Shizuka Co., Ltd. Noise Source Visualization Camera ~Aiming for “Visualization of Sound”~

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[Noise Source Visualization Camera] ~Aiming for “Visualization of Sound”~ By visualizing noise sources and reverberating sounds, it is possible to select effective soundproofing measures [Noise source visualization camera]

By introducing a [noise source visualization camera], you can visualize the sound, and you can visualize where it is heard the loudest. If the noise source is unknown in a wide range of factories and premises, it is easier to identify the noise generated by the machine and use it together with a noise survey (noise level, frequency measurement) and rental panels for clearer analysis and countermeasures. It is possible and useful for examining effective soundproofing measures.
[Sound] It is related to one of the five human senses – hearing. A real human can feel the sound. If so, it naturally falls into the gray area where there are individual differences.
As a human habit, it is easy to believe in things that are visible and feel safe, but it is easy to distrust and not accept things that cannot be seen.
Even if you feel the sound, many troubles with [sound] can occur due to the fact that [sound] is invisible and the influence of individual differences in how you perceive sound. Because I feel uneasy about things that I can’t see, my sense of distrust increased when it came to countermeasures, and there were many cases where I gave up crying. Therefore, Shizuka Co., Ltd. has made it possible to play an active role in various fields by focusing on “visualization of sound” and visualizing noise sources and reverberant sounds!
The [noise source visualization camera] introduced this time will be a device that can visualize the sound, so it will be easier to understand where the source is. In addition to being able to confirm the occurrence of noise sources on the spot, it is also possible to record the data for detailed analysis at a later date. The advantage of visualization is that it is “easy to understand” for everyone. The problem with machine noise is that it is difficult for even experienced machine users to find out where it is coming from, and even the measurers do not understand the properties of all machines. On the other hand, if the part where the most noise is generated in the visualization turns red, it will be possible to take measures for the equipment and power in the vicinity.
In addition, this visualization camera makes it easier to visualize “reverberation”, which was difficult to understand until now. [Image

First, we use a [noise source visualization camera] to investigate the occurrence of annoying sounds and noise sources in the factory. The source of the outbreak is a dark red area, so we will take measures toward that area.
After completing the appropriate countermeasures toward the noise source, you can visually confirm that the part that appeared as the sound source in red has no sound after the countermeasures have been taken.
There are various countermeasures depending on the type of sound, the site situation, the type and size of the building. In addition to our [experience] so far, we are able to select a better countermeasure method through normal [noise measurement] and measurement using the latest equipment [noise source visualization camera] that can actually be confirmed visually. Is possible.
If you have any problems with sound, please let us know. You can always find the perfect solution.
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