Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. (ShoPro) Hollywood Zakoshisho will appear in the anime “Duel Masters WIN” on 10/30 and 11/6!

Shogakukan Shueisha Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro)
Hollywood Zakoshisho will be appearing in the anime “Duel Masters WIN” on 10/30 and 11/6!

The anime “Duel Masters WIN” is being broadcast every Sunday from 8:30 am on TV Tokyo. Comedian Hollywood Zakoshisho will be appearing in anime and live-action films on 10/30 and 11/6! The main character, Wynn, and other characters appearing will make the Duema more exciting. looking forward to!
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Anime “Duel Masters WIN” being broadcast on TV Tokyo from September. It has been decided that the comedian Hollywood Zakoshisho will appear on the 10/30 and 11/6 episodes.
In the 10/30 broadcast episode, he appeared in the main anime as “Hollywood the Fukushacho”, the newly appointed vice president of the company run by Prince Kaiza, the strongest duelist that the main character, Win Zanfuda, admires. He is also challenging himself as a voice actor, and will duel with Prince Kaiza.
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In the broadcast episode on 11/6, he appeared in a special corner in a live-action version. Invite Wynn to the mysterious space “Zakoshin Field” ruled by Zakoshisho, and play with Wynn in a duel with gags. [Image 4

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In the November issue of Monthly CoroCoro Comic released today on October 15th, a special page will be posted in line with Zakoshisho’s appearance. Introducing anime settings and special cuts.
■ Work information
The new main character, Zanfuda Win, who lives in the seaside town of Shirahama, is a 12-year-old who loves Duema!
One day, he encounters the dark civilization cards of “Evil God-kun” and his subordinates, Abyss Royal, who have awakened from the eternal seal, and will be invited to the “Abyss of Duema”!
Furthermore, the ambition of the strongest 4-member group “D4” and its top, Prince Kaiza, who is sweeping the Duema world, involves Wynn and Jashin-kun, and the story begins to move greatly …! !
Director: Yusuke Suzuki
Series composition: Yoichi Kato
Character design: Takafumi Koshi
Music: Junichi Igarashi “IGAO”
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
Animation Production: Brains Base, Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment 【cast】
Sword Win: Shotaro Uzawa
Evil God: Wataru Hatano
Paparin: Masayoshi Sugawara
Source: Shintaro Ohata
Kakuchiyama Bowie: Maki Kawase
Karen: Rumi Okubo
Prince Kaiza: Yohei Azakami
・ Official website: ・ Official Twitter: @duema_anime
・Recommended hashtag: # Duema Anime
[Broadcast/distribution information]
TV Tokyo series Every Sunday from 8:30 am
East Japan Broadcasting every Saturday from 6:00 am
Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting every Sunday from 5:50 am
Biwako Broadcasting Every Wednesday evening from 5:25
TV Wakayama every Saturday from 9:00 am
Shizuoka Daiichi TV Every Sunday from 6:30 am
TV You Yamagata Every Sunday from 5:45 am
BS12 Twelve Every Friday from 6:30 am
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