Shofukutei Tsurube, Michiko Kichise appears in the first live broadcast program “Mugaku Tsuru no Ma”! A natural talk with Tsurube is a must-see! !

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Shofukutei Tsurube, Michiko Kichise appears in the first live broadcast program “Mugaku Tsuru no Ma”! A natural talk with Tsurube is a must-see! !
“Mugaku Tsuru no Ma” is now available on U-NEXT!

The video distribution service “U-NEXT” operated by USEN-NEXT GROUP’s U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Tenshin Tsutsumi) will start on Sunday, October 2, 2022. We will publish the event report of the first live broadcast program “Mugaku Crane Room” by Shofukutei Tsurube, which was exclusively live-streamed as a NEXT original.
Mugaku is a vaudeville hut in Tezukayama, Osaka, which was the former residence of Shokaku Shofukutei VI, where Tsurube Shofukutei attended as a disciple 50 years ago. For more than 20 years, the vaudeville hut “Mugaku” has been holding “Tezukayama Mugaku no Kai” every month for more than 20 years, inviting secret guests to perform rakugo (comic storytelling), performing arts, and concerts for only 74 guests. I was. “Mugaku Tsuru no Ma” is a live distribution version of that, and it is a plan to deliver a talk live with Shofukutei Tsurube and a guest through U-NEXT.
We will publish the 6th report of “Mugaku Crane Room” held on October 2nd (Sun) with Michiko Kichise as a guest.
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The 6th guest of “Mugaku Crane Room” is actress Michiko Kichise, who is active in a wide range of genres such as movies, TV dramas, and commercials. In the movie “Seven Secrets THE MOVIE” scheduled to be released on October 7, Mitsuko Kujuku, the adopted daughter of the Tsukumo family who rules the Shinshu area, will be the right-hand man of Dozan Kujuku, played by Tsurube. I am acting.
“This person is really interesting. While laughing, he had a natural talk with Tsurube throughout the day, and the venue was wrapped in laughter.
Furthermore, “It’s hot here. I had a beer before leaving here.” “I’m told I’m fun after I drink, so I thought I should drink before I go out,” laughs Kise. Man.
“When I asked him to appear in ‘A-Studio’, I thought this person was strange. I thought we were really similar.” Are they similar here?” he burst out laughing. “It’s not a face! It’s a human thing (content) that you have,” Tsurube replied with a laugh, but when I saw the appearance of “A-Studio” in 2010, I realized that Kise had been indebted to me in the past. It seems that he felt that he was similar to himself when he touched on Kichise’s personality, which he didn’t care about, such as going to see a stranger over the night, and that he didn’t mind sleeping with small fish.
Furthermore, Kichise started by saying, “My daughter might watch this stream, so I want you to do that.” Request a sermon. Next to Tsurube, who was looking at the camera, Kichise whispered into his ear what he wanted to say, and Tsurube said, “Hey, Michiko Kichise’s daughter! Do you understand? (Kise whispers) Eat your meal! ( Kise, ear whisper) Don’t leave vegetables!Hey, I’m glue.I’m almost defeated by
minions.(Kise, ear whisper) Eat tomatoes!(Kise, ear whisper) Lycopene is important! The venue burst into laughter at Tsurube, who started preaching.
Tsurube, who was too much at Kichise’s words, suddenly returned to me halfway through and replied, “You say it!” ’ he replied with a laugh. Tsurube’s sermon, which seemed to be satisfied with his words, escalated further, and said, “If the eldest daughter does that, the second daughter will also be like that. Eldest daughter, you are responsible!” It’s a little tough. Hold it down.” Tsurube immediately followed up, saying, “I’m sorry, old man, I said a little too much. I love you both!” It was a big hit.
After that, there is no end to the topic of the two, such as the story of the mysterious relationship with actor Kazuki Kitamura, who is a mutual friend of Kise and Tsurube, and the secret story of the shooting of “Seven Secrets THE MOVIE”. Tsurube praised Yoshise’s comedy adaptability. Kise looks like it’s not.
And at the end, Tsurube requested, “There is something I would like you to do this time. I sent you a collection of poems. Please choose what you want to read from it and read it aloud.” I will read aloud two poems, “Avalanche no Toki” and “Shijimi” by poet Rin Ishigaki. Kichise, who was preparing to read aloud again, said to the audience at the venue, “It’s hot. I’ve got bad eyesight, so I’m going to wear glasses,” while wearing glasses. Then, the reading started in the venue where the lighting was changed to dim lighting. At a slow tempo, the audience listened intently to Kichise’s words, which were read out with full of emotion, as if to grasp each word firmly.
And when the reading of the poem was over, amidst the thunderous applause, Tsurube, who came back to the stage again, said, “I asked you to choose those two poems out of many, but…” As if I noticed something, “Glasses …. Are they similar to my glasses?” “Recently, my eyesight has gotten worse. I borrowed a pair of glasses around here.” “Did you notice?” Kise laughed mischievously, “All the staff are excellent. “What are you talking about? You’re a strange person.” After that, Tsurube looked back on the day’s recording, saying, “It was fun,” and sounded out that he would be appearing in the ad-lib variety show “Tsurube no Sujinashi,” in which he performed an “improvised drama” with no scripts, no meetings, and no NGs. However, Kichise clearly stated that he had no intention of appearing, saying, “It’s like that kind of torture.” “I don’t know where the ending will end. Tsurube-san is a beast master.” .
“Mugaku Crane Room” is exclusively live-streamed on U-NEXT once a month, and the next (7th) is scheduled to be live-streamed on Saturday, November 5th. In addition, past distribution times of “Mugaku Tsuru no Ma” are being missed/archived. If you missed the live broadcast, please enjoy it!
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