1dee27cbd977b2-2000x1333.jpg
(C) Shinya Kigure
The art destination “Shiroiya Hotel” opened in December 2020 with the aim of contributing to the revitalization of Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. After the closure of Shiraiya Ryokan, which boasted a history of more than 300 years, architect Sou Fujimoto remodeled the existing building in the 1970s and built a new one. Selected as one of the 39 Best Hotels in the World in 2021 by National Geographic Traveler. We are conscious of the real thing in art, architecture, design, well-being, music, and food. Hiroyasu Kawate, the owner and chef of the two-star Michelin restaurant Florilege, and Hiro Katayama, the main dining room of the hotel, Shiraiya The Restaurant, will become Gault & Millau 2022 in March 2022. It was published. On the premises, there is also a hideaway-like “The Bar Shinchatei” that is open only on weekends, where you can enjoy the finest alcohol and top-level cocktails in a space designed by New Material Research Institute. Starting with the Finnish sauna where you can enjoy art and outdoor bathing, there are also 3 types of fully reserved saunas, which are popular with hotel guests and local sauna enthusiasts. Along Babagawa-dori, which faces the city, there are fresh fruit tart specialty stores “The Patisserie” (supervised by Miya Enmeiji), “The Bakery” (supervised by Kenichi Warita), and “Blue Bottle Coffee Shiraiya Cafe”. Many people gather here every day, making it a lively neighborhood in the city.
* At Shiraiya Hotel, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are taking measures to prevent infection in the hotel (alcohol disinfection, ensuring social distance,
ventilation), checking the health status of our employees, and requesting the cooperation of our customers ( Wearing a mask, temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, confirmation of health status, etc.), we are implementing appropriate infection control measures so that you can use it with peace of mind. If you are concerned about your health or physical condition on the day, please refrain from visiting. Please cooperate with the measures when you visit us.
Other inquiries
■ Media inquiries
070-3858-7580 (PR: Minako Morita)
Contact information for Shiroiya Hotel
027-231-4618 (representative number)
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